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Party Photo Booth on Rent in Jaipur | 1000+ Photo Booth Ideas

Party Photo booth hire in Jaipur from Quotemykaam. 1000+ ideas for wedding photo booth, birthday photo booth and moreParty Photo booth hire in Jaipur from Quotemykaam. 1000+ ideas for wedding photo booth, birthday photo booth and more

Party Photo Booth Rental Rates in Jaipur


  • Book the photo booth rental package which best suits your event and requirements
  • Our professional will share the images of photo booth frames, props and backdrops for better idea
  • Our concerned professional will contact you to discuss the setup and your requirements
  • Unlimited clicks during the session
  • Option to have professional photographer with photo booth, additional charges will apply
  • Choice of Color and Black & White photo prints
  • Variety of funny photo booth props available – Mustaches, Lips, Eye Glasses, Signs
  • Best of photos will be printed and will be available for the guests to take home with them
  • Read our Photo Booth Hire FAQs to know more about our Photo Booth Rental Services in Jaipur

  • The duration of the photo booth will depend on the event
  • The photograph prints get ready within 10-15 seconds of clicking the photos
  • Please discuss all your special requests before the event
  • A photo booth attendant will be provided
  • We cater to same day service, however for urgent needs (less than 3 hours notice) additional charges may apply
  • In case of any change of time or venue you should inform us in advance


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best photo booth rental in Jaipur at your doorstep. You just have to select the service and with few clicks you can book top rated photo booth rental service provider in your city.

  • STEP 1 : Check the circle in the Party Photo Booth Rental Rates section and then click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of photo booth rental service provider.
  • Call from assigned provider to discuss the service in details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of photo booth rental service provider at the venue.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Professional Photo Booth Rental

  • Experienced, Top professional Photo Booth Rental Service Providers in Jaipur
  • Option to click unlimited photographs
  • Option of Selfie station, Instant Photobooth with or without Photographer
  • Wide range of photo print designs
  • Easy setup, professional camera and equipments
  • 1000+ ideas for photo booth frame, props, backdrop as per your event
  • Option for wireless Social Media Kiosk to immediate upload of your photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
60+ Services, 4.5+ Rated, 5000+ service professionals, 100000+ Happy Customers
Best Rates, Quality & Timely Service, Awesome Experience, Trusted Professionals


Photo booth is a great addition to any event. It provides you with an experience which is unlike taking pictures with a photographer or any smartphone. Photo booth lets the guests have massive amount of fun while creating exclusive mementos of the event.

Thus, we at Quotemykaam bring to you best Party Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur that you can book online at your own preferred time all at the comfort of your home. So come & capture all those fleeting moments of excitement and laughter with our photo booth services.

We have a highly creative team who will capture all that lovely moments of laughter and excitement with our photo booth & will make your event unique, quirky and memorable. With our photo booth services, we will make sure that you have an incredible time.

We realize that each & every event is unique. Therefore, we aim to offer our clients various level of service that is custom tailored according to individual needs.

Take a perfect click – Pose and capture your special moment – Share with your friends and family. We let you start your party with a big BANG with our custom party photo booth!


Photo Booth Hire Jaipur

Every occasion requires something that is bit different, hence our service can be tailored to do anything from entertaining the guests to promoting a brand. Hire our photo booth rental service in Jaipur and add extra fun to the celebration.

Trendy photobooth beautifully designed to make your event stand out. Instant print outs, vibrant props and sociable booth attendants will help you fulfill all your wishes.

Pleasing each and every client is our #1 priority and providing outstanding customer service that will exceed your expectations.

Whether you are celebrating birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower or any corporate party including a photo booth will add that extra zing to your events and parties and your guests will be taking back their funny, fun clicks to cherish forever.

Explore our full range of experience and get in touch to discuss which one suits your event.

Quotemykaam photo booth for rent in Jaipur is a great choice for all your event party needs.


Why Trust in Quotemykaam Party Photo Booth Rental Service:

Experienced Party Photo Booth Rental Professionals: Team of highly experienced professionals for providing bespoke service with meticulous attention to detail.

Totally Committed Team: We are totally committed to client's satisfaction and strive to provide excellent and high quality service as per your event and always ensure that you get the very best.

Provides Variety of Party Photo Booth Options: To bring to you amazing ideas for photo booth frame, photo booth props, photo booth backdrops for both open and enclosed photo booths at your event.

Party Inspiration: Continuously looking to bring fresh and unique ideas to our clients and at the same time offer expert advice based around any requirement that you may have.

