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Best Birthday Party Organisers in Kolkata | 100+ Birthday Party Themes & Ideas

Birthday party planners in Kolkata from Quotemykaam. Top Birthday Party Organisers for perfect birthday party. 1000+ Birthday party ideasBirthday party planners in Kolkata from Quotemykaam. Top Birthday Party Organisers for perfect birthday party. 1000+ Birthday party ideas

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1st Birthday Decoration & Activity – Silver

₹ 5,499

first birthday party Organisers in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Decoration & Activity – Gold

₹ 5,999

1st birthday part organisers ideas in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Decoration & Activities – Diamond

₹ 7,499

First birthday party organisers for unique ideas in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Decoration & Activities – Platinum

₹ 8,999

Birthday party Organisers in Kolkata for 1st Birthday ideas

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1st Birthday Theme Decoration & Activities – Bronze

₹ 10,999

1st birthday party entertainment activities and games in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Theme Decoration & Activities – Silver

₹ 14,999

Birthday themes & Birthday activities for 1st birthday party by Birthday organisers in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Theme Decoration & Activities – Gold

₹ 19,999

Birthday party supplies for 1st Birthday Party by Birthday organisers in Kolkata

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1st Birthday Theme Decoration & Activities – Diamond

₹ 26,999

Birthday party organisers in Kolkata for theme decoration & birthday activities

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1st Birthday Theme Decoration & Activities – Platinum

₹ 30,999

first birthday party organisers for theme based decoration in Kolkata

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  • Choose from wide range of birthday party packages matching your budget and requirement.
  • For Customized birthday packages, our birthday planners would speak to you to understand occasion, budget & requirement.
  • View our amazing Birthday Party Ideas to finalize on birthday party arrangements.
  • Previous work – videos & images will be shared with the client.
  • Professional & experienced birthday party organisers to help you at every step.
  • Please Note : We normally provide air filled balloons pasted on the ceiling with removable tapes. Helium Balloons are provided on request.
  • Hard copy photos to be provided by the client.
  • Do let us know the date and time of the decoration in advance.
  • Read our Birthday Organisers FAQs to know more about our Birthday Party Planning Services in Kolkata.

  • It is recommended that you discuss and finalize birthday party arrangements with our theme party planners before the occasion day.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best birthday organisers at your doorstep. You just have to select the required package and with few clicks you can book the best birthday party organisers in Kolkata.

  • STEP 1 : Select the event or theme as per your requirement.
  • STEP 2 : Choose the package suited to you & click on book now button.
  • STEP 3 : Fill booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 4 : Booking confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of birthday party organizers.
  • Call from assigned birthday party planners to discuss the service in details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of birthday party organisers at the venue.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Professional Birthday Party Planning in Kolkata

  • 100+ Hand-picked, Top-Rated Birthday Planners in Kolkata
  • Experts in 1st Birthday Party Planning, Kids Birthday Party Planning
  • Popular Birthday Party Themes for Kids – Cars theme, Hello Kitty theme, Frozen theme & more
  • Fun Birthday Party Games & Activities – Magic Show, Puppet Show, Tattoo Artist, Caricaturist & more
  • Customized Birthday Party Packages within budget
  • Option to Pay online or after service
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Quotemykaam Birthday Party Planning Service

Birthday party planning is quite a challenging task and with this hectic lifestyle people find it difficult to plan out birthday parties of their loved ones. Right from selecting a proper theme to arranging birthday activities there are so many things that needs to be taken care of.

Thus, we at Quotemykaam bring to you best birthday party organisers in Kolkata that you can book online at your own preferred time all at the comfort of your home.

We have a team of highly creative birthday planners who will not only provide you with the most creative and out of the box birthday party planning ideas but will also organise flawless birthday party based on your budget.


Our Professional Birthday Planner Ensures:

• To take care of everything from Birthday Decorations, Birthday Party Invitation, Birthday Party Supplies, Birthday Games Coordinator, Kids Entertainment Activities, Birthday Party Games and much more.

• To create a wonderful birthday bash that will stay in your memory throughout and will transform your event into an unforgettable occasion and go above and beyond to make your day exciting and fun-filled.

• That you get a perfect birthday party to enjoy saving your time, effort and money.


Book Your Party With Us!

So if you are considering 1st birthday party, kids birthday, 16th birthday bash, 18th birthday or 80th birthday party, our highly skilled team of birthday event planner will fabulously design and create an impeccable birthday party that will take your breath away.

Popular Birthday Party Planning Services in Kolkata

We Create You Celebrate:

In this hectic and busy schedule people find it difficult to plan out birthday parties of their loved ones. At the same time planning kids birthday party is quite challenging task as it requires lots of planning, time and effort. This is where we step in and help you organize things at ease. Quotemykaam is one stop solution for all your birthday party planning needs.

Meet Kolkata's Coolest Birthday Party Organisers:

The City of Joy, Kolkata is known for celebrating their birthday parties in a Retro style, so keeping in mind the style and culture of people, Quotemykaam brings you the Best Birthday Party Planners in Kolkata.

