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Game Coordinator in Gurgaon – 1000+ Party Games Ideas

Best Game Coordinator in Gurgaon for Kids birthday party, Adult birthday party, Baby shower and moreBest Game Coordinator in Gurgaon for Kids birthday party, Adult birthday party, Baby shower and more

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  • Professional and experienced Game coordinator for various events.
  • Our game coordinator will discuss the event activities with you.
  • Games will be arranged according to the different age groups.
  • Read Game Coordinator FAQs to know more about our service Professional Game Coordinator in Gurgaon.

  • It is recommended that you discuss the various games and ideas with our game coordinator before the occasion day.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.
  • We provide for games coordinator for Birthday party, Offices parties, School event , College event, Diwali, Christmas, Baby shower.

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  • Verified and Experienced Game Coordinators in Gurgaon
  • 100+ fun, exciting games to make your party happening
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Best Games Coordinator in Gurgaon

Best Games Coordinator in Gurgaon from Quotemykaam for birthday party, baby shower, wedding reception, family functions, corporate events and more.

Our Highly creative and engaging games coordinator will make your parties and events entertaining and happening with their wit, humor and fun games like Pin the nose, Musical Chair, Three legged race and balloon relay and more for the entertainment of the kids and as well as adults.

Key Games Coordinator Services in Gurgaon

Brijesh - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – 4.9/5

Based on 231 reviews

About Professional

The personality and aura he has is just magical and he made all the kids at the party his fans within few minutes of interacting with them, is what customers say about Brijesh an experienced and engaging Game Coordinator in Gurgaon. He loves being around the kids and knows perfectly how to keep them hooked with all the outdoor and indoor birthday party games he conducts.

Jayant - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – 4.7/5

Based on 194 reviews

About Professional

Jayant has served many clients for the service Games Coordinator in Gurgaon and is in popular demand. He creates a spark and curiosity with his hosting style and entertains the audience with his games and activities like Baby food guessing game, Dress the baby game for baby shower games; couple dance, the perfect match, inquisitive husband game for Anniversary Games and covers many other events.

Jyoti - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – 4.5/5

Based on 128 reviews

About Professional

Jyoti is a Professional and Experienced Game Coordinator in Gurgaon caters to events like – Kids birthday party, 1st birthday party, Adult birthday party, Baby shower, Anniversary parties, Office team building events and more. She has a unique style of entertaining both kids and adults with his games like – Treasure hunt, three legged race, Charades, etc., making your party super happening.

Dilshad - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 100 reviews

About Professional

From birthday parties to anniversary celebrations, baby shower, office parties, Dilshad covers a plethora of events making sure that he keeps all the guests engaged and entertained, especially the kids as it is hard to gasp their attention for long time.

Shivam - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 110 reviews

About Professional

Whether you want birthday party games for girls, birthday party games for boys, birthday party games for adults, Shivam is amazing at conducting wide variety of these games keeping every guest of yours hooked.

Ashish  - Games Coordinator in Gurgaon



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 59 reviews

About Professional

Ashish conducts fun filled party games not only for kids but also for adults. They also makes sure the kids learn something of value from each and every game. He tries to build confidence, team spirit and honest nature within kids with his party games ideas.

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Games Coordinator in Gurgaon

What should I keep in mind before booking the service?

• While booking the services you need to decide the theme and duration of the show.

• The host can share their idea about what games and activities to include in the event and discuss the same with the game coordinator.


What kind of events does the game coordinator cover?

Our Games Coordinators cover wide variety of events such as:

• Birthday Party

• School Events

• College Events

• Baby Shower

• Office Parties

• Kids Parties

• Theme Parties

• Diwali Parties

• Christmas Parties

• Corporate Events.


Can I increase the duration of the service?

Yes, you can prolong the services if you want, however you need to inform the games coordinator in advance and additional charges will apply.


Will there be an extra charge if I request any extra activities in the event?

It totally depends upon the activity you would want to add. Please discuss all your special requests with our professional before the event.


