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Best Marble Floor, Mosaic Floor Polishing in Sector 83, Noida | Floor Restoration & Cleaning

Best floor polishing services in Sector 83, Noida from Quotemykaam for marble polishing, granite polishing, mosaic poilshing.Best floor polishing services in Sector 83, Noida from Quotemykaam for marble polishing, granite polishing, mosaic poilshing.

Floor Polishing Rates in Noida


  • Floor Repolishing
  • New Floor Polishing


  • Starting @ ₹ 35 per sqft.
  • Starting @ ₹ 75 per sqft.


  • Free inspection for site examination & floor measurements after which final quote is given.
  • The floor polishing process starts with floor cleaning and scrubbing to remove all the dirt from the floor.
  • Appropriate Floor Polishing process is followed depending upon the floor type - marble floor, granite floor, mosaic floor, wooden floor and others.
  • Proper Shine and Finish is given to your floors using Floor Polshing Pad and Floor Scrubbing Pad.
  • In case of Marble Floor Polishing, the procedure ends with Floor Crystallization to enhance it's gloss.
  • Read our Floor Polishing FAQs to know more about our Floor Polishing and Restoration Services in Sector 83, Noida.
  • The polishing of floor may take up to certain hours or even a day depending upon the area.
  • The floor polishing cost depends upon the area, type of floor.
  • The process of floor polishing may vary from floor to floor.
  • We provide floor polishing for home, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, bungalows, flats and apartments, hospitals or any other place as required.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best professionals for floor polishing at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best floor polishing services in Sector 83, Noida.

  • STEP 1 : Click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of floor polishing professional.
  • Call from assigned professional to discuss service details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of floor polishing expert with best equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Floor Polishing In Sector 83, Noida

  • Highly skilled and experienced Floor Polishing Professionals in Sector 83, Noida.
  • Free inspection for Floor Polishing Services in Sector 83, Noida.
  • Specialize in Polishing and Restoration of all types of floors - Marble floor polishing, Mosaic floor polishing, Tile polishing and more.
  • Modern and advanced Floor Polishing Machine for Polish, Smooth, Clean Floors.
  • Assurance of mirror-like surface by removing all traces of dirt and stains.
  • Easy Booking and Hassle Free Service
  • Option to Pay Online or After Service
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Best Floor Polishing Services in Sector 83, Noida

Best Floor Polishing Services in Sector 83, Noida from Quotemykaam for thorough floor cleaning, floor restoration, polished and buffed floors looking shiny and glossy, just as good as new.

The flooring at home or office gets dirty, cracks, scratches over a period of time and if remain unchecked, it can lead to permanent damages. Floor Polishing not only cleans and removes all the deepest stains but also restores the mirror like and factory finish look of your floors. We provide you with the professional methods for polishing all kinds of floors - marble polishing, granite polishing, mosaic polishing, wood floor polishing and others.

Key Floor Polishing Services in Sector 83, Noida

Ishan - Floor Polishing service providers in Sector 83, Noida



Rated - 5.0/5

Based on 183 reviews

About Professional

Ishan and his team are indulged in providing the highest quality floor polishing service.

They aim to render the services at reasonable rate. They aim to clean and polish the floor and remove the debris. Provides complete customer satisfaction.

Gautam Kumar - Floor Polishing service providers in Sector 83, Noida

Gautam Kumar


Rated - 4.4/5

Based on 77 reviews

About Professional

If you want to give shine and finish to your floor then hire Gautam Kumar and his professional team for high quality floor polishing service.

They specialize in polishing and restoration of all kinds of floors. Ensures complete customer satisfaction and provides hassle free service.

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Floor Polishing Services in Sector 83, Noida

What is Floor Polishing?

Floor polishing is a process to remove all the dirt, scratches, water, acid, coffee, tea and other organic stains and then polishing the floor to give new and fresh look to your dull surface. Floor polishing smoothens the floor and gives back it's shine and glossy look and finish.


Why Floor Polishing is required?

