6+ Fascinating Romantic Room Decoration Ideas | Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom For Romantic Surprise

Lets Prepare Your Room For Unforgettable Romantic Moments!


romantic room decoration

You may be thinking that there is no need for romantic room decoration because no one else sees it — but it should be the exact opposite, because it is one space which makes the atmosphere more romantic and whimsical.


This is the place which must be beautifully decorated in special days and moments like Marriage First Night, Marriage Anniversary, Valentine Day, Birthday Surprise and other special days and moments.


These romantic room decoration for bedroom are sure to help you find ideas that suits you and your partner.


  1. Trail Of Red Rose Petals
  2. Whether it is sprinkling few rose petals here and there or creating a beautiful trail of red rose petals to your bed, this romantic room decoration will definitely create a dreamy evening for you and your partner.


    romantic room decoration with rose petals Image source:Flyboy Naturals

    romantic room decoration ideas with rose petals

  3. Floating tea-light candles in glass bowl of water is one of the easiest yet beautiful romantic room decoration that look very whimsical in the bedroom. So give your room a magical makeover using tea light candles.


    • Place scented tea light candles in a glass jar to create a soft romantic lightning.

    romantic room decoration with tea light candles Image source:AliExpress.com

    romantic decoration with tea light candles Image source:HomesFeed

    • You can even create a romantic gesture for your partner using flowers and tea light candles.

    romantic decoration using flowers and tea light candles Image source:sd.ifeng.com

    surprise romantic decoration with tea light candles

    • Decorating your room with tea light candles along with fairy lights will not only add more depth to your bedroom but will also create a fantasy feel.

    romantic room decoration ideas with fairy lights Image source:kpelavrio.info

  4. Room Decoration With Flowers And Candles
  5. Flowers and candles are a perfect example of love. You can make small and large heart decorations with candles and flowers on the floor and on the bed and arrange pink, blue, red and white candles all over the room with soft fragrance.


    You can make a beautiful path to your bed with colorful candles and flowers.


    flowers and candle decoration in room Image source:ar.pinterest.com 

    romantic room decoration with flowers and candles Image source:Pinterest

  6. Room Decoration With Balloons
  7. Balloons are an amazing way to decorate your room for birthday surprise or for any other special occasion like valentine’s day, anniversary or marriage proposals.


    Balloons help to create romantic as well as playful mood. Let’s have a look at some romantic room decoration with balloons.


    • Pink & red are the colors of passion and love. So decorate your room with traditional pink, red and white color balloons and prepare your bedroom for an unforgettable romantic day.

    heart balloons decoration in room

    • You can also decorate bed, windows, door and walls of the bedroom with hanging pink, red and white heart balloons and attach small cute hand written notes.

    flower and candle decoration in room Image source:neroandme.com

    romantic room decoration ideas with balloons

    • Or decorate entire floor of your bedroom with balloons.

    romantic bedroom décor with balloons

    • You can also decorate your bedroom walls with heart shaped balloon arrangement.

    heart balloons decoration on wall Image source:Balloons in Denver

  8. Room Decoration With Flowers And Balloons
  9. Create a charming and dreamy decoration using flowers and balloons.


    romantic room decoration with red balloons

    room decoration with balloons and flowers

  10. Candle Chandelier
  11. Suspended tea light candle chandelier from the ceiling will create an airy and oh-so-romantic appearance in the room.


    romantic room decoration with tea light candle chandelier Image source:interiorhousedesign.net

  12. Romantic Scrapbook
  13. Creating a romantic scrapbook will not only let you document your relationship but will also serve as a great keepsake.


    romantic room decoration idea with scrapbook Image source:rusmart.org

  14. Entrance Decoration
  15. Decorating your bedroom entrance with welcome note designed with flowers and balloons are unique and unusual way to surprise your partner.


    romantic decoration for bedroom  with candles & flowers

Decorating Tips to Make Your Room Romantic with Rose Wallpapers, Candles & Centerpieces

These are the best solution of how to transform your bedroom into a more romantic place and inviting to the eyes using rose wallpapers, candle arrangement and soft lightning. These will make your bedroom inviting and more romantic as ever.


  • Wallpapers:
  • Clean the walls of the bedroom and cover them with a lovely rose wallpaper of your favorite color. You can choose pink or perhaps red rose wallpaper depending on your choice.


    To get a custom covering on the walls, you can paint the upper portion using rose color paint and the bottom half portion of the walls can be decorated with rose pattern wallpapers.

romantic room decoration with rose wallpaper Image source:DHgate.com

  • Candle Arrangement:
  • Prepare a Candle Arrangement. One of the best choice to adorn your bedroom is with accented rose themed floating candle arrangements.


    Decorate with rose-shaped candle in red, pink, white, and black color.


    To fill the room with more romantic and inviting appearance, add fresh roses flowers or rose petals to the arrangements. This arrangement will look very lovely and romantic.

romantic decoration with candle arrangement

  • Patterned Fabric:
  • Use patterned fabric like rose-patterned toile fabric for window & upholstered furnitures.


    Toile fabric must be in black and white prints or you can create a black rose design instead of white or perhaps red.

romantic room decoration with rose-patterned toile fabric

  • Rose-Themes Centerpiece:
  • Art Works such as still life roses will be a beautiful centerpiece on your rose-themed walls bedroom.

romantic room decoration with rose centerpiece

  • Lightning:
  • Lighting is also important as it adds romantic atmosphere in bedroom. You can choose summer orange bulb color small lights for decorating your bedroom to illuminate the whole room.

romantic room decoration idea with light

  • Toile Fabric:
  • On chairs and couch, put some pillows of rose patterned designs. Toile fabrics can make a good impression.


    Surround your bedroom with a variety of textiles. This will surely make an inviting place to relax as you will smell the fragrance of rose scented candles with fresh flowers.


    If you are Decorating your bedroom with roses wallpapers, this will surely indulge all your senses and will transform your boring and uninviting room into a romantic place to stay.

romantic room decoration with toile fabric


Traditional pink, red and white color combination, aromatic candles, designer balloons and flowers like rose are inexpensive and very effective romantic room decoration ideas that make these special days romantic, unique, special and memorable.


But at the end of the day happy mood, warm words and smiles are important ingredients of happy moments.


So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned ideas will surely help you.


Need more Romantic room decoration ideas? Get in touch with us!


6+ Fascinating Romantic Room Decoration Ideas | Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom For Romantic Surprise

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