Book Your Party With Us:

So whether it’s your kid’s 1st birthday or you father’s 50th birthday party, we at Quotemykaam will take care of all, right from birthday decoration to entertainment activities so that you too can have fun. Moreover we provide cost-effective birthday party packages in Kolkata so that can be customized according to your needs and requirements. So if you are planning birthday party and want fun, thrill, excitement and all the birthday party arrangements taken care of? Then book your party with us!

Gains Happy Customers:

Our Birthday Party Organisers have served 1000+ customers in Kolkata and are still going strong. Each and every Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata is background checked and verified. We choose only top-rated service provider who have been rated excellent by the customers.

Major Areas Covered For Birthday Party Planning Kolkata:

Major areas covered for Birthday Party Planning in Kolkata are – Alipore, Jadavpur, Park Street, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Behala and more. Contact us for best birthday party planners near me.

Palaash - Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata



Rated – 4.9/5

Based on 191 reviews

About Professional

Palaash and his team are one of the most reliable Theme Birthday Party Organizers in Kolkata and party game organizers. They have received vast admiration because of their hassle free execution, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Right from organizing, planning, decorating and entertaining the guests with the fun filled games to organising puppet shows, magic shows and DJ they cater to all.

Rishi katela - Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata

Rishi katela


Rated – 4.6/5

Based on 97 reviews

About Professional

They are one stop solution for managing and organising, arranging games and organises various activities like puppet shows, magic shows and Dj for all kinds of events. They aim to add that special something to each and every event. They are known for creating unique and innovative birthday party ideas. Completely reliable.

Kriti - Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata



Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 5 reviews

About Professional

Kirti team is famous for being the best birthday party planners in Kolkata for – 16th birthday parties, 18th birthday parties, 21st birthday parties, 50th birthday parties, 60th birthday parties etc.!

Hire them and make your parties memorable. Kriti and company is also expert in organizing magic shows or puppet shows for all age groups from kids to adults and also provide their services for corporate events, school or college events.

View More Professionals

Birthday Party Planning Service in Kolkata

Q. What is included in Quotemykaam Birthday Party Planning in Kolkata?

No Birthday Party is complete without amazing theme decoration, birthday party games, entertainment activities for kids, return gifts and more. Our team of expert birthday organisers in Kolkata plans a perfect birthday party for you taking care of all the following things :

• Balloon decorations at the gate or inside the venue.

• Theme based decorations

• Cake table decorations

• Lighting arrangements

• Various catering options

• Arranging for a variety of themed cakes

• Planning for fun and exciting birthday party games

• Arrangement for amazing kids entertainment activities like bouncy castle, magic show, puppet show & more.

• Khoi bags and loot bags

• Arrangement for return gifts

And We are always happy to serve all your special requests.


Q. Where all do you provide birthday party planning service?

We provide both indoor and outdoor birthday party arrangements. Be it a birthday party at home, offices, schools, colleges, hostels, restaurants, malls and banquet halls, our team of party organizers in Kolkata will reach there and arrange an awesome birthday party for you or your loved ones.


Birthday Party Arrangements in Kolkata

Q. How much time do you require for birthday party arrangements in Kolkata?

It totally depends on the type of the birthday party theme and birthday package you choose, number of guests and the scale you want it to be on. Typically, simple birthday party arrangements take a day. So, we always recommend our clients to book for birthday party planning 2-3 days prior to the birthday event.


Q.What are the things that I need to consider before booking for the birthday party celebration in Kolkata?

If you have a pre-decided birthday party theme, you should inform and discuss it with our expert party planners. They can help you with samples and suggestions on the decoration that would suit your occasion or theme.


Q. Is it possible to change the date of the party?

Yes it is possible. But make sure to inform us on time about this, so that arrangements can be made accordingly.


Q. Does the birthday party packages in Kolkata include catering as well?

No. Our birthday party packages in Kolkata include the cost of decoration, birthday party supplies and birthday party games and activities. For birthday party catering details, visit our link – Birthday Catering Services


Q. What will be charges of transportation and setup?

The charges of the delivery and the set-up are included in our birthday party planning packages.


Q. What if I change my mind after selecting a package? Can I change it?

Yes, you can but it is always advisable to inform our providers on time so that they can make changes accordingly.


Birthday Party Organisers in Kolkata

Q, What all details do I need to provide to birthday event organizers in Kolkata?

Our birthday party organisers in Kolkata would require to know the following:

• Details about what exactly the occasion is

• Birthday party theme

• Number of guests

• Birthday props, birthday games and activities you want

• An approximate budget, date, time and venue of the event so that our team of experienced birthday party organizers in Kolkata will help you to plan a perfect birthday party for your loved one.


Q. Will the birthday party organisers in Kolkata work within my budget?

Yes, our experienced birthday party planners in Kolkata will provide you with lot of ideas and suggestions and make sure all the arrangements get completed within your budget. Moreover, we have different birthday party packages for every type of budget requirements plus we have the customized packages also.


Q. I don’t know what I want, can you help me figure it out?

Yes Absolutely! You can Place Online Request and talk to our professional Birthday Party Organisers in Kolkata anytime. We will be happy to assist you.


