Is your iPhone overheating? Are you facing iPhone problems after Updating your phone?
Is your iPhone freezing too much? Don’t worry check out these simple, quick and easy solutions to common iPhone problems and get your iPhone problems resolved in no time.


               iPhone Problems


iPhones are special to its users for the varied range of facilities that it provides. But like all other phones iPhones too come with its
own problems and issues. Here I am listing down some of the most common iPhone problems and some useful tips to resolve it by yourself. These workarounds
address most of the iPhone problems today and save you from the hassle of visiting an apple store or iPhone repair service centre. Whether you are
searching for solutions for iPhone 6 troubleshooting or for iPhone 7 problems, I have covered a majority of common iPhone problems today for all Apple iPhone brands from iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 problems, iPhone xs troubleshooting and more.



1. How do you fix no service in iPhone?

iPhone Problem:

One of the most common iPhone problems faced by any phone user is no service detected or out of network issue. It gets really irritating if you cannot make any calls even though you have a phone. There can be 3 possibilities in this case:

      1. No network detected
      2. Mobile data not connecting
      3. No network as well as no mobile data.

iPhone no service solution

The most obvious solution is to go into a proper network coverage zone first. If your iPhone still faces out of service issue try the following:

      • Restart your iPhone
      • Check for carrier setting updates
      • If you are on roaming check if data roaming is turned on.
      • Try to remove and reinsert your sim


2. iPhone Speed Is Very Slow

iPhone Problem:

Do you feel your iPhone is performing slow? Wondering how can I increase the Speed
of my iPhone? The main reason for a slow iPhone would be too much usage of CPU at the same time. So to answer your question of how can I make iPhone faster? You can try some common fixes for a slow iPhone problem to improve the speed.


Solution to stop iPhone from lagging

You can try to get your iPhone problems solved and get a faster performing iPhone by doing the

      • Rebooting your phone,
      • Cleaning out unused apps
      • clearing the cache.

If none of these works out for you, you can book iPhone repair service from our expert iPhone repair professionals who will be at your doorstep to resolve all your iPhone problems.


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3. What to do when iPhone Freezes and won’t turn off?

iPhone Problem:

Another common iPhone problem is your iPhone getting frozen at a particular screen or on the Apple Logo. This can get on your nerves if it happens at the middle of some important task. Have you faced issues like iPhone 7 freezes? iPhone 5 freezing a lot? iPhone keeps freezing and crashing? Try out these simple solutions and get your iPhone working again.
Solution for how do you fix your iPhone when it freezes

The immediate instinct would be to force restart your iPhone.

You can also try resetting the phone settings.

Also, remember to update to the latest IOS version. If the issue happened after the update, try to revert back to the older version and re-install it again. Mostly this will resolve your iphone problems and get the normal funstioning of your phone back.


4. Recover data from iPhone without Backup

iPhone Problem:

There may be times when your iPhone behaves weirdly and you may lose out on some precious files or data. In most of the cases, this loss is temporary and not permanent and an iPhone repair can restore the old data.


Solution to recover data from iPhone without backup

Do you want to recover data from iPhone after factory reset? Or do you want to recover deleted files from iPhone without backup?You can recover your lost data from iCloud. In most cases, your iPhone backs up all data to iCloud. In case there is no backup present in iCloud you can try your luck at the Apple service centre. Or you can book our expert mobile repairing technicians who can resolve all kinds of iPhone problems and get your iPhone repair done at the best price.


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5.iPhone Making a Weird Sound

iPhone Problem:

If you closely observe your iPhone, you may notice your phone makes a weird sound when you are playing a game or doing any activity on your phone that requires high processor usage. This is most common in iPhone 7. Some other iPhones may also make static noises. You may also face problems like iPhone sound not working without headphones? Or no sound on iPhone video? This can be due to damaged speakers or some software issue. All these iPhone problems can be resolved with the following solution.


Solution iPhone sound Problem

You can try updating to the latest IOS version. In most cases, the problem gets resolved. If the problem still persists try to stop using high processor consumption apps. In case you are facing an issue after doing an update, try to restore back to an older version as stated above. If you still face the issue you may be having some hardware problem and it is best to visit the Apple service centre or iPhone service centre near you. You can also book our expert iPhone repair professionals and get your iPhone problems resolved from the comfort of your home.


