Top 5 Baby Shower Games

If You Are Planning A Baby Shower And Looking For Some Fun Baby Shower Games, Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

baby shower games ideas
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So come and celebrate the arrival of your little bundle of joy with some amazing baby shower games that are fun, entertaining and sentimental.

baby shower games ideas
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Here are some exciting baby shower games for you:

  • Guess The Baby

  • Ask the guests to get their childhood photographs of themselves. Give number to each picture and pin it up on the wall or a board. Provide everyone with a piece of paper and a pen. The aim of this game is to guess the name of which person they think the child was. Whoever guesses the most is the winner.

    guess who baby shower game
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  • Guess The Baby Items In The Box

  • Put at least 10-15 baby items in the bag or a box such as baby diapers, bib or a bottle. The blindfolded player will put their hands inside the bag and will have to identify the items.

    what's in the bag baby shower game
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  • Diaper Changing Challenge

  • If you want to test your diaper changing skills then go for diaper changing challenge game. But yes don’t forget to blindfold the player.

    diaper baby shower games
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  • Decorate The Onesies

  • Get tons of plain white onesies and decorate it with markers. The one who designs the best is the winner. This game will surely bring back the memories later on.

    baby shower onesie decorating
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  • Guess The Baby Melody

  • Play baby songs loud for guests and they will have to guess the songs as quickly as possible. Whoever guesses it quickly and correctly is the winner.

    best baby shower games
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    Play these fun, unique and exclusive games for your next baby shower and make each and every moment enjoyable and entertaining!

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    Top 5 Baby Shower Games

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