Q. Why should I hire professional birthday party planner when I can organise the birthday party myself?

Organising birthday party for your kid or your loved ones is very exciting but sometimes it drives you crazy. There are plenty of things to take care of from selecting the birthday theme for the party to decorations, planning fun birthday games and activities, catering and more.

Hiring a professional birthday planner will help you to plan and easily carry out a memorable birthday bash with our expert doing all the heavy lifting on your behalf. You can always rely on Quotemykaam services to hire the best birthday party planners in Kolkata :

Enjoy the Perfect Party : If you are planning a birthday party for the first time, then you may not be aware of all small and big things that need to be taken care of, especially if you are planning a kids birthday party. Thinking of creative and fun birthday party theme and getting it executed in the best possible way can be a big task for you.

There are plenty of things that would require you to think out of box like deciding on color scheme, birthday party invitation, themed cake, birthday party props, birthday games, return gifts and more. Our birthday party organisers know all the in and out of planning a perfect birthday party for you. They can help you with selecting the perfect birthday party theme, carry out all the birthday decorations and birthday party arrangements smoothly.

You too can have all the Fun : If you are planning the complete birthday party all by yourself, then it is impossible for you to enjoy the birthday party. You will be occupied in making sure that everything goes as planned and if anything goes wrong it will be you who will be doing all the fixing.

Hiring our professional birthday party planner, will take all your stress away as you just have to sit and relax while they do all the heavy lifting and organize a fantastic birthday party for you.

Everything is taken care of : If you hire birthday party planners from Quotemykaam, all you just need to book the birthday party package you like, and let our party planners know few party details like – party date and time, party venue, number of guests and others.

They will help you in selecting the unique and creative birthday party themes, suggests on birthday venues, pull out all the birthday decorations, birthday party arrangements, birthday games and activities as per your requirement.

Our expert birthday party organisers take care of every tiny little detail to ensure that you and your guests can have wonderful time. They don't only help you to get a splendid and perfect birthday party but also help you to organize age appropriate fun birthday party activites and entertainment.

Save Time, Effort and Money : Most people are under the impression that if we organise birthday party on our own then it will be cost less, which is absolutely false. A professional birthday party planner take care of everything within your budget. But if you organise birthday party on your own you might end up spending much more.

For Example, Quotemykaam Birthday Party Planners can take care of everything within your budget and start as low as Rs. 4,500. But if you plan the birthday party all by yourself you will end up spending much more than you thought as you may not have complete knowledge. Quotemykaam birthday event planner Kolkata, ensure that you get a perfect birthday party to enjoy saving your time, effort and money.


Birthday Party Entertainment Activities

Q. What are the various birthday party activities you provide?

Adding various birthday party activities to your party makes it more fun, exciting and enjoyable for kids and as well as adults. We offer a wide range of birthday party activities adding the flavor of full on entertainment in your birthday party. Few of our birthday party entertainment activities are :

Magic Show: We have a team of top and talented magicians who performs different magic shows for kids and adults. Such as Playing with cards, Rope tricks, Pulling out rabbit from the hat, Spoon bending, Levitating cards, Disappear and re-appearing of coin, the greatest coin trick, floating cup trick and many more.

Puppet Show: Our experience puppeteers perform variety of puppet shows from Rajasthani puppet show, Modern puppet show to Disney puppet show, kids puppet show, Hand Puppets, Ventriloquism dummy, many more and aim to entertain the guests with their pleasant character.

Party DJ: Our talented and professional DJ not only energizes you and your guests but also keeps the dance floor packed all night.

Tatto Artist: Our experienced tatoo artist provides you with latest and happening designs like glitter tattoos, chocolate tattoos, paint tattoo, tattoo stickers, airbrush tattoos favorite cartoon character tattoo designs, hello kitty kids tattoos and many more for complete party entertainment.

Face Painting: We provide you with the most popular face painting designs for kids like animal face paint, fairy face painting, puppy face painting, flower face painting, pirate face painting, sparkle rainbow face paint design, favorite cartoon, sports face painting and many more colorful and decorative face paint designs.

Balloon Modelling: Balloon modelling is simply transforming balloons into different shapes. Our balloon twisters charm the the guests by creating marvelous balloon sculptures and even teach the kids present at the party to transform a balloon into their favorite character like dog, giraffe, turkeys, monkeys , swords, pirate hats, balloon wings, or any other well known cartoon character.

Party Photo Booth: We bring you amazing ideas for photo booth frame, photo booth props, photo booth backdrops for both open and enclosed photo booths at your event.

Nail Art: Our Nail Technician provides you with the most popular nail art designs for kids such as cartoon nail art, animal nail art, minion nail art, birthday nail art, sparkle nails, glitter nails, floral stamped nail art, metal finish nail art, Sequined nail art, bling nail art.

Gun Shooting: We even provide you with different gun shooting activities for your kid's birthday.

Caricature Artist: Our experienced caricature artist provides you with many options when it comes to caricature art. Such as- Black and White Caricature, Live caricature on paper, Live Digital Caricature, Colored Caricature, Handmade Caricature, Wall Caricature and more.

Pottery Paint: We provide lots of pottery painting ideas to try with the kids.