6. Iphone battery draining fast

iPhone Problem:

Ideally, you should not be facing this issue as Apple uses a really good quality battery, the best of the lot being iPhone 7 plus battery life. However, if you have a problem of iPhone battery draining fast all of a sudden, there are chances of some hardware or software issue with your iPhone.


iPhone battery Drain Solution

Is your iPhone 6 battery draining fast? Or your iPhone 5 battery draining all of a sudden? Try to use the following fixes to resolve all iPhone problems related to battery life.

      • You can switch on the low power mode. This may stop some apps but is a big boost to battery life.
      • Try closing apps eating up battery manually.
      • If some software issue is causing the battery life to drain, try updating to latest IOS.


7. How to activate your iPhone

iPhone Problem:

Did you get a new iPhone?Is the new interface making you confused? Are you not being able to activate your iPhone after a reset? Want to know how to activate iPhone 7 or any other iPhone model?

Solution to iPhone activation required

Don’t worry its quite easy to activate your iPhone and get into the world of higher security. Two simple steps to activate your iPhone is through wifi or through iTunes. Before you proceed to activate check that you have inserted a properly activated sim into your iPhone.


Activating iPhone through Wifi

1. Switch on the iPhone and select your wifi network.

2. Enter the password for the wifi to set up the connection. You can also use mobile data for the same.

3. Enter your Apple ID and password where ever prompted.

4. Once the phone is connected it will automatically update itself.

5. Do the settings of your phone as you like. Remember to choose a backup option for restoring data.

6. If you have reached the lock screen, your iPhone is ready for use.


Activating iPhone through iTunes

1. Switch on the iPhone and if you are prompted to setup through iTunes, connect your iPhone to the computer.

2. Check that you are running the latest version of iTunes or update it before proceeding further.

3. Once the latest version is installed, restart your computer and log in to iTunes with your Apple id and password.

4. You will be prompted to restore to setup as new, select your preferred option.

5. Click get started and then select sync.

6. Your iPhone will automatically get updated.

7. Now start selecting your preferred settings and set up your iPhone.

8. Once you reach the lock screen your setup is complete and your phone is ready for use.


8.Poor Call Speaker Quality on iPhone

iPhone Problem: 

Do you feel you are not hearing the sound well when on call? Does the quality of your speaker not seem good and is functioning weirdly? is your iPhone 7 speaker not working during calls? Do you have iPhone 6 sound not working problem?

Solution to iPhone Sound Problem

The obvious solution is to check the speaker settings and see whether all parameters match what you desire.


If the speaker settings are fine try to remove any barrier coming in front of the speaker like encasing, any dust or debris or anything else.


If all fails there may be some hardware issue try booking an appointment at the genius bar in the apple service centre or book iPhone repair services from Quotemykaam and get your phone repaired from the comfort of your home.


Book iPhone Repair Professionals


9.iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Properly

iPhone Problem:

There can be problems with the touch sensor of your Apple iPhone. If you are unable to unlock your phone or fingerprint is not getting detected you are definitely having a problem.
Solution for iPhone touch disease

You should first try to restart your phone and check if it is working fine.


Another option is to try removing all previous fingerprints and add some new ones and check if it is working. Even try saving fingerprints for different angles of your finger.


Check out some more solutions for touch id not working here.


10. iPhone Bluetooth Not working properly

iPhone Problem:

Usage of Bluetooth has become very rare, but still many apps need Bluetooth. So if you are facing any issues with your Bluetooth you should resolve it soon. You may have also observed that iPhone Bluetooth pairing with other phone causes too much battery drain.

Solution For Proper Use Of Bluetooth on iPhone

In order to keep your bluetooth functioning properly you can try out some solutions for iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth before reporting to the Apple Store.


Try to factory reset your iPhone. Do take a proper backup before you go for factory reset. Follow these steps to factory resetyour iPhone.

Step 1 : Go to settings iCloud and select the items that you want to back up. Then scroll down and turn on the icould backup switch. If you are connected to the internet, than in a few minutes your selected data will be backed up.

You can also backup through iTunes by connecting your iPhone to the laptop or PC and selecting the back up now button. You will get the option of back up now in iTunes summary tab for the given device.

Step 2 : Once the back up is complete. You can than reset the phone. Select Settings > General > Reset.

Step 3: Once you enter the reset menu select the “erase all content and settings” option and then select the erase iPhone option in the pop up to confirm.

You can than restore the iPhone data as stated above.Try to restart your phone.

