Second Hand Refrigerator – Leads and some useful Prerequisites

If you want to save some money or expenses have been hard on you, then a second hand refrigerator is the answer to it. So what, if it is second hand, you still require the best in the market. Buy the best online without struggling or searching in the market in this intense heat.


Firstly, tips to keep in mind when buying a second hand refrigerator :

1. The price range

Keep a rough estimate of the money you’re willing to spend to buy the second hand refrigerator.

2. Size of the refrigerator

Make sure to buy a refrigerator that fits easily into the designated space. Don’t get into the headache of adjusting things after buying.

3. Model required

Deeply research and compare the best models suiting your needs and try your best to get the exact one you chose.

4. Original product and reliable seller

Ask for the bill and warranty card if it is valid for use(not expired). Take all the possible contact information of the seller so that you can reach him if any problem occurs.

5. Maintenance

Ask the seller about the frequency of maintenance required and an estimate of how many times it has broke down.

6. Temperature

The ideal temperature of the freezer is 0°F and the fridge is 38°F.

7. Door Seal

The door seal should be tight so that cooling should be adequate.

8. Transporting

While moving the refrigerator to your place, it should not be placed horizontally. This can damage the compressor. It should be placed vertically in the transport.

An interesting video by OLX on buying second hand home appliances:

Now some of the top sources/leads from where you can have a look and buy a much needed second hand refrigerator :

1. OLX

Probably the best and most popular in advertising website. You can post ads free of cost. Comes with a mobile app as well.
Visit OLX for second hand refrigerator


A popular classified advertising website that is really trending nowadays. It gives you the feature of a doorstep delivery, specifies whether the second hand refrigerator is being shipped from another city and gives an approximate time of delivery. Sold by both the dealers and individuals.
Visit Quikr for second hand refrigerator


An upcoming site with great potential is Indiamart. It gives you all the information about the suppliers as well as manufacturers. Best site to visit if you’re to buy refrigerators in bulk.
Visit Indiamart for second hand refrigerator


One of the oldest platform for free classified ads. It is really liberal in accepting any category.
Visit Sulekha for second hand refrigerator


Gives the contact list of sellers of refrigerators in your area without filtering to find a seller near you.
Visit Justdial for second hand refrigerator


Another similar site but a less used and less popular site than the others but who knows you can get the best deal here.
Visit Clickindia for second hand refrigerator

List of the toll free numbers or contact numbers of these companies providing second hand refrigerators :

OLX TOLL FREE 1800-103-3333
QUIKR TOLL FREE 022-67797979
SULEKHA TOLL FREE 1 800 3000 7979
CLICKINDIA CONTACT +91 9999-699-799

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Second Hand Refrigerator – Leads and some useful Prerequisites

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