Transform Yourself This Year – Be a Fit You

Fitness is the mantra of happy life. We all begin every year with some very enthusiastic aspirations called ‘resolutions’. From “I’m gonna wake up at 5 am starting tomorrow” to “I’m gonna burn down all the fat on my belly”, we’ve all been there, done that. And what we have also figured out upon careful observation over the last many New Years is that these resolutions fail to make it through beyond the first fortnight of the year.

This year let’s put an end to this story with letting all the unrealistic resolutions out of the window and putting our feet down to actually make a positive change to our lives. What better for a positive change than to gift ourselves a healthier version of our own selves!

It goes without saying that most of us are on a guilt trip after the overindulgent holiday season pre and post NYE and are looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle but are clueless about where to start. QuoteMyKaam brings you some easy steps to flag off. Read on.

Enroll for a fitness class.

This could be anything. From yoga to aerobics to a dance form or the good old gym. Just take the first step and get your body moving. This will help in two ways. First, professional guidance will help you stick better to your routine and feel like an effective impact. Second, endorphin! Enough said.

Get yourself a customized diet plan.

Only physical activity may not lead you to desired results unless paired with a healthy diet. You do not need to consult a dietitian only for weight loss. It is imperative to ensure that you’re taking a balanced diet even otherwise in order to stay healthy and active throughout the day. A professional dietitian will chalk out a diet according to your body type and this shall additionally help in monitoring any health issues that you might have.


Any programme is incomplete without effective evaluation. This goes for your healthcare programme too. In order to optimise results, make weekly and monthly targets, formulate goal posts and evaluate the results after the stipulated time frame. Reward yourself upon achieving these targets so that the entire process becomes interesting, motivating and alluring, and not dull and boring.

So get off that couch and brace yourselves to make a real time resolution for this year. Aim for the moon and we’ll make sure you at least hit the stars. Let’s get into the ‘new body in progress’ mode and choose, not be forced, to live healthy and stay beautiful. This is definitely something your future self would thank you for.
Cheers to a happy and healthy 2016!

Written by Divya Rathi

Transform Yourself This Year – Be a Fit You

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