You can also try unpairing the current devices and then again pair. Try changing the cable used for connecting, and use a better quality one.


11.iPhone Overheating and Won’t Turn On

iPhone Problem:

Have you observed your iPhone is getting too hot while using? facing problems of iPhone 7 overheating or iPhone 6s overheating A good practice is to let your phone cool down properly before using it again if it gets too hot. it is also generally advisable to not use your phone while it is getting charged.

Solution For iPhone Overheating

If the problem is happening due to high processor usage by any specific app, it would be a good idea to uninstall it.


Also, try to keep your iPhone updated to the latest IOS.


iPhone overheating may also be caused due to exposure to some high temperature like sunlight, so avoid doing that.


If charging is making your iPhone hot try to change your charger or the charging port.

In case none of the above solutions are helpful for resolving the issue, book an appointment with us and we will fix it for you.

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12.iPhone Alarm Sound Not working

iPhone Problem: 

Have you ever got delayed because your iPhone alarm did not go out at the right time? Is your alarm system not working properly? Have you set up alarms but none of them happens?


Solution For iPhone Alarm Sound Not Working/ iPhone Alarm going off late:


First of all check that your mute button is turned off.

Go to alarm settings and set your alarm. Once you have set an alarm, tap sound to check volume is loud enough to wake you up.

Uninstall any third alarm apps that you may have installed as it may clash with iPhone’s alarm app.

Try to restart your phone and update it to the latest IOS

You can also try to delete all previous alarm history and start adding fresh new ones.

If all the above fails. Call our expert iPhone repair technician to fix the iPhone problem.


13.Email Function Not Working On iPhone

iPhone Problem :

Is your email behaving weirdly on your iPhone?  Loosing out on too many things as your iPhone email is not working properly? IS your apple mail app behaving weirdly?


Solution For Not Receiving emails gmail/ Can receive but not send emails:

First and foremost check your network connection


Try restarting the Mail app used by you.


Update your IOS.


Try to delete and set up your email account again.

To know more click here


14.Wifi connection issues


iPhone Problem: 

You can be facing many problems in this internet world if your iPhone does not have a wifi connection. Are you being able to connect to wifi but have no internet? Is your wifi continuously disconnecting? Are you having trouble detecting a wifi connection? Is your iPhone not connecting to the current wifi connection available?




The best solution to wifi not connecting problem is to check for wifi availability first and rearrange the settings accordingly.


You can also try restarting your phone


Try to update to the latest IOS


15.No Sim Detected

iPhone Problem: 

Is your iPhone behaving weird and displaying no sim detected even though your sim is inserted in it?



Try to remove your sim card and reinsert it.


Check with your service provider that the card has no issue.


Update to latest IOS.


Try restarting your iPhone

Check for carrier setting updates


16.A problem in Apps Updation

iPhone Problem:

 Are you not being able to update your apps to the latest version? Are you facing the can’t update apps message regularly?



You can try many different permutations and combinations if you can’t update apps on your iPhone. Let me list down a few for you.


Check whether you are logged in with the correct Apple id.


See to it that the app update feature is not disabled.  Go to settings> General> Restrictions, Installing apps menu and enable it.


Try to sign out and back into the apple store.

Check if your mobile phone has enough space for updated app.


Clear app store cache


Update using iTunes



17.Passcode is forgotten

iPhone Problem:

 Your iPhone prompts for the passcode to get unlocked. What happens if you forget the passcode. You can always use the fingerprint scan to unlock. But the passcode is also important. To get out of this problem I will list down some solution for you.



You will have to follow some basic tips to get the forgotten iPhone passcode issue resolved.


I would suggest before experimenting with anything to perform a backup first.


Now you would have to reset your phone to remove the old passcode. This can be done in two ways, erase using iTunes to remove passcode or erase with recovery mode to remove passcode.


18.iPhone not switching on

iPhone Problem: 

You may have sometimes had a problem in switching on the iPhone. As like many other devices, iPhone too may face some problems.



You can begin by putting your phone on charge and then trying to switch it on after some time.


Try to hard reset your iPhone by pressing the home plus power button together.


Try to restore your phones IOS through iTunes or recovery mode as explained earlier.


I have listed some common problems with iPhone for you and their easy solutions. If you feel the solution is not working for you, you can always book our expert iPhone repair professionals, who will be at your doorstep to resolve all your iPhone repair issues. We ensure the best rates, quality parts used and a satisfied and happy customer.

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