Creating Crazy Amount of Fun & Memories: To style the photo booth according to the theme of the party and are always geared to create unlimited fun and candid memories and ensure that your guests have a massive amount of fun while creating unique memories of your event.


Book Your Party With Quotemykaam Photobooth Services in Jaipur!

Packed with latest technology we let you and your guests have hours of fun with unlimited prints. Plus offer best photo booth rental service to our clients.

The experienced and professional attentand ensure that everything runs smoothly and let you and your guests enjoy themselves.

So if you are considering Birthday party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Corporate Events, Weddings or any other celebrations make your event even more exciting and cheerful and set a wonderful scene for your guests to arrive with our best Photo booth rental.

Wish to Celebrate – Shout it out to Quotemykaam party photo booth and welcome to the world of magical, unique & hassle free events!

Types Of Photo Booth Rental Services in Jaipur

Bhavik - Photo Booth Rental Service Providers in Jaipur



Rated – 4.9/5

Based on 189 reviews

About Professional

They are Top-Rated and Experienced Photo booth Provider in Ahmedabad. Provides variety of funny photo booth props such as Mustaches, Lips, Eye Glasses, Signs. and many more. They provide party photo booth hire for all kinds of events – birthday party, wedding, sangeet ceremony, reception, anniversary party, corporate events and more.

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Details about Party Photo Booth Hire in Jaipur

Q. Why rent a photo booth for party?

Clicking pictures, capturing all the good and exciting moments you shared is fun for all ages. Photo Booth is a guaranteed fun element to your events and parties where you can pose as silly as you want with fun and quirky props, frames and have a blast with your friends & family that can't be captured any other way.


Q. How does the photo booth work?

If the photo booth is automated : Just step into the photo booth, operate the machine normally via an interface through touching a screen or pushing buttons. Our attendant will be there in case you have any issues.

If the photo booth is manual : You can click the pictures on your own or you can avail the option of hiring a photographer with photo booth.


Q. What are the different options you provide for Photo Booth on Rent in Jaipur?

There are mainly two types of photo booth setups: Enclosed and Open photo booth. There different subcategories available in these – Traditional Photobooth like Vintage style, Retro Style, Modern Style; Kiosk; photographer; novelty.


Q. What kind of events do you cater to for Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur?

We cover all kinds of events for photobooth services in Jaipur:

• Birthday Parties

• Baby Shower

• Kids Parties

• Theme Parties

• Diwali Parties & Christmas Parties

• Weddings, Sangeet, Mehendi

• Family Reunions

• Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Office Parties, Team Building Events

• Anniversary Parties

• Shopping Mall Events and more.


Q. How many photos can be taken?

There is no limit on photos taken. You can create as many as fun memories you want.


Q. How fast do your photo booth work?

The instant photo booth printer takes 10 seconds to print the photographs. Also, an on-site attendant will be there to ensure that there are no slow-downs or to handle any issues that might arise.


Q. How many pictures print out?

It depends upon the party photo booth package you choose. Normally with any of our photo booth rental packages you will receive two photo prints per session. If you would like to have more than two prints per session printed at your wedding or event just let our professional know and he would be happy to help you.


Q. How many people fit in one of your booths at a time?

We have photo booths in various sizes, you can choose which best suits your requirements.


Q. Will you provide a photo booth attendant?

Yes. We will provide you with a photo booth attendant so that your event goes smoothly and all guests can get their photos clicked easily without any hurdle.


Q. Do the guests have to put money in?

No, there will be onetime payment as per the package you choose. After that all your guests are allowed to get unlimited clicks.


Q. What are the arrangements to be made from my side?

In case any arrangements to be made by the client, our professional will let you know in advance about the same.


How long in advance do I have to book this service for the party?

We recommend that all jobs be booked/confirmed at least a week in advance in order to allow us enough time to work.


Q. How do I know that I am hiring the correct photo booth rental?

We totally understand the concern of the customers, hence we have vendor ratings, customer reviews to help you to choose right party photo booth in Jaipur.


Q. I don’t know what I want, can you help me figure it out?

Yes Absolutely! You can contact us at 9899763411 or place a request online and talk to our professional anytime. We will be happy to assist you.


Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Q. What are some popular photo booth props?

The most common items you can expect to find in a props box are hats, wigs, glasses, moustaches on sticks, feather boas, masks, chalkboards and empty picture frames.


What are some fun ideas for photo booth props?

