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Best Birthday Party Planners in Delhi | 100+ Birthday Party Ideas

Best birthday party planners in Delhi for themed birthday party, kids birthday party. 1000+ Birthday party ideasBest birthday party planners in Delhi for themed birthday party, kids birthday party. 1000+ Birthday party ideas

Simple Birthday Party

₹ 4500

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Classic Birthday Party

₹ 6000

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Surprise Birthday Party

₹ 7000

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Themed Birthday Party

₹ 10000

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Birthday Party Activities

Starting ₹ 1800

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Customized Birthday Party Supplies

Starting ₹ 2000

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Birthday Party Themes for Boys

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Birthday Party Themes for Girls

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1000+ Birthday Party Themes

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Best Birthday Party Planners in Delhi

Best Birthday Party Planners in Delhi from Quotemykaam. Our experienced Birthday Party Organizers ensure that they take care of everything from Birthday Decorations, Birthday party invitation, Birthday Party Supplies, Birthday Games Coordinator, Kids Entertainment activities and many more and we aim to make your day memorable and fun filled.

Why Us

  • 100+ Hand-picked, Top-rated Birthday Planners in Delhi
  • 50,000+ Happy Smiling Customers
  • Experts in Kids Birthday party planning
  • Customized birthday party packages
  • Quality service at best price
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Choose from wide range of birthday party packages matching your budget and requirement.
  • For Customized packages, our birthday planners would speak to you to understand occasion, budget & requirement.
  • View our amazing Birthday Party Ideas to finalize on birthday party arrangements.
  • Professional & experienced birthday planners to help you at every step.
  • Read our Birthday Party Organisers FAQs to know more about our Birthday Party Planning Services in Delhi.

  • It is recommended that you discuss and finalize birthday party arrangements with our theme party planners before the occasion day.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.
  • We do cater to same day birthday party planning, however for urgent needs (less than 3 hours notice) additional charges may apply.
  • We provide for birthday party planning at home, offices, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, malls, banquet halls.



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Kapil has a team of best birthday planners, decorators and organisers in Delhi NCR. Celebrate themed birthday parties, kids 1st birthday party, inauguration party, engagement party, corporate events with their best of decorations and arrangements.

Vinay Satija


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About Professional

Vinay helps organize amazing and awesome parties with his unique and innovatiove decoration ideas, party arrangements and is present all over Delhi NCR. He is a true professional and goes that extra step to make your parties memorable one, be it kids birthday party, wedding decoration, engagement party, inauguration party, office parties for Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Republic Day or Independence day.



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Hire Saanjh Balloon Decorators and make a blissful party. They offer a wide range of balloon decorations for kids birthday party, baby shower, newborn baby welcome at home, anniversary party, romantic room decoration, school or college events, corporate events. They decorate the venue as per the client’s requirement and make sure you have perfect party.



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About Professional

Vikash Event Management team offers Kids Theme Birthday Party Organizers & Planners all over Delhi NCR. They are famous for organizing happy and fun kids birthday parties that they will never forget using various themes like minion theme, mickey mouse theme, mowgli theme, frozen theme, superhero theme. They also organize for various kids entertainment activities like magic shows, puppet shows, DJ and also various birthday games for kids ensuring they have a fun thrilled party.



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About Professional

Be it your kids first birthday party, 16th birthday party, 18th birthday party, or your grandfather’s 50th birthday or its your baby shower or you are welcoming your newborn at home or you want to surprise your partner with romantic decoration, Rohan event company is the one stop destination for managing all kinds of events. They are one of the best party decorators and planners in whole of Delhi NCR surprising you with their creativity and innovative decoration style every time you hire them.

Uma Deewan


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About Professional

Uma Events company is a team of experienced and trusted event decorators and planners in Delhi NCR. They specialize in organizing themed birthday parties, adult birthday parties, first birthday parties, teen birthday parties within your budget. They also have massive experience in making big corporate events successful with their teamwork and perfect coordination.

Mr. Hamid


Rated – 4.4/5

Based on 47 reviews

About Professional

Team helps provides various entertainment activities such as Rides, Balloon Décor, Theme parties, Activities and show on any ocassion for all age of groups.

