The Basics of Beauty Services and Why

Beauty is skin deep and there are no two ways about it. However, in the world of stress, anxiety, occupation and pollution that we live in today, it is vital to bend the definitions of beauty to stress more on maintenance rather than inheritance. This is why, nowadays, the importance of beauty services as basics rather than luxuries are stressed upon over and over again.
When it comes to beauty services, another very important aspect to consider is why exactly you do and do not need certain beauty services and what good and harm these can do to your skin. This exercise is often overlooked by most of us as we get allured by fancy beauty products and services advertisements featuring glamorous models.
We bring to you a list of the three holy-grail beauty services, why exactly you need them and what could be their possible fallouts. Read on.

Facials and Clean-ups

The most basic and favourite of beauty services, facials have had a continued legacy. These were a go-to treatment for our mothers and grandmothers and continue to be so for us even to this date. There are umpteen reasons to have regular facials done. They offer apex cleansing which can often not be achieved as part of your DIY routine. They also help clear up pores allowing them to breathe. Not to forget, facials are a professional and clean way to get rid of your zits without actually having to unhealthily pop them. And at the end of the day, facials are a relaxation therapy every woman deserves to splurge on!


Facials are known to have caused various kinds of reactions many a times. These include redness, itchiness, breakouts etc. which may have been initiated due to the use of unhygienic tools or procedures and sometimes even because they do not suit your skin type. It is advisable to use a dermatologist’s recommendation before going in for a particular facial to ensure it suits your skin type. Excessive exfoliation during a facial may lead to dryness which can be combatted by deep moisturizing and avoiding sun exposure.


We just cannot emphasise enough on these magic treatments. Apart from medical benefits like preventing calluses and corns, promoting blood flow, fostering nail health et al, manicures and pedicures add to your feel good factor by relieving stress and leaving you with gorgeous hands and feet!

No howevers, whatsoever. Except, these might be a little heavy on the pocket. But the effects are totally worth it. So go ahead. Indulge!


Personal hygiene folks. Period.


People with sensitive skin may observe rashes, reddish bumps and slight subcutaneous bleeding post waxing which generally does not require medical attention and is self-curative. Ingrown hair is also referred as Pseudofolliculitis is another common side-effect of waxing which primarily occurs due to the fact that waxing is done in the opposite direction of hair follicle. Many people are also reportedly allergic to waxing. In all these cases, alternate methods of hair removal like shaving, hair removal creams, epilators and lazer treatments may be opted for.

Now, hopefully with a little more enlightenment about the importance of these beauty services for our existence, let us just go ahead and schedule that long due beauty appointment, get ourselves placed right on the path of grooming and enjoy healthy, happy and flawless skin.

Written by Divya Rathi

The Basics of Beauty Services and Why

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