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Top Birthday Decorators in Ghaziabad | 1000+ Kids Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

Best Birthday decorations in Ghaziabad for first birthday, kids birthday party, 16th birthday party, 50th birthday partyBest Birthday decorations in Ghaziabad for first birthday, kids birthday party, 16th birthday party, 50th birthday party

Simple Balloon Decoration

₹ 1250

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Simple Birthday Decoration

₹ 1500

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Classic Birthday Decoration

₹ 2000

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Surprise Birthday Decoration

₹ 3500

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Theme Birthday Decoration

₹ 5500

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Customized Birthday Party Supplies

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Birthday Party Themes for Boys

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Birthday Party Themes for Girls

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1000+ Birthday Party Themes

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Best Birthday Decorations in Ghaziabad

Best Birthday Decorations in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam. Choose from our wide variety of Birthday Decoration Packages and explore our thousands of fun and Eye catching birthday decoration ideas for Kids birthday party, 1st birthday decorations, 50th birthday decorations and more and our team will make your special day perfect and magical.

Key Birthday Decoration Services in Ghaziabad

Why Us

  • 100+ Certified and Top Rated Birthday Party Decorators in Ghaziabad
  • Customized Birthday Decoration Packages
  • Specialize in Kids Birthday Party Decorations
  • Trusted by more than 50,000 clients
  • Quality service at best price
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Wide range of Birthday Decoration Packages matching your budget and requirements
  • For Customized birthday party decoration packages, our birthday decorator would speak to you to understand occasion, budget and requirement.
  • View our Birthday Decoration Ideas in Ghaziabad to finalize on the decorations.
  • Professional & experienced birthday party Decorators to help you at every step.
  • Read our Birthday Decoration FAQs & Ideas to know more about our Birthday Party Decoration Services in Ghaziabad.

  • It is recommended that you discuss and finalize Birthday decoration ideas with decorators before the occasion day.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.
  • We do cater to same day birthday decoration, however for urgent decoration needs (less than 3 hours notice) additional charges may apply.
  • We provide decoration for birthday party at home , offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, malls, banquet halls.



Rated – 4.6/5

Based on 67 reviews

About Professional

Be it your kids first birthday party, 16th birthday party, 18th birthday party, or your grandfather’s 50th birthday or its just a simple birthday decoration at home or if you need surprise birthday decoration Saurav event company is the one stop destination.

They are one of the excellent birthday decorator in whole of Delhi NCR surprising you with their creativity and innovative decoration style every time you hire them.



Rated – 4.5/5

Based on 90 reviews

About Professional

Prabhat Event company is a team of experienced and trusted birthday decorator in Delhi NCR.

They also have massive experience and knowledge in making birthday parties successful with their teamwork, perfect coordination, creativity and innovation birthday decoration ideas. Provides complete satisfaction.



Rated – 4.5/5

Based on 99 reviews

About Professional

Kapil Event Management team offers excellent birthday decoration service. They are famous for their wonderful and innovative decoration ideas.

They will never forget using various themes like minion theme, mickey mouse theme, mowgli theme, frozen theme, superhero theme. They are a true professional and goes that extra step to make your parties memorable one.



Rated – 4.4/5

Based on 67 reviews

About Professional

Jayant has a team of best birthday decorators in Delhi NCR. They provide birthday party decoration for all age group, right for kids to adults.

They strive to create a golden memories by adding that special touch to any event or occasion. Have a birthday party coming up? Book them now to believe it yourself.

Hemant Kumar


Rated – 4.2/5

Based on 57 reviews

About Professional

They are perfectionist in decorating birthday parties. They are one of the distinctive birthday decorator in Delhi

They decorate the venue as per the client’s requirement and make sure you have perfect party. Customer satisfaction is their priority. Whether you want simple birthday decoration at home or theme party decoration they will surely leave you amazed. Book them now to believe it yourself.

Shyam Mishra


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on – reviews

About Professional

Be it Birthday parties for kids or for elder ones, Shyam and team has variety of options to offer and always put their best foot forward when it comes to party decorations.

Birthday Party Decorations in Ghaziabad

What all do you provide for Birthday Decorations in Ghaziabad?

Whether it's your kids first birthday or your daughter's 16th birthday or husband's 40th birthday or grandfather's 50th birthday; Simple decoration for birthday party at home; or Themed birthday party decorations; our birthday decorators takes care of all the decorations required. From entrance decoration with balloons, frills, flowers to birthday hall decoration, cake table decoration, dance floor decoration, creating birthday theme balloon sculptures, everything is perfectly decorated to make your party just awesome!


What are your most popular birthday decoration themes?