Due to increase in pollution and dust, the regular floor cleaning that we do in our houses is important but it does not suffice. Even with proper maintenance, your expensive floors can get cracks, stains, scratches, dust and dirt deposited which cannot be removed thoroughly with everyday cleaning.

Thus, Floor Polishing is required to prevent your floors from any permanent damages and to restore and replenish it's natural shine. A specialized process should be followed to thoroughly clean, polish and buff the floors giving your floor shiny, glossy and fresh look.


What are different types of floors for which you provide floor polishing services in Sector 83, Noida?

We understand every floor is different and unique and we follow the floor polishing procedure accordingly. We provide the best professional floor cleaning services in Sector 83, Noida for all kinds of floors from:

• Marble Polishing

• Granite Polishing

• Mosaic Polishing

• Concrete Polishing

• Wood Polishing

• Tile Floor Polishing

• Laminate Floor Polishing and others.


How much time does Floor Polishing Process takes?

The duration of Floor Polishing procedure depends upon the floor area. For polishing 300 sq ft of floor, it takes a day to complete. Our professional will let you know about the estimated completion time at the time of inspection.


Is there anything I need to provide from my side for Floor Polishing?

No. Our team of professionals arrives well equipped with floor cleaning machine and tools at the site so that the work can be carried out smoothly without any delay. But you may need to move the furniture so that each and every corner of your floor can be repaired and polished hassle free.


How early do I need to book floor cleaning service?

It is always recommended to book the service atleast 1-2 days before.


I would like to change the date when the booking was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.


Is wall skirting also included in floor polishing process?

Yes, wall skirting is also done with floor polishing and this is done manually.


What are the benefits of professional floor cleaning services?

• They have a thorough knowledge of the different types of flooring and they know what kind of chemicals and products to apply.

• Hiring a professional floor cleaning service will get the job done effieciently and approproiately.

• The professionals come well equipped with advanced tools for floor polishing service.


Marble Floor Polishing in Sector 83, Noida

What are the common problems with marble floors?

• The most common problem that can occur with marble tiles is that over a period of time they start yellowing and get discolored. This happens when incorrect seal has been applied to marble tile or the polish has degraded and yellowed.

• There a large holes or missing filler in marble tiles due to general wear and tear.

• The grouting of marble tiles have discolored or missing in some areas which can happen due to inappropriate seals which can attract soils easily.

• Cracked or chipped marble tiles. This can happen when the marble tiles have been laid on the concrete floor which was not dried enough. Another reason could be that incorrect adhesives were used for marble tiles laying; best adhesives have flexibility to allow for contraction and expansion.

• Read more about how to keep marble floors in good condition.


How is Marble Floor Polishing Done?

Floor Scrubbing : involves removing all the dirt and dust from each and every corner of the floor.

Floor Grinding : includes removing all the stains, scratches, ledges and roughness by leveling and flattening the floor. At this stage, the topmost surface of the floor is removed and the fresh surface is exposed that lies beneath the top layer.

Floor Restoration : This step involves repairing the floor by filling in the grouts and cracks with customized filler paste. Our professionals take care of all the minor and major damages and in case there are any damages beyond repair, they will let you know in advance.

Honing the Floor : Honing is mainly done for marble floor smoothing with industrial diamonds to bring up more shine and uniform appearance.

Floor Polishing : Floor is then polished using a soft pad with a polish powder which is rubbed into the floor making the surface smooth and shiny. It also removes the whiteness caused by grinding.

Floor Crystallization : It laminates & enhances shine on the floor giving it a mirror-like look.

Floor Finishes : Buffing to smoothen & give the perfect finish.


Does grinding and polishing make the marble floor weak?

No, floor polishing and grinding strengthen your old floor removing all the patches and stains from the floor and make it a complete new looking and shiny floor. Our process for marble floor polishing removes the top layer of the floor and strengthen what was once beneath the old surface to give you completely new shiny floor.


How is Floor scrubbing done?

Floor scrubbing is done with a Single Disc Machine (a heavy industrial cleaning machine) using scrubbing pads which thoroughly cleans the floor by removing all the dirt. Floor scrubbing is the first stage in any floor polishing process and cleans the floor from every unreachable area.


