These Pests Can Cause Quite A Bit Of Damage In A Short Period Of Time!

Have A Look At Some Of The Most Effective Type Of Termite Treatment!


Ways to handle termites at home 

A highly effective termite treatment for all pest issues are provided by the entire professional pest control industry.

The Most Effective Termite Treatment Are

  • Repellent Liquid Chemical Barrier
  • Repellents are used within the house and in the soil found deep underground which surrounds the home. It is a most common type of chemical treatment as it tends to create a barrier that termites will not be able to cross to enter the home.

    In order to stop the population from increasing these chemicals are applied to many termite entries as possible. However, this is not a very effective product as it works on the termites which comes into direct contact with the chemicals and so it is not effective against killing the termites that are near to the house.

    It leaves the home vulnerable in these areas as all the entry points may not be possible to locate.

  • Liquid Chemical Barrier
  • This treatment method involves killing the termites before they violate the home or as they head back to the colony after leaving the structure. Some of the termites can be easily pushed away or repelled before they make the entry to the building.

    But those termites that are already in a structure organize a new colony. After applying these liquid chemicals those termites that area already in the walls die due to dehydration and due to lack of moisture.

  • Chemical Extermination
  • This method involves creating trenches or drilling holes around the exterior of the house. This treatment is used for average activity. Liquid chemicals are poured into the holes or trenches. This involves spraying of baseboards and basement foundations in home.

    This treatment continues until and unless there is no activity of termite colonies.

  • Non-Repellent Liquid Treatment
  • This is the most preferred and approved method which is used for treating termites as it does not involve any chemicals. To be sure that your building is still protected from termite infection, schedule a professional inspection annually.

    This chemical effectively kills the termite without them getting to know. They are unaware that they are burrowing themselves into the treated area. So this chemical works in such a way that the chemicals which is used cannot be detected by the termites.

    One benefit of using this method is that the chemical can be transmitted from one termite to another which affects even those termites which are away from the treatment zone.

  • Termite Bait Extermination
  • If you are not interested in filling your house with lots of chemical then this is the perfect method. Termite baiting is a very simple process that eradicates termites in one’s home forever. This method is also not expensive. Depending upon homemaker’s preference the baits are installed either above the ground or below the ground.

    If it is above the ground then the “stations” are placed over the signs where there is active termite activity like wood or dry walls. If its below the ground then baits are randomly dispensed which produces a chance that termites will find it.

    Its easy for us to see that why the previous option is more effective option in dealing with these pests. More “stations” can be installed below the ground treatment to increase the prospects of the bait being taken and consumed.

  • Termite Baiting
  • This works by installing the stations that deposit attractive material for termites to eat. It consists of cardboard, paper and any other material that termites loves to feed upon. Combined with these materials is the substance that is poisonous to termites.

    With this termites will surely bring the food back to its nest and share it with the rest of the population thereby increasing the chance that the other termites will also take that material.

    If this would have killed them to quickly then the rest of the termites would learn to avoid these areas where the sick termites accumulate.

  • Bait Extermination
  • This treatment is beneficial to the houses that are located in the humid climates and near large areas of water. In this process the holes are drilled around the exterior of the house and baits are placed in the holes.

    This is an expensive treatment and cost more than the chemical extermination because the goal of this treatment is to eliminate the termite colony and to prevent the return of the termites.

    It requires a routine inspection to make sure that the termite activity is controlled.

    • Termite Bait System
    • This method is not expensive and also an environment friendly method. Several bait stations are installed around the house and the monitoring station that is pesticide free.

      It kills the termite if the activity is found within the bait area. The system has to be monitored on a quarterly basis in order to guarantee the permanent treatment.

    The Other Methods Are

    • Trenching
    • Trenching is another method which aims to treat the soil around the pier or concrete. Rod-injections aims at deep treating the soil around the home’s perimeter fence.

    • Termite Heat Treatment
    • This is also an environmental friendly method and involves no use of chemicals. This treatment can be used for the entire house or for localized activity areas such as dining room or basement.

      To allow the most effective level of heat rise inside the house the house is enclosed in a tent during the heat process.

      Hot air is forced into the house till the inside temperature reaches 150 degree Fahrenheit. To eliminate termite colonies and activities the home structural wood must reach 120 degree Fahrenheit. This procedure takes around 8 hours and the homeowner can return to the house after the temperature returns to normal.

    Each infestation are separately evaluated or assessed by a trained and professional pest control operator who then recommends an accurate treatment plan that will control the termite infestation effectively.

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    These Pests Can Cause Quite A Bit Of Damage In A Short Period Of Time!

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