Birthday Party Games

What are some birthday party games for girls that you conduct?

Theatrical game: In this game girls can create their own entertainment. Each girl or group will be given some kind of props like some grocery, a make-up set or a costume. Appropriate time will be provided to them to plan their own skits or play before you record them. After they have finished have a screening and the best skit will be given a prize.

Foil Style: In this dress up game foil can be used to create different fashion. You can find out who can create and design the best outfit with the foil. Give each girl a roll of foil, ribbon, string and rubber bands to create the best designs. Let the girls create the most remarkable outfits they can.

Blind Make-over: This is a very interesting game for girls. One girl is blindfold while the other girl sits in front of her. Make-up is provided to the girl who is blindfolded. Let the blindfolded player put the make-up on the other girl. This game will surely turn any party into a hilarious one.


What are some birthday party games for boys that you conduct?

Present and cakes form the main attraction for your kid’s birthday party. But the interesting games keeps everyone entertained, right from kids to adults.

Bike or tricycle race: Boys are really fond of bikes then why not to include them in games. You can have a bike decorating contest. You can even have a bike race contest. Create a short barrier course and just time each rider separately and if you have a large area then all can start together. The winner will be awarded a prize. You can even turn it into a relay race.

Treasure Hunt: You can organize a treasure hunt which will go with any theme party. All you need to do is place small clues and give them a hint to find it. You can keep chocolate coin as one of the clue if you organize pirate theme birthday party. Whoever finds the most items win the hunt.

Mummy Wrap: In this game kids can be divided into two groups and each group will pick an adult to be a mummy. Toilet paper will be provided to each group. Whoever wraps up their mummy using all the toilet paper quickly will be the winner. This game is perfect for Halloween themed party.


What are some fun birthday party games for teenager?

Along with music and dance games are a big hit at a teenager's birthday party. Here are some fun birthday party games for teenager:

Balloon Trample: This is an outdoor game. In this game the player needs to tie the balloons to their legs with the long string. As soon as you get the start signal the player needs to run and needs to step on another team's balloon with their legs. The team who burst all the balloons first is the winner.

Superstar Theme Costume Game: This is a super fun game indoor game. In this game everyone needs to get dressed like their favourite superstar and needs to perform like them too. The one who performs the best is the winner.

Balloon Gale: The main aim of this game is to keep it in the air by only blowing on it.


What are some simple birthday party games for senior citizens?

Who said that games are only meant for kids, teenager and adult? Here are some birthday party games for senior citizens:

Guess Who?: Ask the guests to get their childhood photograph of themselves. Ask them to write their names on the back. Give everyone pen and a paper. The aim of this game is to guess the name of which person they think the child was. Whoever guesses the most is the winner.

Complete The Hymn: Divide into two groups. The player needs to complete the hymn of the song. Whoever answers it all correct is the winner.

Dumb Charades: Go for this all time classic game which will bring smile to evryone's face.


What are some exciting and fun birthday party games for adults?

Birthday party games for adults can be difficult. While deciding the games for adults keep in mind the themes as well.

Race it up with bubble wrap: This game will make everyone giggle. Get a large roll of bubble wrap and lay it in an open space. Then let each adult cross the bubble wrap barefoot. The main objective of this game is to get across without popping any of the bubbles. Try out this game for super fun.

Three-Legged Race: This game is not only for kids but for adults too. All you need to do is choose a partner and tie partner's inside legs together. (The right leg of the partner on the left and the left leg of the partner on the right). The players should be lined up at the starting line. As soon as they get the signal to start the players have to run to reach the finishing line. The winners are the one who crosses the finish line first. It sounds easy but it takes practice to do it.

The Hula Loop Game: Set up a nice music and hula loop on the floor. Jump on the hula loop as soon as the music stops and start to move and those who will not get into the loop will have to do something like singing or dancing. Or you can let the birthday boy or girl decide.

• Read more about Birthday Party Games For Adults.


What are some engaging birthday party games for 5 year old?

