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Newborn Baby Photo Shoot – Welcome your little bundle of joy

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Baby Photo Shoot

Your beautiful baby has arrived and it's time to capture the memorable moment! Bringing home little bundle of joy is the most memorable and special day in your life and there is nothing more precious than newborn baby. Newborn photography is a new and trending concept these days. There is obviously something very interesting documenting little bundle of joy and capturing each and every genuine moments!

Best Baby Photo Shoot by an experienced cameraman from Quotemykaam. Our team specialises in babies and kids photography that are vibrant, joyous, heartwarming and fun at the same time.

We not only provide you with quality photography but also provide you with endless ideas of the images that we will capture so that you can keep the record for years to come.

With creativity, attention to detail & planning, our professional baby photographers document early days of your baby beautifully and capture each and every feature of your baby like fingers, toe, eyelashes, lips, the fine texture of the baby's skin and their fleeting smiles while they are asleep. We have a highly professional editing team for editing and enhancing the creativity and quality of each and every picture & at the end of the day we will surely give you an unbelieveable experience to document for the whole life.

We provide you with an option to choose from in-studio shoot or outdoor shoot as preferred by the client and also provide you with baby photo shoot packages which can be customized according to your needs and requirements.


Baby Photography Props

Props are a fun and exciting way to add color to your baby photos which no doubt it takes the photoshoot to the next level. But lets be honest when it comes to newborn anything on them looks extremely adorable, whether it is a simple baby wrap or just a blanket. Our main focus is on the baby, baby props comes secondary.

Each and every baby photography props is not only chosen very carefully by our photographer but we also make sure that every single prop that we use is clean and completely safe.

Right from dressing up baby with cute headbands and bows to different variety of hats such as – knitted hats, beanies, flowered hats to tiars, we will capture each and every precious moment of your little one.

We have large collection of wonderful props such as – headbands, hats, baby basket, angel feather, butterfly wings, beanbags, wraps, blankets, baskets and bowls, which is creatively used to enchnace the pictures & we use them as and when required. Moreover if you have your own certain favourite props, we will be glad to include them.


Baby Photoshoot Themes & Ideas

With creativity and skills we provide you with 1000+ Baby Photoshoot ideas & themes. Right from capturing wonderful scenes for baby on the floor while they are sleeping inorder to create a baby dreamscape to creating magical world for the baby using different fabric, we will creatively document each and every phase of your baby's life.


Newborn Baby Photography Poses

Right from capturing that treasured moment when baby is sleeping in his or her parents's arm, cute cuddling pose with dad to seizing that special moment with mother and the child, we will capture each and every detail that shows off their personality. You can discuss newborn baby photography poses with our professionals & he will give you moments that you will cherish for years.


So if you have a baby on your way, we would love to capture that special and beautiful moments for you!


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