Photo booth are in great demand these days. From fantastic set up to goofy photos it is really difficult to deny how fun they are. These fun ideas for photi booth props can be used for any kind of party. Check it out here:

Face Accessories Photo Booth: Face accessories created on various colorful sheets. Mixing and matching funny faces with personality will set up a budget friendly photo booth props.

Face accessories photo booth props

Image Source:Etsy

Hats, Masks, Ties & Bowtie: Colorful hats, pirated masks or any theme based masks, giant clown bowtie will all make an awesome photo booth props.

hats and tie photo booth

Image Source:Etsy

For every theme or occasion, Quotemykaam provides best photo booth props. Depending on the guests, theme and occasion our team of professionals prepare the best photo booth props.


Open Air Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

An open air photobooth is one of the most popular one which gives you wider choices. It has a camera set-up with open backdrop. Moreover open air photobooth set-up has various backdrops & gives you a personalized photo booth experience.

Using top-notch equipments our team of professionals not only provide you with amazing user interface but also provide pictures that are equally wonderful and amazing.

No matter what type of event it is, this type of photo booth is perfect for all. Using our innovative options you will also get a custom photo booth backdrop. Open Air Photo Booth Rental will make you event awesome and super fun.


Q. What is open air photo booth?

This is a type of photo booth that is not contained within a frame or a curtain. It consist of photo booth stand and the guests can easily choose their desired props. Open air photo booth rental is a great choice and goes well with all events.

open air photo booth rental services

Image Source:Mad Mochi Photo Booth

Q. What are some unique characteristics of open air photo booth rental?

• Provides unlimited photo session.

• Can fit upto 10-11 people.

• Fun props can be included.

• Provides instant printing.

• Customized designs.


Q. Why choose open air photo booth rental?

Open air photobooth provides beautiful & big shots: The backdrops of open air photobooth is usually 2-3 meters in length. Hence it fits big group of people and provides quality photos at good angle. It gives wider choice of backdrop too.

Makes the party fun: Open air party photo booth is a best way to break the ice among the guests who do not know each other.

Increases the energy of the party: One of the greatest benefit to hire open air photo booth is that it let's you see what is going on.

Increases lightning situation: Open air photo booth rental provides collaboration of room lightning which enhances your image.


Q. Disadvantages of open air party photo booth

• It takes quite a large number of space. This is infact the biggest disadvantage. The photobooth, backdrop, prop table takes up lot of space.

• Open air photobooth rental provides minimal privacy.


Enclosed Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

If you want to add mysterious and mystic vibe to the party then go for enclosed photo booth services. This type of photo booth allows you to set up in almost any location without any difficulty. Using modern and superior quality equipments, props and add-ons we give you best and high quality images.

enclosed photo booth rental

Image Source:LC Photo Booths
enclosed photo booth rental for birthday party

Image Source:Photo Love Bus

Q. Enclosed photobooth hire is used for what event type?

• Private parties

• Weddings

• Indoor corporate events


Q. What are the advantages of enclosed photobooth rental?

Once you step inside enclosed photobooth, it makes you feel like you are in your own world. It is great for those who are introvert and shy. On the other side it makes you make funny faces that one would avoid when in crowd.


Q. Is there any drawback of enclosed photo booth rental?

The only drawback of enclosed photo booth rental is that it limits the amount of people in the booth.


Polaroid Photo Booth Hire in Jaipur

Polaroid photo booth are known to add extra fun and excitement to the event and make the event even more memorable and special. From silly and adorable photo booth props like mustaches, fun hats, goofy sunglasses in various patterns, designs and colors. Whether it is indoor or outdoor polarid photo booth will add fun and creativity to the event.


Polaroid party photo booth

Image Source:tandem in love

Selfie Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

Selfie Photo Booth Rental is perfect for any party or occasion. Whether you are celebrating your loved ones birthday or promoting product, selfie photo booth rental service will draw your guests and add cheers to the party.

Using our super high resolution printer and array of customization options, we will capture all the fun loving moments. You can discuss various options for selfie photo booth rental in Jaipur with our professionals and will draw smiles to your faces.

selfie photobooth rental service

Image Source:Glow The Event Store

Instant Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

Instant photo booth is perfect for weddings, corporate events, birthdays etc. From classic to gold shimmer backdrop our team will provide all the fun photo booth props and will make sure that every session runs smoothly and will create a party that you will never forget.


Wedding Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

We at Quotemykaam will great a perfect entertaining time for you and your guests on your big day with all our eye-catching props and photo booth ideas. It is a very special day so ofcourse it needs to be special and memorable.

