Top 6 iPhone Hacks You Probably Don’t Know!

Do You Know There Are Few iPhone Hacks That We Are Probably Not Aware Of!

iPhone hacks
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Here are few iPhone hacks that will change the way you use your iPhone and will get you the best out of your phone.

  1. To Save The Battery Life

  2. If your iPhone’s battery is running low then is an easy hack for you. Just try these few steps to make it last longer. Just go to settings and switch off the following:

    • Go to settings> Wifi> Off.
    • Settings> Bluetooth> Off.
    • Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Off.
    • Settings> Sound> Vibrate on ring and silent> Off.
    • Settings> Brightness and wallpaper> Auto brightness> Off.

    Even if you switch these off you will still receive SMS and calls.

    iPhone battery hacks
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  3. Use Timer To Stop The Music

  4. We all like to listen to music before dozing off. With this cool trick you can doze off anytime without switching it off.

    Go to clock> Timer> When the timer ends. Then stream down and tap stop playing. Set a timer, say for 20 minutes and then click on start. Now without worrying to switch it off you can play music and it will be switched off after 20 minutes.

    iPhone hack to stop the music with timer
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  5. To Delete The Last Digit In Calculator App

  6. It may happen that by mistake we enter a wrong digit in the calculator app. Now no need to worry about that.

    To clear it just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers. Swiping will remove the last digit until the number becomes zero.

    iPhone hack for deleting last digit of calculator
    Image Source: Loopfy

  7. To Zoom In

  8. If you want to zoom in on your pictures in your gallery then here is an awesome trick.

    Just go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Turn on Zoom. Just use your fingers to double tap on the screen to zoom in and out.

    iPhone hack to zoom in pictures
    Image Source: iOS Hacker

  9. Using Headphones To Click Pictures

  10. You can use headphone cord to click good pictures. Just use the volume up or down buttons on your headphones and take wonderful pictures.

    using headphones to click pictures
    Image Source: Softpedia News

  11. To Undo Typing

  12. If you want to undo typing to delete the typing mistake then shake your iPhone and tap undo typing to delete the message.

    If you want to retrieve the original message then shake your iPhone again and just tap on Redo typing.

undo typing hack
Image Source: iDeas4iOS

Who Knew that these iPhone hacks will be so cool!

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Top 6 iPhone Hacks You Probably Don’t Know!