What is Floor Grinding and How is it done?

Floor Grinding is a process that removes the deepest stains, marks, scratches, patches from the floor completely and is the ultimate solution to all kinds of floor related problems except breakage as the grout put in the gaps would show. This process does so by removing the top surface of stone floor (marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine) using various types of grits on a Single Disc Machine and exposing the fresh surface that lies beneath.

Floor Grinding Process

• It starts with pouring water into the white tub of Single disc machine used for floor grinding. Water is poured to lubricate the floor grinding pads which helps in smooth floor grinding process.

• Now at the base of the grinding machine, the diamond floor grinding grit pads are stuck which remove the thin layers of stone from the floor and bring out the fresh surface lying beneath. These pads have numbers assigned which defines their ability to cut or remove layers of the floor. Lower the number, better the cutting ability; Higher the number, better is the polishing ability.

• So, starting with the lowest numbered grit, the grinding machine begins to cut the layers of the floor removing all the hard stains and scratches and exposing a fresh layer that lies beneath.


What is buffing of floors?

After polishing the floor, buffing is done to enhance the gloss and shine of the floor. There are special pads used for buffing which gives you a fresher, flatter surface. It helps in reflecting light more evenly giving off a perfect shiny glow. Buffing is done for all stone floors and is most effective in case of wooden floor as it keeps the delicate texture and finish of the wood intact.


What is Floor Crystallization?

Crystallization or vitrification is a method in which a chemical is applied to stone floors like marble, granite, travertine to give a glossy and mirror like finish and increasing floor's durability. Crystallization is a process that creates an additional coating of small film on the floor surface to protect it from natural damage, it color and brightness of the floor.


Diamond Polishing in Sector 83, Noida

What is Diamond Polishing?

Diamond polishing is a method followed during the polishing of marble floors and other natural stone floors like granite, travertine, terrazzo, etc. It is a natural process which eliminates all cracks, scratches,, pits, holes from the floor surface and restore the floor back to it's factory finish shine.


How is diamond polishing done?

Diamond polishing is done by passing the finer grit diamonds over the floor starting with lower numbered grit pads and eventually using the higher numbered grit pads at the polishing stage.

Diamond Floor Polishing Process

• The process starts with running disc #50 and #100 which dries up the floor so that filling can be done inside cracks, pits and holes. After filling the cracks, the disc #200 and 400 are run thoroughly.

• The next step is smoothing of floor which is done by running disc #800, #1500, and 3000. At this stage the floor starts glowing and looks 100% fresh.

• After smoothing, polishing of floor is done using higher numbered diamond grit pads as the higher the diamond grit we finish with, the higher and deeper the polish that is achieved. The polish is massaged into the floor for 3-5 minutes and then floor is washed with lot of water and is wiped. After some time, buffing is done with white pad and the floor starts to acquire mirror like finish.

• At the final stage a high quality sealer is applied which protects the floor from breaking, cracks, stains, dust absorption, etc. After few hours the floor is washed with plain water and buffing is done to give the floor it's final and perfect finish.


Granite Floor Polishing in Sector 83, Noida

How is Granite Floor Polishing Done?

The process for granite polishing is same as marble polishing as both are a type of stone floor. But polishing granite can be harder as it requires special polishing pads and equipment; granite is a harder stone than marble and is more durable and retain its shine for a long time as compared to marble floors.


What is the difference between Wet granite polishing and dry granite polishing?

Wet granite polishing and Dry granite polishing are the two ways to polish granite floors. Both wet and dry material have their own pros and cons:

• Wet paste costs more than dry granite polishing powder.

• Dry granite polish powder is more versatile as it can be used dry or wet as required.

• While using wet polishing, it is important to wear water-resistant clothes and walls, furniture, cabinets should be covered with plastic sheets as wet granite polish creates a lot of spray when used with power tools.

• The wet polishing pads cost less than dry pads.

• Wet polishing cools the pads preventing them from becoming excessively hot and wearing out faster than they should.



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