With our out of the box wedding photo booth ideas and props we will not only provide you with high quality photographs but will also make your wedding celebration totally fun and enjoyable. Feel free to discuss various wedding photo booth rental ideas with our professionals and will make your celebration one of a kind.

Hiring a photobooth service for wedding is an ultimate accessories which helps you make your special day totally perfect!


Q. What are some popular ideas for wedding photo booth backdrop?

Wedding is a memorable and wonderful occasion for everyone and wedding photo booth are essential for creating great atmosphere. With right photo booth for wedding you get the stunning images. So lets have a look at some fascinating wedding photo booth ideas:

Hanging Frames From Trees: Set up a natural backdrop with tree and few hanging frames. Choose frames according to your wedding theme and hang them from the tree. Use them one after the other or together.

hanging wedding photo booth ideas

wedding photo booth with hanging frames


Wedding Photo booth Ideas With Garland: This wedding photo booth ideas is perfect for sangeet ceremony. Choose a theme and dress up your event with themed wedding photo booth and compliment your ceremony.

sangeet photo booth backdrop idea

Image Source:Pinterest
mehendi photo booth backdrop idea

Image Source: ShaadiWish
wedding photo booth backdrop idea

Image Source: ShaadiWish

A Swing For Romance: Nothing will enhace your wedding more than this elegant and romantic swing. Moreover it provides eye-catching images.

romantic photo booth rental

Image Source: ShaadiWish

Wedding Photobooth With Curtains: Having a simple flowery curtain photo booth matching your wedding theme is a fun and romantic way to capture all the unforgettable memories.

photo booth for wedding with curtains


Birthday Photo Booth Rental in Jaipur

Photobooth have become an essential in today's generation. It not only helps us to remember all the wonderful times of our life but is also a good way to start fun at the party.

At, Quotemykaam we provide tons of photo booth rental for birthday party for 1st birthday, kids birthday as well milstone birthday party. Feel free to discuss birthday party photo booth ideas with our professional and get amazing photobooth corner for your birthday.


Q. What are some popular photo booth frame ideas for birthday party?

Photo booth makes the celebration fun. Apart from adding loads of vibrant and fun colors photo booth rental for birthday party also make the party totally fun and enjoyable. Have a look at some creative photo booth frame ideas:

Minion Photo booth Rental For Birthday Party: Minion Frame for your own cute little minions.

minion photo booth frame idea

Image Source: Amazon

Frame Idea: First birthday frame idea – DIY!

girl first birthday photo booth frame idea

Image Source: Ebay

Little Man: Here’s to the little man growing up!

little man photo booth frame idea

Image Source: Etsy

Fabulous 40: Being 40 and fabulous.

40th birthday photo booth frame idea

Image Source:Pinterest

Photo Booth Rental For Corporate Event

Photo booth is extremely popular when it comes to birthdays or event but why not to celebrate your company's next milestone with our great photobooth service. Whether it is new grand opening or product launch our photo booth rental will not only make your brand stand out but will also provide endless options.

From company parties, grand opening to branding events, photo booth for rent creates right amount of fun and entertainment and let you take gorgeous and high quality prints at most affordable cost.

We let your client have fun and at the same time and at the same time provide permanent reminder of the product. We offer wide range of corporate photobooth hire in Jaipur and provide everything that you need when you choose our photobooth service and ensure that your corporate event is a huge success.


Q. What are the benefits of having photobooth for corporate event?

In corporate parties and company it is important to make sure that attendee is having a great time in the event. After all, a stressful day at office can be a breath of fresh air for everyone.

Hiring a photobooth can be beneficial in your next corporate event in a number of ways.

Photobooth provides opportunity for networking: In a big corporate event people hardly know each other and at the same time the number of attentee could be huge in number. Hiring photobboth rental for corporate creates an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity.

As large number of people fall in line for photobooth for their turn they start talking and communicating with each other and at the same time have a perfect photo taken.

Photobooth provides great marketing strategy and help to spread the product: For any product launch, trade show photobooth provides great way to spread the product. Matching your theme the photobooth is designed in accordance with the theme. You are able to share the photos across social media in a quicker way.

Makes the party fun: Photobooth makes people have fun. Seeing themselves in different costumes and background they have something to laugh about and share with friends once the event is over.

It's a party souvenir: When people go for an event they keep an eye on a party favor or souvenir that they will be taking home. Photos will be a perfect souvenir and provide great marketing tool.

Photobooth not only acts as a great entertainment but is a great marketing tool. Hire photo booth rental for corporate and make your corporate event a memorable one.


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