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Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Chennai – Welcome your little bundle of joy

Best Baby photoshoot in Chennai. Professional Baby Photographers. 1000+ Baby Photoshoot ideas. Kids, toddler, infant photographyBest Baby photoshoot in Chennai. Professional Baby Photographers. 1000+ Baby Photoshoot ideas. Kids, toddler, infant photography

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Newborn Baby Photoshoot – Bronze


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Newborn Baby Photoshoot – Silver


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Newborn Baby Photoshoot – Gold

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Newborn Baby Photoshoot – Diamond


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Newborn Baby Photoshoot – Platinum


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  • Book the request and finalize the location, time and theme for the shoot with the baby photographer.
  • The previous work of our photographers will be shared with you.
  • Best Professional advanced camera for baby photo shoot.
  • Option to choose from in-studio shoot or outdoor shoot as preferred by the client.
  • Highly professional editing team for editing and enhancing the creativity and quality of each and every picture.
  • Option for Photo Album (additional charges may apply) or Digital Photographs.
  • Clients will receive the photographs within 4-8 weeks.
  • Read Baby Photography FAQs to know more about our service Newborn Photography in Chennai.

  • The newborn session takes place within first 2 weeks of the birth.
  • Newborn baby photoshoot session typically lasts for around 2-4 hours. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please discuss all your ideas or special requests with the photographers before the shoot.
  • It is recommended that the client arrange the props themselves, however if required we can arrange it as well for which prior notice should be given and additional charges may apply.
  • It is recommended that the client bring their favorite outfit of their choice for the shoot.
  • Client should get their makeup and hair styling done themselves.
  • It is advisable that you carry tissue papers, napkins, feeding bottle, diapers and all the stuffs that you need for the baby.
  • We provide for – infant photography, toddler photography, kids photography as required.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.

Why Us

  • Verified, Experienced and Professional Newborn Photographers in Chennai
  • High end quality professional lenses and studio lightning equipments
  • Best candid shots of your kid and special moments
  • 1000+ Baby Photoshoot ideas & themes
  • Customized Baby Photo Shoot Packages
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Best Baby Photoshoot in Chennai

Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Chennai by the professional and experienced Baby Photographers from Quotemykaam.

We capture the baby's varied candid shots and all the tender details like the newborn's tiny hands and feet, their lips, the fine texture of the baby's skin and their momentary smiles while they are asleep. So, come and celebrate the birth of your new little addition and get awestruck and mesmerized with our artwork!

Shyne Bhatt - Baby Photo Shoot Photographer in Chennai

Shyne Bhatt


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About Professional

Shyne Bhatt expertise in new baby photography and his photography style is all about creating a story that unfolds all the emotions and phases you go through during pregnancy. He is a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, confident and beautiful during the whole baby photoshoot and makes your shoot more interesting and fun by using some innovative props

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Newborn Baby Photography in Chennai

When do the session take place?

The newborn baby photography session takes place within first 2 weeks of birth as this is when your baby will be sleeping and curled up.


Where will the shoot take place?

It totally depends upon the client. It can take place either at your place or at the studio, whichever place is comfortable for you.


What are the things that I need to keep in mind before the baby photoshoot?

• Do not feed the baby before the photographers arrive as they will fall asleep early and it will be difficult for us to shoot.

• The room where the photographs needs to be shot should be kept tidy and clean.

• Mothers should not wear accessories that harms the child during the shoot. Jeweler should be kept minimal.


How early should I schedule the session?

In order to avoid the last moment rush it is advisable for the client to book the session at least 2-3 weeks before. We do accommodate last minute request but additional charges may apply.


How long will the session last?

Typically the session last for around 2 to 4 hours, rest depends on the the baby as they tend to become slightly fussier or awake. Also, your baby will require feeding so in between we will be taking few breaks as well so that you are able to feed your baby.


What should the newborn wear during the shoot?

Before starting the photoshoot, our photographers will discuss with you the various options for clothing. But our photographer like to capture the photograph of newborn wearing nothing or minimum clothing.


What can I expect from my session?

Our professional newborn photographers keep the session simple and relaxing, yet unique by capturing all the precious moments and cute poses of your little one. But mostly the baby's needs dictate the flow of the session.


How early can I expect the images?