Hair Braiding: Our Hair Braiding Artist charm the guests with the most popular braid hairstyles for kids such as single hair braid, headbands and half up, braids mash-up, colored braids, twisted braids, multiple braids, African braids or traditional French braids with silk threads, complementary color beads, shiny rhinestones and flowers.

Make-up Parlor and many more.


Q. What are some top kid's birthday party activities?

Birthday activities compliment parties. It not only adds that fun and exciting factor to your birthday parties but also keep the kids occupied. There are various fun activities for birthday party for both boys and girls.

Table Artistry: In this activity the kids can decorate and design table cloth with hand prints, stamps, sponge etc.

Tye Dye T-Shirt: This is one of the best childrens party activities. This activity is not only fun to make but also fun to wear. Give your dull and unwanted T-shirt a completely new look.

Candy Bracelet Making: Kids will surely love making colorful necklace with clothespin.

Treasure Hunt: Also known as scavenger hunt. It not only motivates the kids to work together in group but also improve their physical and intellectual development.

• Get more ideas about Kids birthday party activities

Our team of party organisers in Kolkata will help you choose your favourite birthday activities according to the theme of your party that will surely delight your little one's party.


Q. What are various activities for a 4 year old kid's birthday party?

Fun birthday party activities keeps the little one's engaged throughout the party. There are various fun birthday activities for 4 year old kid's birthday. Such as:

• Pin the tail on the donkey

• Creating mini birthday cakes with the help of playdough

• Helping them to make small puppets with the help of cardboard and sticks

• If you are organising jungle theme birthday party then make an animal collage or for princess party then ask the kid's to decorate paper crowns with glitters and sequins.


Birthday Party Games

Q. What are some popular party games that you provide?

Birthday parties are always exciting and what makes it all the more fun is the different birthday games. It enables interaction and provides entertainment and recreation as well. Quotemykaam professional kids party games incharge in Kolkata will provide you with fun-filled birthday party games. We have a variety of party games for all the age groups:

Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Slides

Hoopla Game

Gun Shooting

Ball Pool

Ring the Butterfly

Fishing Game and more.

We also provide bouncy castle based on the birthday party theme. Such as – dinosaur jumping castle, batman jumping castle, Mickey mouse jumping castle, Spiderman jumping castle, frozen bouncy castle and many more!


Q. What are some top games for birthday party?

It is very important to keep the kids engaged throughout the party and creative birthday party games adds excitement to the party. These party games will definitely keep the kids in the happy mood throughout the party, moreover it will make your child's birthday party go smooth.

Birthday party games for boys : Water balloon games, Bike or tricycle race, Mummy Wrap, and more.

Birthday party games for girls : Blind Make-over, M & M Candy Challenge, Girlie Ball and more.

Birthday party games for adults : Three-Legged Race, Dumb Charades, Complete The Hymn and more.

• Read more about 7 Easy Games For Kids Birthday Party


1st Birthday Party Planning in Kolkata

Guildlines for 1st birthday party planning:

Planning a grand and marvelous birthday parties are very common these days especially when it is your kid's 1st birthday. Planning or organising birthday party all by yourself is not only time consuming but also difficult.

Hence people always look for the best birthday party planner to make their little bundle of joy's birthday memorable. It is very important to understand how you would like to celebrate one of the most important day of your kid's life. Here are few guidlines for 1st birthday party planning that will make planning a birthday party smooth:

Birthday Decoration Theme: Always start with a theme. At, Quotemykaam we provide you with various birthday party themes for 1st birthday. Like Superman theme, Mickey mouse theme, Cars theme, Cindrella, Snow white theme and many more. It can be anything that your kid loves. You can totally rely upon Quotemykaam services to hire best & creative theme party organisers in Kolkata

Birthday Invitations: Next comes birthday party invitation cards. You can finalize birthday party invitation cards based on the theme. If you are planning to have a certain dress code then it is advisable to mention it there so that your guests can plan in advance. You can even get help from our experts team of 1st birthday party organisers.

Accessories: If you are planning a theme party then it is advisable to plan accessories in detail. Always remember accessories can make or even break the party. For instance if you are planning to have a spiderman theme party then important accessories could be masks, spider webs and spider hats.

Birthday Decorations: Atmosphere matters a lot. Once you have decided a theme then use your creativity to create a perfect decoration. You can hire a professional birthday party decorator who will help you create a perfect decoration for your kid’s birthday. Like accessories even decorations can make or break the party. You can keep a simple decoration or can go for a fancy or lavish one.

Birthday Cake: No doubt cake is the most important part of the party. For theme party you can have a theme based birthday party cake. You can also go for small themed cupcakes.

Food: Planning a food can be little difficult. Again you can also keep the food items according to the theme of the party. Avoid unhealthy food. You can go for simple healthy food that the kids love. Also find out if the kids are not allergic to certain food. You can serve the food items on shiny and sparkling themed based plates to add little bit of personalize touch.

Birthday Party Entertainment: Keep kids entertainment activities according to the age-group of the invitees. We at Quotemykaam provides various kids entertainment activities such as – Puppet Show, Magic Show, Face Painting, Nail Art and many more. Hire Kids Party Entertainer for fun-filled birthday parties.

