Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation

Anyone Can Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation By Following These Simple Steps Regularly!

bed bugs infestation


Bed bugs are nasty little creatures which arrived 3,000 years ago. There are about 90 different species of bed bugs. Out of these only three feeds on human.

Cimex Hemipterus

Leptocimex Boueti

Cimex Lectularius

The most common among these are Cimex Lectularius that are found all over the world.
Bed bugs lay about 200 to 300 eggs and they can live for more than 300 days under normal temperature. It can be difficult to eradicate them but it’s not impossible. You don’t need to discard things because most of them can be treated.
They will take shelter in any place that meets the necessary temperatures they require to live. There are certain measures that need to be taken to prevent bed bugs infestation.

Here are some tips to prevent bed bugs infestation:

Clean The Mess – Clean the mess at home as these give bed bugs more hiding places. Clean up the clutter. You should always start by removing clutter against walls. Also, maintain deep cleaning your house.
clean your house to prevent bed bugs infestation
image source: Popular Mechanics
Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home From Vacation – Always keep the luggage on the luggage rack rather than keeping it on the bed and make sure to vacuum your luggage after coming back from the vacation. This eliminates any chances of lingering bed bugs in your luggage to infest your house.
bed bugs in hotel room
image source:BedBugs.NET
Hang Your Clothes – It is always advisable to hang the clothes rather than just storing them in your closet. If you don’t pile up clothes, bed bugs won’t get any place to hide.
hang clothes to prevent bed bugs infestation
image source: Do-It-Yourself Guide to Bed Bug Control
Beware Of Second Hand Furniture – If you are planning to buy second hand furniture or mattresses it should be thoroughly examined for bed bugs. It is advisable to get it professionally treated with best bed bug treatment before bringing it home.
check second hand furniture to prevent bed bugs infestation
image source: Catseye Pest Control
•Wash Your Clothes Regularly – Regularly Wash Your Bed Sheets, blankets and other clothing. It is advisable that you wash your clothes in hot water as it instantly kills bed bugs.
wash clothes regularly to prevent bed bugs infestation
•Don’t Neglect Your Pet’s Bed – Check the areas where your pets sleep because like human bedding bed bugs are attracted to pet’s bed too. Regularly clean your pet’s bed too.
check pest beds to prevent bed bugs infestation
• Check Travel Reviews Of Hotel – It is always advisable to check travel reviews before checking in any hotel. There have been multiple reports of bed bugs infestation in hotel beds.
check hotel reviews for bed bugs infestation
•Vacuum Your Floor Regularly – To prevent bed bugs infestation thoroughly vacuum all the mattresses, box springs and floors.
vacuum floors to prevent bed bugs infestation
•Seek Professional Help – In case of higher bed bugs infestation, it is recommended that you seek professional help. Professional bed bug exterminators have thorough knowledge about bed bugs. The bed bug treatment methods that they follow are modern and bring out quick results. So Don’t try to eliminate the problem alone always contact professional pest control company as the professionals are thoroughly trained to use the tools and products that are required for bed bug treatment.
contact professionals to prevent bed bugs infestation
So if you come across these signs of bed bugs then your house is seriously infested with bed bugs and you need to contact pest control professionals immediately in order to get rid of them.
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If you have more tips to prevent bed bugs infestation, kindly let us know!

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation

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