Tips to keep you cool and hydrated this summer

Summer is upon us again and the sweltering heat get everybody down. We all know we should drink more water to stay hydrated but how many of us can drink gallons and gallons to keep us cool? Find below some food stuff and beverages along with tips to keep you hydrated and fresh!

Tips to keep you cool and hydrated this summer

Tips to keep you cool and hydrated this summer:

  1. Avoid food that will heat you up like chicken, cheese, yogurt and chillies. Too much of spice and salt can aggravate your skin and lead to drying them up.
  2. Alcohol also serves in heating up your body so say no them or keep your consumption low.
  3. No ice! Though ice will give you immediate relief from the heat, it will mess with your digestion. Have drinks at room temperature which will help in re-hydration.
  4. It is important to exercise. The best time to do so would be early morning when the sun is not very bright and there is still coolness in the air. The best sport or exercise you can take up to beat the heat is swimming. It helps you rejuvenate as well as keep you cool.

Some food items to keep you cool:

  • Warm milk can help you beat the heat.
  • Some fruits you can go for are: pineapples, plums, grapes, cilantro and mint to name a few. You can eat them as such or make juices and squash to give yourself some variety.
  • Cucumber is widely known to be a cooling agent. A juice made of cucumber and lemon and you will forget the heat!
  • Watermelons are sweet and contain a lot of liquid which will keep you cool and provide hydration as well.
  • Green leafy vegetables can also be counted in on your diet this summer. They have a high water ratio which helps in easy digestion.
  • Citrus fruits such as lemon and oranges can work wonders. Just squeeze lemon, add water and little sugar and ta-da! You are done!
  • A healthy alternative to aerated drinks  is coconut water which is low in calories has several health and skin benefits like – controls blood pressure, moisturizes skin, stimulates hair growth, etc.
  • Keep away from meat and root vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot and carrots as they can heat you up.

So, these are the few tips to keep you thanda thanda cool cool this summer.

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What are your secrets of keeping cool when the summer sun is shining brightly down? Let us know in the comments below!


Tips to keep you cool and hydrated this summer

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