Birthday Party Games: Organise birthday party games according to the age group of the invitees. Hire birthday game coordinator for hassle free birthday party games. Why just kids you can even include adults in the games. So dont forget to keep few games for adults.

Return Gifts: Everybody loves return gifts. Always plan in advance what you want to give. Again you can plan birthday return gifts according to the theme of the party and age group of the kids.

These above points are the essential element of any birthday party. If you stick to these points then you will surely have a successful and memorable birthday party. Always remember to cherish each and every moment that you spend with your little sunshine. You can even get help from professional birthday party planner. Our professional birthday event organisers in Kolkata will help you to plan a perfect party. You can always lean on Quotemykaam services to hire the best birthday party planners in Kolkata.


Popular Birthday Party Themes in Kolkata

Q. What are your popular girls birthday party themes that you organize?

Honestly, a party without a good theme isn’t really a party – It is just a group of people all gathered in a room together. For that reason, a good theme must be added to the party to make it enjoyable, memorable and joyful. Our team of expert theme party organisers will not only set up an exceptional theme party decoration but will also provide you with variety of innovative birthday party themes for girls:

Angry Birds Theme Party : Angry bird is a game which is very popular among children. So if your kid a big fan of Matilda or Chuck, then throw him/her a full-fledged angry bird themed birthday party. From beautiful birdie balloons, pom pom birdie to angry bird birthday banner and yes how can you miss playful angry bird cake.

Based on this theme you can even have life sized angry bird game corner. To add a fun element you can even ask the kids to dress up as their favourite bird. Our experienced theme party planners in Kolkata will take your birthday party to whole new level.

angry bird theme decor

Image Party stories

Super Girl at 1 Theme Party: Do you have a girl who just loves superhero? Then celebrate birthday party of your sweet little girl with this awesome theme and get the feeling of little super hero with our customized decorations. With supergirl cityscape backdrop, balloon decoration with pink streamers to superhero themed birthday party games, our expert birthday event planners will make sure that everyone is having a good time.

supergirl theme birthday decoration


Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Party: Hello Kitty Decorations are extremely popular for girl' s birthday party and if you have a daughter who is crazy about hello kitty then this theme is perfect for her next birthday. From an elaborate hello kitty dessert table to huge and super cute hello kitty photo booth corner. Just hire a birthday party organisers in Kolkata and make your little girl's birthday party stand out.

hello kitty party decorations


Hannah Montana Theme Party: Want to make your girl feel like a rockstar then throw her best of both world themed birthday party. Dress up like a rock diva and run an amazing “red carpet” to the door. Our wonderful Hannah Montanna themed birthday decoration ideas will surely make the birthday girl and her friends feel like a superstar.

hannah montanna theme party decoration


Princess Theme Party: Whether it is Anna, Else, Snow White, Cindrella or Bella. Pick your daughter's favourite princess and make her royal dream come true. From princess themed birthday invitition cards, princess cake, cute flowing tulle table skirt or setting up a styling station where you can have activities like make-up corner, tatoo making or face painting and drawing some cute pretty pink glitter hearts on the cheeks.

snow white theme birthday party idea

Image Source:Kara’s Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Theme Party: Minnie Mouse is an extremely popular character among all the little Girls. From personalized minnie mouse invition card to pink polka dots minnie mouse style decoration, our team of expert team of birthday planners Kolkata will make your little one feel that she is celebrating her birthday with Minnie mouse and her entire gang.

Minnie mouse birthday theme for girls

Image Source:Catch My Party

Frozen Theme Party: Incorporate this new Princess into your daughter's event with blue and white balloons. Our expert kids birthday planners will give your little girl's party that extra WOW factor by customizing a frozen arch from balloons. This winter themed movie is great for parties in winter, as one can add fake snow and snowflakes to the party to make it feel like genuine frozen.

frozen party decorations

Image Source:Pinterest

Barbie Theme Party: Get ready for glam and glitz birthday party decorations with barbie theme table decorations, barbie themed invitition card, banners, balloons and many more.

• Get more ideas on Birthday party themes for girls.


Theme parties require unique ideas and proper planning. Being a theme party organiser, we, at Quotemykaam make sure that guests remain attached to the party from the moment they get invited to the moment they leave the party. You can discuss birthday party themes with our theme party planners in Kolkata & he will make sure that you have a mindblowing birthday party. We even provide affordable birthday party packages which can be customized according to your needs and requirements.


Q. What are your popular boys birthday party themes that you organize?

Birthday themes for boys are hard to come by. Themes bring happiness and smile on everybody's face. It makes even the boring party look wonderful. We have got all your party planning needs covered with our best birthday party organisers in Kolkata. There are variety of birthday party themes for boys:

Minion Theme Party: Kids are just fond of minions. Minion themed balloon decoration, paper fans, personalised minion banner, paper lanterns, minion theme backdrop to cake table decoration and yes don't forget to stock up on yellow and blue colour despicable me birthday party supplies.

minion theme party decorations

Image Source:Brainstroming Decor Idea

Jungle Theme Party: If your little one loves to explore then jungle safari theme party is just ideal for him. Our expert team of birthday party organizers will bring jungle to your home with these amazing decoration ideas. From turning the venue into a cave, decorating the dinner table as landscape, jungle safari birthday signs to jungle banner make your kids swing with tropical green forest decoration. Games like Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt, Catch the Snake’s Tail and lucky monkey will make the party more entertaining.

