Yoga – Right food for body, mind and soul



Yoga for body mind and soul

“Yoga” is the ultimate solution to the millionth problems we have due to busy lifestyles, work pressure, food habits, polluted environment, increased diseases etc.
It is more than just exercise to lose weight and look fit, taking one into a different world of introspection, where you truly find yourself and the motive of your being.

No matter, what age you are in, what sex you belong to, what shape and size you have, YOGA is for all.

1. The Body

Yoga for bodyIf we go by the asanas in the yoga, there are ones which are beneficial to everybody, then there are asanas meant specially for children, old age, specific ailments such as “yoga for joints”, “yoga for back pain” etc. These asanas in yoga help to relax the body, give better immunity, strength, metabolism and also avoid the dosage of intoxication.

2. The Mind

Moving to the other side – “mental health”, is said to be improved with the help of yoga. The dilemmas which we face in everyday lives; lack of confidence, inner motivation and freedom, self-realization, self-analysis are some aspects which yoga helps us to take over.

Adopting yoga in everyday’s life, also, gets you closer to people socially. It helps us to be harmonious with people around and spread positivity. One gets to realize the importance of working together with people and nature. It helps to develop the personality and character in a way that we realize the value of a “human being” in “being human”.

3. The Soul

Yoga for soulSpirituality is yet another aspect in one’s life, which yoga tends to improve. Spirituality is above religion and proximity to God. Yoga, by soothing you within, makes you realize the importance of non-violence, takes you closer to the ultimate spirit.

Well, what else do we require above a fit body, mind and soul; and for all these, we have one word called “YOGA”, not limited just to the word but the benefits above and beyond. So, here is a video which shows how yoga helps you to re-energize yourself.



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Written by Indu Verma

Yoga – Right food for body, mind and soul

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