You will receive the disk with the images within 4-8 weeks after the session.


What if my baby is finicky?

It is very normal for babies to be fussy during the photo shoot. Our photographers are full of patience so you don't need to worry about that. As and when required you can take breaks in between the shoot.


What kind of clothes I should avoid during the shoot?

• Try to avoid clothes with texts and large logos and keep it as simple as possible.

• Try to keep it as simple as possible. Outfits should be limited to just one or two as changing the outfits many times might distract the baby.

• Our professional newborn photographer will totally guide you on what would be best to wear for the shoot.


Can family members be part of the session?

Yes definitely, parents and siblings and other members of the family can be part of the session.


What should family member wear?

• We would advise you to keep it as simple as possible.

• Stay away from large and bold prints.

• Wear light colored clothing that co-ordinates.


Do you photograph in black and white also?

Yes, we do take couple of pictures in black and white too. So, the client will receive both color as well as black and white images.


Are all the photographs edited?

All the pictures selected from the newborn photoshoot session will be edited. We have an experienced editing team who edits each and every picture cautiously. So, touch ups are included in the session as we want you to be totally satisfied with your final images.


Will I get to choose the images?

After the shoot, you will be given the list of photographs and from that list you can pick the ones you like the most. Only those selected photos will be provided to you after editing.


How many images will be delivered?

It depends on the Baby photo shoot package you choose.


What if the photographs gets deleted by accident?

Although situation like this are rare to occur but still we always have a back up with us. All the photos are backed up on computer hard drive.


Do I need to pay separately for editing?

No, you don't need to pay as it is included in the package you choose.


What if the venue is dark? How do you handle these situation?

You don't need to worry about that. If the situation demands then we do set up an additional lightning so that we get the best focused and direct pictures.


What if I am unable to come for the session on a scheduled day?

No need to worry about it at all as in situation like this the session can be postponed to a new date which will be convenient for both of us.


Baby Photography Props

Do you provide props?

Yes we have large collection of props such as headbands, hats, baby basket, angel feather butterfly wings, beanbags and many more. We use them as and when required.


Can I get props of my own for the shoot?

Yes, you are most welcome to get props of your own which has some sentimental value attached to it and if certain props doesn't look good we will let you know.


What are some of the props for baby photography?

Hanging Baby Hammock: Hanging hammock makes the perfect prop for photoshoot. Depending upon the style of the hammock you can get a different look.

hanging baby hammock prop for newborn


Stuffed Animals: Increase the cuteness level by including teddy bear or any other stuff toys.

stuffed animal props for newborn

Image Source:Jennifer Traylor Photography

Headbands for baby girl: Dress up your baby girl with headbands for adorable photoshoot.

headbands prop for newborn baby girl

Image Source:Etsy

Baskets and Buckets: Take a cute basket with soft blanket for baby to sleep comfortably.

basket prop for newborn

Image Source:Little Sprout Photography

Hats and Bowtie: Dress up your baby boy with a cap and bowtie and let him flaunt his gentlemen look.

newborn boy bowtie prop

Image Source:Etsy

25 Ways to Make Your Newborn’s Photo Shoot Over-the-Top Adorable


Baby Photoshoot Ideas

What are some basic tips for a perfect baby photo?

• Try to use natural lightning as much as possible.

• As much as possible keep the background clean and simple.

• Focus on each and every details of the baby such as eyes, toes, fingers and lips.


Newborn Baby Photography Poses

What are some of the unique newborn photography poses?

Newborn Photography Pose with Family: Cuddle up together and take a few pictures with the newest member of your family.

newborn photography pose with family


Baby Photography Pose with Daddy: Capture the cute kissing and cuddling poses with dad and the newborn.

newborn photography pose with daddy

Image Source:Pinterest

Baby Photography Pose with Mommy: There is nothing amazing as a bond between mother and her child. Mother and her child makes the cutest pair.

newborn photography pose with mommy

Image Source:Pinterest

Baby on Tummy: There is nothing more adorable than a baby lying on its tummy. You can even include a prop of your own.

newborn baby tummy pose

Image Source:Pinterest

Baby lying on its back: This will let you capture the simplicity of these photographs.

newborn baby lying on back pose

Image Source:Lin & Jirsa Photography


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