jungle theme birthday party decoration


Mickey Mouse Theme Party: Get ready for your kid's next party with Mickey Mouse club house theme decoration. Decorate it with Mickey Mouse centerpieces, mickey mouse character, arches and add innovative mickey mouse theme birthday games.

mickey mouse clubhouse party decoration ideas

Image Source:Pinterest

Little Man Theme Birthday Party: If you want to show your son how he would look in his gentleman get up then whats better than throwing him a Little man theme birthday party. Blue and white theme decoration with mustache, bow, necktie, hats, little man birthday banner, garland and strapes is all you need.

little man theme decoration

Spiderman Theme Party: For the most heroic party, we will set out for spider-man birthday theme for boys. The super cool costume, Spider man bevarage station, adventurous decorations and games like pin the spider on the web will surely be a huge hit among the kids. Party with spidey and make your birthday memorable.

Underwater Theme Party: Dive into the ocean with Under the sea theme party decoration. From coral rocks, white sand, sea shells, white and blue balloon ceiling decoration to small under the sea photo booth corner our experienced birthday party organisers in Kolkata will surely set up a wonderful decoration for your son.

under the sea theme birthday decoration

Image Source:

Disney Cars Theme Party: Any little boy that loves playing with cars will surely love cars theme party. Add speed and thrill, to your boy's birthday party by incorporating this great theme idea. From racing car stripes, flags to cut-outs our, team of birthday event planner in Kolkata will definitely help to emphasize your Speedy and Thrilling theme.

cars theme birthday party decoration for boys

Image Source:Pinterest

Super Heroes Theme Birthday Party : Every little boy is sure to have a favorite superhero, so make your kids birthday party all the more special by decorating it after his own superhero. Incorporate their favorite superhero into the party by adding Jumbo Balloon Superheroes, Super hero cut-outs. Dress up your kid like a superhero and knock it down with your favourite superhero games.

superhero theme birthday party decorations


Super Mario Theme Party: Set up an awesome birthday party with Luigi and Mario. From super mario dessert table to polka dot mario table banner and many more. Not only this with amazing super mario birthday backdrop the kids will have a blast taking pictures in front the backdrop.

supermario birthday party decorations

Image Source:YouTube

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Party: If you have a kid who loves adventure and thrill then this theme is perfect. A Pirate Ship is sure to be liked amongst all the boys as they all dream of being the Jack Sparrow. From adventurous and thrilling cake table decorations, pirate invition card to fun filled treasure hunt games these will surely make your guests sail.

For all these wonderful themes you can totally rely on Quotemykaam services to hire the best birthday party planners in Kolkata. We even provide affordable birthday party packages which can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

pirate theme birthday decoration for boys


Q. What are some popular teen birthday party themes?

Throwing birthday party for little ones is always fun and easy but its not the same when your child enters into the world of an adult. They look forward to more grown up themes. There are various unique teenage girl birthday themes:

Slumber Party Theme: It is a wonderful theme for teenager birthday party. Our team of highly skilled birthday party organizers in Kolkata will transform your room into a cozy tent with lots of colourful teeny lights and with amazing photo booth corner you can click up lots of photographs in your favourite pajamas.

slumber theme party decoration for teens

Image Source:Pinterest

Movie Night Theme Party: If you are a movie buff then this theme is perfect. Get a customized movie ticket invitation card created, set up a movie of your choice and how can we forget to keep mini popcorns for the guests to munch.

Social Media Theme Party: Instagram is one such social media where everyone from young to adult all stay glued. Our professional birthday event planners will transform your party with amazing Instagram backdrop decoration, banners, fringes and garland.

instagram theme birthday party decoration for teens

Image Source: Pinterest

Twilight Theme Birthday Party: Who isn't twilight fan? Infact we all are. We will adorned the venue with black and red color balloons, frills and backdrop and use electrical white candles to create a soft glow. Twilight birthday party supplies such as fangs, masks our party organizer in Kolkata also give you a New Moon feel.

Mad Science Theme Birthday Party: If you have a teen who loves science and has a massive interest in science then this theme is just perfect. Go for lime green, bright blue and orange color balloons, streamers and partyware. Set up plastic microscopes, safety glasses. You can display pencils, beakers, test tubes and all such small equipments.

mad science birthday party ideas for teen

Image Source:Kara’s Party Ideas

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Q. What are your some unique birthday party themes for adults?

There are many wonderful and unique birthday party themes for adults such as:

Disco Theme Party: If you are a shy one and don't like the idea of going to the disco then lets bring disco to your house. Let't go back to 70s disco party theme. Based on the theme you can have a karaoke and lots of dancing and singing with your friends and family.

disco theme birthday party decoration for adult

Image Source: Pinterest

Back to School Theme Party: Let's go back to school with back to school theme birthday party. Huge colourful balloons, steamers, candies, tabletop globe to huge pencil and chalkboard decoration our team of birthday party organisers in Kolkata will surely revive your childhood days.

back to school theme birthday party decoration

Image Source: Giggles Galore

Sports Theme Party: Whether it is cricket, golf, soccer or tennis celebrate your birthday using these sports party themes or ideas. Our party organiser in Kolkata will turn your table into a miniature sports, hang the banner over the entrance and will let you have fun with some amazing sports birthday party games.

sports theme party decoration for adult

Image Source:

Glow in the Dark : Who doesn't want to have a glowing good time. Replace regular light bulbs and illuminate your place with black light bulbs. Glow in the dark birthday party supplies, glow sticks and other accessories will do wonders.

neon theme party for adult

Image Source:

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Q. How do you organize a themed birthday party?