Birthday Party Planning Service in Delhi

What is included in Birthday Party Planning in Delhi?

Our birthday party arrangements include complete birthday planning from birthday party decorations to catering options to entertainment activities. Our services includes:

• balloon decorations at the gate and inside the venue

• theme based decorations

• cake table decorations, lighting arrangements

• various catering options, arranging for a variety of themed cakes

• arrangement for khoi bags and loot bags, return gifts

• Wide range of birthday party entertainment activities such as Magician, puppet show, DJ and dance floor, birthday games, tattoo maker, make-up parlor, portrait maker, bouncy castle, hoopla game and many more!


Where all do you provide birthday party planning service?

We provide birthday party planning for home, offices, schools, colleges, hostels, hospitals, restaurants, malls and banquet halls.


What are the various birthday party activities you provide?

We provide for magicians, puppet shows, party DJ, gun shooting, pottery paint, bouncy castle, tattoo makers, photo booth, nail art and many more to add the flavor of full on entertainment in your birthday party.


What are some popular games for birthday party that you conduct?

Birthday parties are always exciting and what makes it all the more fun is the different birthday games. It enables interaction and provides entertainment and recreation as well. We have a variety of birthday games for all the age groups:

Birthday party games for boys : Water balloon games, Bike or tricycle race, Mummy Wrap, and more.

Birthday party games for girls : Blind Make-over, M & M Candy Challenge, Girlie Ball and more.

Birthday party games for adults : Three-Legged Race, Dumb Charades, Complete The Hymn and more.


Birthday Party Arrangements in Delhi

How much time do you require for birthday party arrangements in Delhi?

It totally depends on the type of party you choose and the number of guests you call and the scale you want it to be on. Typically, simple birthday arrangements take a day. So, we always recommend our clients to book the service one day prior to the birthday party.


What are the things that I need to consider before booking for the birthday party celebration in Delhi?

If you have a pre-decided birthday party theme, you should inform and discuss it with our experts. They can help you with samples and suggestions on the decoration that would suit your occasion or theme.


Is it possible to change the date of the party?

Yes it is possible. But make sure to inform us on time about this, so that arrangements can be made accordingly.


Does the birthday packages in Delhi include catering as well?

No. Our birthday party packages in Delhi include the cost of decoration, birthday party supplies and birthday party games and activities. For birthday party catering details, visit our link – Catering Services in Delhi


What will be charges of transportation and setup?

The charges of the delivery and the set-up are included in our birthday party packages.


What if I change my mind after selecting a package? Can I change it?

Yes, you can but it is always advisable to inform our providers on time so that they can make changes accordingly.


Birthday Event Organizers in Delhi

What all details do I need to provide to birthday event organizers in Delhi?

Our birthday organizers would require to know the details about what exactly the occasion is, birthday party theme, number of guests, birthday props, birthday games and activities you want, an approximate budget, date, time and venue of the event so that they can help you to plan a perfect birthday party for your loved one.


Will the birthday party organizers work within my budget?

Yes, our experienced birthday organisers will provide you with lot of ideas and suggestions and make sure all the arrangements get completed within your budget. Moreover, we have different birthday party packages for every type of budget requirements plus we have the customized packages also.


I don’t know what I want, can you help me figure it out?

Yes Absolutely! You can place a request online and talk to our professional Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi anytime. We will be happy to assist you.


Themed Birthday Party in Delhi

What are your popular girls birthday party themes that you organize?

There are variety of birthday party themes for girls:

• Angry Birds theme party

• Super girl at 1 theme party

• Hello Kitty theme birthday party

• Hannah Montana theme party

• Birthday princess theme party

• Fairy tales theme party

• Minnie Mouse theme party

• The Hunger Games party theme

• Tangled Movie theme party

• Barbie theme party and many more!

• Get more ideas on Birthday party themes for girls.


Minnie mouse birthday theme for girls

Image Source:Party Cruisers

What are your popular boys birthday party themes that you organize?

There are variety of birthday party themes for boys:

• Lego Ninja theme party

• Disney cars theme party

• Super heroes theme birthday party

• Super Mario theme party

• Pirates of the Caribbean theme party

• Star Wars Movie theme party

• Sonic Boom theme party and many more!