We have birthday decoration themes catering to all age groups:

Birthday decoration themes for Girls:

• Super Girl at 1 theme decorations

• Disney Princess theme decorations

• Fairy tale theme decorations

• Sweet 16 Birthday Party decorations

Barbie theme birthday decoration

Minnie Mouse birthday decoration


Birthday decoration themes for Boys:

• Handsome at 1 theme decorations

• Super Hero theme decorations

• Pirate theme decorations

• Lego-themed decorations

• Avengers theme decorations

Mickey Mouse birthday decoration


Generic Birthday decoration themes:

• Ghost busters theme decorations

• Space theme decorations

• Angry birds birthday party decorations

• Jungle theme decorations

• Friends TV show theme decorations

• Game of thrones theme decorations

• Bollywood theme decorations

Minion theme birthday decorations


How long does it take to set up the theme birthday decorations in Ghaziabad?

The theme birthday decoration or simple birthday decoration set up takes typically 2-3 hours.


How long in advance do I have to book this service for the party?

We recommend that all jobs be booked/confirmed at least a week in advance in order to allow us enough time to work. But we also cater to requests or bookings done one or two days in advance and even same day requests.


What will be charges of transportation and setup?

Our birthday party decoration packages in Ghaziabad are inclusive of all the cost for transportation, setup or removal of decor. There will be no extra charge.


Will the birthday party decorator work within my budget?

Yes, our decorators will provide you with decoration ideas for birthday according to your budget. More over, we have different packages for every type of budget requirements plus we have the customized packages also which can be tailored as per your needs.


I don't know what I want, can you help me figure it out?

Yes Absolutely! You can contact us at 9899763411 or place a request online and talk to our professional Birthday Party Decorators in Ghaziabad anytime. We will be happy to assist you.


Happy Birthday Decorations at Home

What are some birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons if I want to have small celebration?

Whether you want to have a small celebration or a big one, balloons set the tone for the entire party so you should give them attention they deserve. Here are some of the amazing birthday decoration ideas at home for both indoor and outdoor:

• If you have a garden then you can decorate the trees and bushes with balloons. All you need to do is add some balloons to the lawn for an outdoor party or shower by just tying the strings to trees. You can even go for tree balloon garden decoration.

• Also, if the party is in the evening, you can have glow stick balloons which will provide really fun lighting.

• Our team can also create balloon topiaries and decorate your whole garden with colorful balloon bunches.

• For indoor birthday party decoration we can decorate your place with balloons on ceiling, balloon arch decoration, amazing balloon art and many more creative things.

• View more amazing ideas on Birthday Decoration With Balloons at home


How can I have simple birthday decoration at home if I don't want to include balloons in the decoration?

There is a possibility you might not want to have birthday decoration with balloons. Well, don't worry about that! There are plenty of other interesting simple birthday party decoration ideas at home to make your party outstanding:

• You can get a few pieces of poster cards, your favorite pictures, cut spirals and hang them from the ceiling for a fun and simple birthday party decorations.

• Beautiful decorations can be done with streamers. You can twist, wind, braid, and curl crepe paper. Our team of creative decorators can create a colorful backdrop or create a curtain or use them as tablecloth or create canopy or chandeliers with streamers. Theres lot that can be done with streamers and it will be very cost effective as well.

• Dining table area can be decorated with cute Paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling.

• For outdoor you can decorate the trees and garden area with streamers and use beautiful lighting bulbs.

birthday decoration with streamers

Image Source:Pinterest

streamers decoration ideas

Image Source:

• Get more Birthday backdrop decoration ideas without balloons.


What are some amazing birthday party decoration ideas for 1 year old?

Baby's first birthday is always special for their parents. Some parents choose for a small birthday party and some go for a lavish celebration. Well, we can help you with both and will provide you with some fascinating ideas for 1st birthday decorations at home or at the venue.

• For 1st birthday party decorations for baby boy the venue can be decorated with white and blue helium balloons or air filled balloons which can be put on ceiling.

• For 1st birthday party decorations for baby girl you can have decoration with white and pink or purple balloons and go for baby girl 1st birthday party.

• You can also go for some 1st birthday decoration themes for boys like – handsome at 1, Mickey mouse theme, etc.

themes like princess birthday party theme, Hello kitty theme, etc.

• You can also decorate with number 1 foil balloons, customized birthday banner and make first birthday party decorations more special for your little bundle of joy.

• The balloon backdrop can be created at the stage, balloon arch can be created at the entrance and beautiful decorations can be done with streamers, frills, balloon sculptures as per theme.

• Make balloon confetti. Fill balloons with confetti before you blow them up. Kids just love this part.

1st birthday decoration ideas for baby boy – Video

1st birthday decoration ideas for baby girl – Video


What are some unique 1st birthday decorations for girls and boys?

Celebrate the big day with our wonderful 1st birthday decorations for boys and girls. Such as Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday decorations, Cute as a Bow Tie 1st birthday decorations, Farm Animal 1st birthday decorations, Little Man 1st birthday decorations, Twinkle Twinkle little star 1st birthday decorations and many more.