For a themed birthday party, a particular theme needs to be finalized by the client and then all the birthday party arrangements are done as per the birthday theme decided.

Suggesting ideas: First of all, our professional Theme Party Organizers in Kolkata will guide and suggest you in deciding the theme for the birthday party as per your requirements.

Finalizing birthday themes: As you finalize the birthday party theme, we will decorate the whole venue based on the theme decided. From entrance gate decoration to birthday hall decoration, cake table decoration, table centerpieces, every thing will be done as per the theme.

Arranging birthday supplies: All the birthday invites, birthday party supplies like khoi bags, loot bags, eye masks are theme based.

• We also arrange for a theme based cake on client's request (cake charges are not included in the birthday party packages).

• Get more birthday party theme ideas.


Q. Do you also provide for theme based menu for themed birthday parties?

Yes, we do. On client's special request our theme party organisers will make arrangements for a theme based menu making your party super happening.


Birthday Invitation Ideas

Now a days people turn to social media or group text to let all the friends and family members know about the event. While this seems to be easy it takes all the personalized touch away that invitation provides. Birthday invitation cards not only set the tone of the party it also adds a touch of excitement to it.

It provides the guests a detailed information and creates anticipation about the party and yes the most important thing is it creates memories. We at Quotemykaam strive to make your birthday party memorable with personalized and themed based birthday invitation cards which can be customized according to your needs and requirements.


What are your most popular 1st birthday invitation for baby girl?

Birthday invititon is the main element of the party and obviously it needs to be very exciting. It is a perfect way to let all your near and dear ones know about your much awaited birthday bash. Birthday invitation cards surely make birthday party memorable.

1st Birthday Invitation ideas for baby girl:

Pumpkin 1st birthday invitation: This orange themed pumpkin birthday invitation looks so bright and cheerful.

pumpkin birthday invitation ideas for baby girl


Birthday Milestone: We will create a multi photo invitation for your baby girl's 1st birthday and you and your guests will surely be impressed.

milstone birthday invitation ideas for baby girl


Flower Power: Our team of talented and creative event planner for birthday party will create an energetic flower birthday invitation for your little princess birthday.

Strawberries and Shortcakes: In this birthday invitation a big number 1 separates your baby girl photo and strawberries and shortcake design.

shortcake themed 1st birthday invites idea for girls


Baby's 1st Floret: Our team of kids birthday planners will show off your little girl's cheerful personality by sending this 1st birthday invitation.

1st floret birthday invitation idea for baby girl


You can discuss various birthday invitation ideas with our professional party organiser in Kolkata & he will provide you with birthday invites that will create anticipation among the guests from the very begining.


Q. What are some creative 1st birthday invitation ideas for baby boy?

Birthday party of the little one is the most jubilant and joyful moment in everybody's life and we as a parent always want to make it memorable. Now a days there is an increasing tends for customized and themed based birthday invitation cards and with the help of our expert team of party organisers Kolkata you can create wonderful 1st birthday invitation and get it customized as per your needs and requirement.

Rocket Ship Birthday Invitation: 3-2-1 send your guests aboard with this blasting and personalized rocket ship birthday invitation.

rocket birthday invitation for baby boy's 1st birthday


1st Birthday Baby Collage: If you want to create a personalized invitation and go for this 1st birthday baby collage birthday invitation. This will also create a memorable momento for all your guests.

photo collage 1st birthday invitation ideas

Image Source:Pinterest

Birthday Express: This train themed birthday party invitation will be perfect for your little man. So let all your guests aboard the birthday train with this super cute birthday invitation.

train theme 1st birthday invitation for baby boy


Blue and Black 1st Birthday Invitation: How adorable is this blue and black birthday invitation.

blue and black 1st birthday invitation for baby boy


What are some popular 1st birthday invitation ideas for twins?

Double the happiness double the fun with these twin birthday invitation ideas:

Little Star Twin Birthday Invitation: In this birthday party invitation you can add a personalized text which will surround your baby's photo.

little star 1st birthday invitation for twins

Image Source:Catch My Party

Twin Barnyard Birthday Invitation: Invite your guests to join the fun with twin farm animal birthday invitation.

farm birthday invitation ideas for twin's birthday

Image Source:Pinterest

Twin Zoo Animal Birthday Invitation: Get a personalized party invitation with monkeys, lions, giraffe, zebra and trees.

twin animal 1st birthday invitation ideas for twins

Image Source:Lil’ Duck Duck

What are some creative 2nd birthday invitation ideas?