What are some popular teen birthday party themes?

• There are various unique birthday party themes for teens like:

• Slumber party theme

• Pool party

• Movie night party

• Social media party theme

• Read about How I surprised my 13 years old daughter on her Birthday?


What are your some unique birthday party themes for adults?

• There are many wonderful and unique birthday party themes for adults such as Neon theme, Disco theme, Vintage theme and many more.

• Get more ideas about birthday party themes for adults.


How do you organize a themed birthday party?

For a themed birthday party, a particular theme needs to be finalized by the client and then all the birthday arrangements are done as per the birthday theme decided.

• Firstly, our professional Theme Party Organizers in Delhi will guide and suggest you in deciding the theme for the birthday party as per your requirements.

• As you finalize the theme, we will decorate the whole venue based on the theme decided. From entrance gate decoration to birthday hall decoration, cake table decoration, table centerpieces, every thing will be done as per the theme.

• All the birthday invites, birthday party supplies like khoi bags, loot bags, eye masks are theme based.

• We also arrange for a theme based cake on client's request (cake charges are not included in the birthday party packages).

• Get more birthday party theme ideas.


Do you also provide for theme based menu for themed birthday parties?

Yes, we do. On client's special request our theme party organisers will make arrangements for a theme based menu making your party super happening.


How to plan a birthday party?

How to plan a kid's birthday party?

While organizing a kids's birthday party keep in mind few things:

Birthday Party Theme: Keep in mind what your kids like and then plan a theme according. You can choose from a variety of themes like Barbie theme, mickey mouse theme, Lego theme and many more.

Decoration: After deciding the theme decorations can be done accordingly. Get help from professional Kids birthday party planner in Delhi for a perfect birthday party.

Guest List and Birthday Invitation: If your child is above 5 years then consult him with for the guest list. Birthday invitation cards can be handmade as well.

Venue: After that decide the venue. It can be in a restaurant or any banquet hall. You can even organise it at your house. Venues can be exciting and makes your work easier as well.

Birthday Party Catering: Keep that food stuffs which the kids like. Plan what party food the kids are going to eat.

Birthday Games and Entertainment: Organise some kind of entertainment that will keep the kids engaged throughout the party. Organise a magic show or any kind of entertainment. Arrange for some kind of games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chair where each and every kid will be involved.

• Always keep first-aid and tissues handy.

• Be sure about any food allergies of the child.

• If you have a pets at home then keep them away from the guests as many small kids are afraid of pets.

• Read more about Kid's Birthday party planning tips.


Can you provide a complete birthday party checklist?

To organise a great birthday party keep in mind the few things:

Theme– Find out what your kid loves the most and themes can be set up according. A great theme makes birthday party memorable. Both you and your kid will enjoy making plans that reflect his or her interests. There are many themes to choose from. For girls it can be-Princess theme, Barbie theme, Minnie Mouse theme, Frozen theme. For boys- pirate theme, mickey mouse theme, cars theme and many more. Not only for kids even adults can have a super theme like retro theme, neon theme etc. Other things like invitation cards, dress code can be organised keeping in mind the themes which you have planned.

Birthday Invitations– Next step is making a guest list. You can either make an invitation card at home or can get it done from professionals. Again an invitation card depends on the theme that you have chosen. Mention the date, time and place in an invitation card.

Place– If you think that your home will not be a suitable place for organizing birthday party then there are several places available. You can reserve a community center to organise a party.

Decoration– Atmosphere matters a lot. Once you have decided a theme then use your creativity to create a perfect decoration. You can hire a professional who will help you create a perfect decoration for your kid’s birthday.

Birthday Party Entertainment– Entertaining the guests is an very important. Or else the guests will get bored and leave your party. You can hire a magician to perform and can even organise small birthday games to keep the kids as well as adult engaged throughout the party.

Take Help– Managing everything alone can be a great mess. Take help from our professional party organisers for perfect birthday party management.

Food– Keep those food items in mind which the kids love and also find out if the kids are not allergic to certain food. If you have pets its best to keep them separate from the guests.



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