Here are some birthday party games for both 5 year boy and girl:

Spoon and Lemon Race: Just take a cotton ball or a lemon and keep it on the wooden spoon. Kids need to race while holding lemon on a wooden spoon. You can include props from the birthday party theme.

Simon Says: Kids need to gather around adult who will give instruction to them which is preceded by “simon says”. Like for example simon says “dance around the room” or “scratch your stomach”. Anybody not following the instruction loses the game. Winner is the one who stays till the end.


What are some birthday party games for 10 year old with balloons?

Pop the Balloon: Balloon is an all time favorite and who does't likes to pop it. Divide the kids into two teams. As soon as the music starts the kids needs to pop the balloon until the music starts. Whichever group pops the maximum number of balloons is the winner.

Balloon Relay: This is also played in group. Divide the kids into two teams with equal number of kids in both the group and line them up. Then keep a big basket of inflated balloons. As soon as you get the start signal, the first two kids from both the team needs to run to the basket and seizes the balloon. They need to burst it by sitting on them. As soon as it has popped, quickly run back to your respective team and tag the next player. The team who pops all the balloons is the winner.


Indoor Birthday Party Games

What are some indoor birthday party games for kids?

Games form a very important part in any party as it keeps the kids engaged throughout.

• You can go for some fun-filled indoor games like musical chair, Statue dance or games like Simon says.

• Take a jar and fill it with small items. Each kid will be given paper and a pen. They need guess and write how many items are there in the jar along with the name. The kid who guesses the closest is the winner.

More indoor birthday party games for kids.


What are some indoor games for birthday party for adults?

Balloon Volleyball: Go for balloon volleyball instead of regular volleyball in this fun-filled game. Just string up the net and divide into two teams. If the balloon falls on the floor or if the team is not able to hit it then the opposite team gets the point.

Two Truth and a Lie: In this game the player needs to guess which sentence is a lie. It is a great way which will help the guests to know each other.

Dumb Charades: This is another fun indoor game for adults which are played in team.

Picture Guessing Game: In this game the player needs to guess the word using the teammates's drawing.


Outdoor Party Games

What are some outdoor party games for adults?

Marble Fishing Game: Just put your feet into the tub of freezing water and try to grab as much marbles as you can using your toes.

Glow in the Dark Bowling Game: If you have outdoor party at night then this game will be fun and exciting. Put glow sticks in the bottles and have fun playing glowing bowling game. This game goes well with neon theme.

Watch your Step: Players will have balloon to each other on their ankles. While the rest needs to run around trying to pop the player's balloon. The rule of this game is to keep the balloon intact for the longest time and whichever player does that is the winner.


What are some outdoor party games for kids?

Dress your Partner: Choose your partner. Keep all kinds of props right from pants, skirts and different accessories for dressing up. As soon as you get the start signal quickly dress up your partner and run to the finish line. The pair who reaches first is the winner.

Stick and Spoon Game: In this game try to put as many marbles in your cup with the help of just spoon and stick.


Baby Shower Games

What are some simple and fun baby shower games?

Here are some creative baby shower games:

Baby Food Guessing Game: Put baby food in different jar and the blindfolded player will guess what flavor of baby food is in the jar.

Dress the Baby: Give each participant a doll, doll clothes and diaper. Whoever dresses up the doll first is the winner.

Rhythmic Pacifier: Pass the pacifier around until the music stops and whoever has the pacifier when the music stops is considered out. Continue this game until only one person is left.

Baby Diaper Game: Divide a team into two and design baby diaper with toilet paper.

• Read more about Top 5 Baby Shower Games Ideas


Anniversary Games

What are some anniversary games for couple?

Couple Dance: Write the different forms of dance style on a chit and keep it in a box. The couple will then pick up dancing style from the box and will have to dance on the tune.

Inquisitive Husband: In this game husband has to answer as many question about their wives in one minute. The team who answers the most is the winner.

The perfect match: In this the couple has to do maximum number of task while their left hand and right hand are tied.



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