Polka Dots Birthday Invitation: Nobody can resist this adorable polka dot Hello Kitty birthday invitation card.

polka dots 2nd birthday party invitation ideas

Image Source:Pinterest

Superhero Birthday Invitation: We will create a superhero who flies above the city in search of cute birthday wishes.

superhero 2nd birthday invitation


Hand Drawn Chalk Birthday Invitation: This supercute party invitation will surely amaze your guests.

hand drawn birthday invitation idea

Image Source:Zazzle

Tips for homemade birthday invitations

Creating birthday invitation cards is a great way to express your creativity. We have always cherished that moment when we sit down with our kids for little creative time. You can go for fancy, you can keep it simple but in the end you will have an adorable keepsake.

• Buy bundle of blank cards from the local store near you.

• If you have a scrapebook paper or collection of different papers like- stripes, dots, zig zag then you know you can create anything with this.

• For a personalized look you can include your kid's favourite photograph too.

• With the leftover scarpbook paper you can give more detail to your card.


How to plan a birthday party?

How To Plan a Kid's Birthday Party?

Planning kids birthday party is never easy. Right from what should I start with? What should I do? there are so many things that needs to be considered. You obviously dont want to do something wrong that spoils the party. While organizing a kids's birthday party keep in mind few things:

Birthday Party Theme: Keep in mind what your kids like and then plan a theme according. You can choose from a variety of themes like Barbie theme, mickey mouse theme, Lego theme and many more.

Birthday Decoration: After deciding the theme decorations can be done accordingly. Get help from professional Kids birthday party planners in Kolkata for a perfect birthday party.

Guest List and Birthday Invitation: If your child is above 5 years then consult him with for the guest list. Birthday invitation cards can be handmade as well.

Venue: After that decide the venue. It can be in a restaurant or any banquet hall. You can even organise it at your house. Venues can be exciting and makes your work easier as well.

Birthday Party Catering: Keep that food stuffs which the kids like. Plan what party food the kids are going to eat.

Birthday Games and Entertainment: Organise some kind of kids birthday party activities that will keep them engaged throughout the party. Organise a magic show or any kind of entertainment. Arrange for some kind of children birthday games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chair where each and every kid will be involved.

• Read more about Complete guide to plan a perfect birthday party.


Birthday Party Planning at Home

Can you provide me with complete timeline for planning a birthday party at home for kids?

Organising birthday party at home for kids can sometimes be really nerve-wrecking and time consuming but following these easy week by week party planning timeline will save you from all the hassle and will make your party run smooth.

Four Weeks Before The Birthday Party:

Decide Birthday Theme: If your kid is above 5 years old then discuss with your child what he/she wants. Find out what your kid loves the most and themes can be set up according. A great theme makes birthday party memorable.

Both you and your kid will enjoy making plans that reflect his or her interests. There are many birthday party themes to choose from. For girls it can be-Princess theme, Barbie theme, Minnie Mouse theme, Frozen theme. For boys- pirate theme, mickey mouse theme, cars theme and many more. You can even get help from expert theme party organisers. Most importantly set a budget.

Not only for kids even adults can have a super theme like retro theme, neon theme etc. Other things like birthday invitation cards, dress code can be organised keeping in mind the themes which you have planned.

Plan Guest List & Prepare Birthday Invitation: Next step is making a guest list. You can either make an birthday invitation card at home or can get it done from professional birthday events planner. Again an invitation card depends on the theme that you have chosen. Mention the date, time and place in an invitation card.

Decide Birthday Activities: Entertaining the guests is a very important. Or else the guests will get bored and leave your party. You can hire a magician to perform and can even organise some fun birthday party activities or small birthday games to keep the kids as well as adult engaged throughout the party.Plan to fill few hours for energetic and fun-filled birthday party games.

List Down Birthday Supplies: Make the list of birthday party supplies that you will need. Begin compiling your child's favourite playlist.

Three weeks Before The Birthday Party:

Before finalizing the day check whether your guests are available or not. Obviously your kid won't be happy if he or she finds out that his/her best friend is out of town.

Send Birthday Invitations: You can either create birthday invitation according to the party theme or can keep it simple. Don't forget to include important details such as RSVP information, date, starting and ending time. If you are planning to keep certain specific entertainment mention them on the birthday invites. You can even get help from professional party organizers.

Two Weeks Before The Birthday Party:

Plan The Menu: Keep it simple. Keep those food items in mind which the kids love and also find out if the kids are not allergic to certain food. Order your kid's favourite cake from your favourite bakery.

One Week Before The Birthday Party:

Go Over The Guest List Go over the list just to be sure that nothing is left. Also go over the invitee list that haven't replied.

Two-Three Days Before The Birthday Party:

Prepare Food Items: Buy all the food and drink items. Check that you have sufficient plates and cutlery etc. Set up the dining and the cake table. Make sure that all the dangerous items are kept away.

One Day Before The Birthday Party:

Confirm The Entertainer: If applicable and most important confirm the order with bakery. Start preparing your home. You can either go for simple birthday decoration at home with hanging balloons, streamers and banners or go for lavish birthday party celebration at home.

Two or Three Days After The Birthday Party:

SEnd Thank You Notes: With the help of your child send thank you notes to all the guests. You can even share all the wonderful pictures of the party.



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