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Best Bathroom Renovation Services in Sector 83, Noida

Best bathroom renovation in Sector 83, Noida at best rates. 1000+ bathroom remodel ideas for a well designed bathroomBest bathroom renovation in Sector 83, Noida at best rates. 1000+ bathroom remodel ideas for a well designed bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Rates in Noida


  • Bathroom Redesign & Re-modelling


  • Upon Inspection


  • Once you book the request, your request is passed on to up-to 3 Partners registered with us to understand your requirement and budget.
  • Final quotation is provided based on the scope of work and material required.
  • Remodel or Restoring of Bathroom wall and floor tiles, Plumbing and Electrical fittings and fixtures, Shower area, Bathroom Countertops, Storage areas, mirror or anything related to bathroom.
  • Restore the areas affected by water seepage and leakages.
  • Paint, trim and detailing from Asian Paints, Dulux, Berger, Nerolac.
  • Customized options for bathroom renovation.
  • Read Bathroom remodel and renovations FAQs to know more about our service Professional Bathroom Contractors in Sector 83, Noida.
  • In case there is any change in the agreed design, please discuss the same with our consultant as soon as possible in order to incorporate the changes, additional charges may apply.
  • Cost estimation for renovating a bathroom depends upon its area and dimensions, materials required, cost of renovation.
  • Bathroom Renovation can take several days depending upon the area.
  • In case there is any change in the agreed bathroom renovation plan, please discuss the same with the consultant in order to incorporate the changes, additional charges may apply.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best bathroom renovation designs. You just have call our bathroom renovation service expert and get instant access to awesome best bathroom renovation services in Sector 83, Noida.

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•Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.

•Allotment of Bathroom designer

•Call from assigned bathroom designer to discuss service details.

•Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.

•Timely visit of bathroom designer with latest bathroom renovation ideas.

•Pay via cash or Paytm.

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Best Bathroom Renovation in Sector 83, Noida

Best Bathroom Renovation in Sector 83, Noida for redesigning and remodeling your old and outdated small bathrooms, big bathrooms, master bathrooms by professionals from Quotemykaam.

Key Bathroom Renovation Services in Sector 83, Noida

Mr. Siddhant Kachroo - Bathroom Renovation service providers in Sector 83, Noida

Mr. Siddhant Kachroo


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Based on 88 reviews

About Professional

Siddhant and his and his team are indulged in providing the highest quality bathroom renovation service for both commercial and residential sector. They aim to render the services at reasonable rate. Provides complete customer satisfaction.

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Bathroom Remodel and Renovation in Sector 83, Noida

What is the difference between bathroom renovation and bathroom remodel?

• Bathroom renovation would simply be restoring or updating new bathtubs, showers, tiles, sinks, flooring, electrical fittings and fixtures and even towel stands.

• Bathroom remodel includes various design layout, relocation of existing fixtures or addition of new features such as steam room, shower room or window and many more.


What does complete bathroom remodelling or bathroom renovation consists of?

• Remodel or Restoring of Bathroom wall and floor tiles

• Painting

• Plumbing

• Floor tile installation

• Electrical fittings and fixtures

• Bathroom Countertop installation

• Installing accessories

• Restoring areas affected by water seepage and leakages

• Renovation and installation of Shower head, Sink, Storage areas, bathtub, toilet, mirror or anything related to bathroom.


Why should I remodel my bathroom?

Remodelling your bathroom will not only increase the value of your house but will also add comfort, safety and ease for many years.


How early do I need to book bathroom remodel and renovation service?

It is always recommended to book bathroom remodel and renovation atleast 1-2 days before.


Will I get the materials myself or do you provide the same?

It totally depends on the client. Our bathroom contractors can bring the needed materials ahead of time and and will provide invoice of the same or the client can also purchase the materials by themselves.


Is it safe to allow your contractors in my house?

All our contractors are background checked and verified. Hence, they are reliable and trusted.


Does someone needs to be present at home while the renovation work is getting done?

Yes, we would definitely recommend someone to be at home for the proper clarification for on site queries.


What if the service provider does not arrive on time?

In such cases, we immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you for the job to be done.


Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for bathroom remodel or renovation?

All you need to do is to get an idea as to what kind of look and style you want. If you don't know yet then our bathroom contractors are there to help you.


How long will a full bathroom renovation or remodel take?

Bathroom renovation can take several days, depending upon the area. We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.


I would like to change the date when the renovation was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.


What are the various factors on which bathroom renovation cost depends?

Bathroom renovation cost depends upon its area and dimension and materials required.


What are the various types of tiles that can be used in the bathroom?

Bathroom can be remodelled using various bathroom floor tiles. Such as marble tiles, ceramic tile, metal, porcelain tile and glass tile depending on the style and design.


Can I choose tiles and accessories?

Ofcourse, you can choose tiles and acessories. Whether you choose it or purchase it our professional bathroom contractors will be there to guide you in every step.


What kind of bathroom designs you offer?

We offer wide variety of bathroom designs from traditional and transitional to modern and contemporary.


Cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite household work. What can I do so that it requires less cleaning?

It is always advisable to go for large format tiles which means that you will have less grout lines and less scrubbing.


Can I use dark colored tiles in my tiny bathrooms?

Yes, definitely you can. But just limit dark colored tile to one area. You can also use dark colored tile on the floor but make sure to keep the walls white.


We need to replace tiles in our bathroom. Should I use the existing size, which is very small or should I go for larger one?

That totally depends on you. But it is recommended to go for larger format tiles which is not only common but is in trend too.


Can I tile over an already existing tile?

Yes, definitely you can. All that needs to be kept in mind is the condition of the existing tile and the extra weight of the new tile.


What type of paints should be used in the bathroom?

In order to prevent moulds and mildews it is always recommended to use low glaze or low sheen paints on the ceilings and semi gloss paints on the walls. Not only this these kinds of paints are also washable.


What is the strange smell that is coming out from the shower?

If you come across a strange smell from the shower then it is the sign that water leak is causing a mold problem. In situation like this it is recommended to get the shower replaced.


What are the options if we cannot remove the tub?

Remodelling or refurninshing can be a good alternative. If it is in a good condition then refinishing can add years of use and will illuminate your bathroom.


Why should I choose you?

• Our professional bathroom contractors provide you with superior and excellent quality services at best competitive price.

• Professional bathroom contractors tend to be more reliable, experienced than a local contractors.

• We ensure that we send across the most skilled, trusted and guaranteed workers for your service.

• Also, during situations when your local contractors is inaccessible or for an emergency, a reliable bathroom contractors is just a click away.


What are the various bathroom remodelling ideas?

• Create a new and elegant look with this stylish idea in classic black and white.

black and white bathroom remodel
Image Source:Lowe's

• Enhance your bathroom with marble countertop and vinyl flooring with metal finishes.

vinyl plank flooring
Image Source:Lowe's

• To get spa feeling in your bathroom install pebble floor tile.

pebble floor bathroom remode
Image Source:Pinterest

What are some small bathroom remodel ideas?

• Go for custom floor to ceiling build in shelf in order to increase the space.

Bathroom cabinet ideas
Image Source:Designs Ideas and Decor

• Go for small scale bathroom fixtures.

Bath fixtures
Image Source:Pinterest

• Give apparition with glass.

bathroom remodeling ideas with glass


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