Kids Birthday Party Decorations in Ghaziabad

What unique birthday decoration you can do for my 4 year old niece birthday party?

When it comes to kids, it is not easy to impress them. But our team of professional birthday decorators specialize in unique birthday party decoration ideas for kids.

• First of all, kids love theme parties. We can provide you with most popular birthday decoration themes for girls like Minnie mouse theme, Disney princess theme, frozen theme, minions theme, emoji theme, tea party theme, Alice in Wonderland, Candy land theme theme and many more.

•The entrance gate, birthday hall, cake table, stage and sitting area, everything can be decorated as per the theme you choose. Our birthday party decorators are perfect in creating a whole new world for your kid.

• We create different characters or sculptures as per your theme with balloons, paper cut outs making everything look real.

• View amazing Theme Based Birthday Decoration Ideas


My daughter's birthday party theme is candy land. What kind of decorations can you provide for candy land theme?

Candy land is one of the most favorite birthday decoration theme amongst kids. You can have a theme like a trip or visit to candy world.

• For candy land theme party decorations you can use giant balloons as a candy.You can turn the balloon into a cotton candy.

• Turn the balloons into huge candies or lollipop and hang it from the ceiling.

• You can even fill confetti in balloons.

• You can use candy cut-outs to decorate the venue.

• Our experienced birthday decorators will create a beautiful virtual candy world for your daughter's birthday party.

• Get more ideas about Candyland Theme Party Decorations.

candyland theme decoration

Image Source:Pinterest

Candyland birthday theme decorations

Image Source:Pinterest  

Teen Birthday Decorations in Ghaziabad

What are some unique teen birthday party decoration ideas?

Here are some of the birthday party decoration ideas for teenager:

• To make the decoration personalised you can go for personalised foil letter garland.

• Make it unique with paper pinwheel decoration.

paper pinwheel decoration ideas

Image Source:Before The Big Day

• If you are looking for something different then try out honeycomb ball decoration.

honeycomb ball decoration ideas for teen birthday


• For more exclusive birthday party ideas go for mini round lantern string lights decoration.

mini round lantern string lights decoration ideas


•Nowadays, teens love to have theme parties on birthdays. There are many popular birthday party themes that all teens would definitely love like – Instagram themed birthday party decorations, Game of Thrones themed birthday party decorations, Slumber themed birthday party decorations and more. We can decorate your place as per your favorite theme and provide you with your own little virtual world. Get more ideas about Teenager Birthday Party Decorations.


Birthday Room Decoration in Ghaziabad

What are some ideas for romantic birthday decoration if I want to surprise my spouse?

Our birthday decorators can provide you with some amazing ideas for romantic birthday decorations at home for husband or wife. So if you want to make your partner or your loved one feel special and do something unique for them, then Quotemykaam team will always be at your service.

• To keep your surprise private you can go with room decoration for birthday. The room can be decorated with heart shaped helium balloons and you can have them printed as well with some messages. For cost effective decoration we also provide the option to decorate the room ceiling with air filled balloons.

• To make it more memorable, tie your favourite photos to helium balloons. You can also prepare 10-12 small sticky notes as why they are special to you and stick them on balloons.

• As per client's requirement, we also decorate the room with rose petals and beautiful candles or amazing paper bag lanterns making the whole aroma romantic.

romantic surprise birthday decoration

Image Source:Pinterest

birthday room decoration ideas


50th Birthday Decorations in Ghaziabad

How can you help us with my father's 50th birthday party decorations?

• For your father's 50th birthday decorate the room with his pictures and written messages along with it. But if you want simple birthday decorations for your father then you can either tie them to helium balloon or make a collage and hang it on the wall.

• You can decorate it with Memory Chalkboard. Just place this board at the entrance where you planned to have a party.

• You can go for themed birthday party decorations like retro theme or neon theme.

• You can also have Funny Looking Caricature of him.

• Parties will never be complete without balloons, right. Decorate the room with 50 balloons for his golden jubilee birthday.

50th birthday decoration ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

• Get more ideas about 50th Birthday Party Decorations.


Adult Birthday Party Decorations in Ghaziabad

What are some memorable and total fun ideas for adult birthday party decorations?

You can use balloons, streamers, paper lanterns, lighting for Adult Birthday Decoration.


What are some top party themes for adults?

Birthdays are not only meant for children and youngster but also for adults. Here are some top party themes for adults: Masquerade ball party theme decoration, Golf theme party decoration, Black and White theme party decoration, Karaoke theme party, vintage theme party decoration and more.


What are some simple birthday decorations for adults at home?

• Decorate your house with shimmering streamers.

• Rather than going for regular streamers try out fringed streamers.

• Go for personalized foil letter garland.



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