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Best Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon | 1000+ Kitchen Design ideas

Book for the latest designed modular kitchen in Gurgaon. 1000+ modular kitchen ideas for a trendy kitchenBook for the latest designed modular kitchen in Gurgaon. 1000+ modular kitchen ideas for a trendy kitchen

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Modular Kitchen Rates in Gurgaon


  • New Modular Kitchen Installation


  • Upon Inspection


  • Choose from variety of Modular Kitchen designs such as: U-shape, L-shape, G-shape, Island Style, Straight Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen, Italian Modular Kitchen or Gallery kitchen.
  • Wide range of Modular Kitchen accessories and Modular Kitchen finishes available.
  • The manufacturing of modular kitchen can take around 5-8 weeks depending upon the design.
  • The installation of modular kitchen typically takes upto a week but may vary depending on complexity.
  • Modular Kitchen designs can be customized as per client's requirements.
  • Cost of Modular Kitchen depends upon the kitchen area and dimensions, modular kitchen design and material required, cost of renovation.
  • Final quotation is provided based on the scope of work and material required.
  • End-to-End Execution and on time delivery.
  • Read Sleek Kitchen FAQs to know more about our service Professional Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Gurgaon.

  • In case there is any change in the agreed design, please discuss the same with our consultant as soon as possible in order to incorporate the changes, additional charges may apply.
  • It is highly recommended that you read & agree on the Contract letter: Terms & Conditions on Scope of work, Timelines, Cost before work is started.
  • We provide for modular Kitchen in home, offices, restaurants, hotels, bungalows, flats and apartments or any other place as required.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best Modular kitchen designers at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best modular kitchen providers in Gurgaon.

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  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of modular kitchen provider
  • Call from assigned modular kitchen provider to discuss service details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of modular kitchen designer with the best equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Modular Kitchen Services

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  • Easy to install, Long lasting kitchen with High quality and Less maintenance
  • Internationally designed & Factory made Modular Kitchens
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Complete Description Of Modular Kitchen Services in Gurgaon

Best Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon designed and customized to suit your needs, home, layout, style preferences, cooking style by the Registered Partners from Quotemykaam

We provide you with wide range of contemporary material and designs that reflects your personality and style and make your kitchen luxurious and affluent place to cook, dine and socialise!

Key Modular Kitchen Designs in Gurgaon

Raj Kumar - Modular Kitchen service providers in Gurgaon

Raj Kumar


Rated – 4.9/5

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Due to its cost- effectiveness and promptness Raj Kumar and his team has gained outstanding reputation. The modular kitchen service is exceptionally admired by the client. Provides variety of modular kitchen designs. Provides total stress free completion. They have 100+ satisfied customers and have 100% positive feedback.

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Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Why modular kitchen?

• A modular kitchen has a polished, clean and a contemporary look.

• It can easily be cleaned with less effort.

• Installation doesn't require much time.

• It allows you to repair any part of the kitchen at any time without affecting the other parts.

• It saves lots of space.


What are the various brands that you use?

We use well known brands such as:

• Amberville

• Bohemiana

• Casacraft

• Mintwud

• Mollycoddle

• Mudramark

• Woodsworth


How long does it take to design modular kitchen?

Depending upon the design the manufacturing of modular kitchen can take around 5-8 weeks.


How long does it take to install modular kitchen?

The installation of modular kitchen typically takes upto a week.


What does the cost of modular kitchen includes?

The cost of modular kitchen depends upon:

• Kitchen area and dimension

• Modular kitchen design and materials

• Cost of renovation


Is it safe to allow your contractors in my house?

All our contractors are background checked and verified. Hence, they are reliable and trusted.


How early do I need to book the service?

It is always recommended to book the service atleast 1-2 days before.


What if the service provider does not arrive on time?

In such cases, we immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you for the job to be done.


I would like to change the date when the work was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.


Does the modular kitchen come with a built-in countertop?

No, the countertops are an add-on to your kitchen. However, if you choose to purchase a countertop, we will install it for you.


What is the key difference between modular kitchen and simple wood kitchens?

A modular kitchen offers great durability and is spacious in terms of storage and is easier to carry out repairs if and when required. As the name suggests a modular kitchen is called this because all the modules of the kitchen are put together and a design is formed and hence can be dis-assembled.


What are the latest trends in Modular Kitchens?

Modular kitchens are available in a range of colors, designs, textures, material and concepts. These specifications keep changing with time and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. Even the trends vary with changing lifestyle and preferences.


What colors and designs are available?

We have a variety of color and design options for you to choose from. We offer four different finishes, and each finish has multiple color options.


Why do we need a Chimney?

Chimneys are located just above the cooking hob and hence all smoke, oil vapour, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it directly and are then pulled out of the kitchen with the help of powerful suction blowers and fans.


Modular Kitchen Design

What are the types of modular kitchen designs that you provide?

We provide wide variety of designs such as:

• Indian Kitchen Design

• Small Modular Kitchen

• Italian Kitchen Design

• L Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

• Semi modular kitchen

• Morel U-Shape Modular Kitchen

• Crema Straight Modular Kitchen


What are the advantages of L shaped kitchen?

• It is perfect for corner space.

• L shaped kitchen provides an easy working space.

• It is very effective for small and medium kitchen spaces.

• This type of design enables you to open the kitchen to another room like dining room or living room.


What are the benefits of morel U shaped kitchen?

• It allows you to move easily between sink, refrigerator and oven.

• It is perfect for large families and allow two or more person to function at the same time.

• U shaped kitchen helps to keep the traffic out.

• It allows all the appliances to be easily accessible.


What are the advantages of semi modular kitchen?

• Semi modular kitchen allows you to use the kitchen from the first day itself.

• It helps you to change the height, breadth and width of the unit to a great extent.

• It is cheaper as lesser raw materials are used.


Modular Kitchen Maintenance Tips

How do I maintain modular kitchen?

• Clean the shutter with clean, dry cloth as it is exposed dustand grease.

• On a regular basis wipe the accessories and other appliances with a dry cloth.

• Sink area should be kept dry and clean.

• Avoid hanging on to drawers and shutters.

• The movement of drawer and shutter needs to be checked regularly.


Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

What are some modular kitchen design ideas for small kitchen that increases both style and effectiveness?

• If you want to enlarge your small kitchen then go for antiqued mirrored glass on the cabinet doors.

mirror cabinet modular kitchen ideas


• Go for metallic sheen modular kitchen design for some unexpected excitement.

metallic sheen modular kitchen


• Simple cabinetry will give you the illusion of magnificence.

simple cabinetry modular kitchen design

Image Source:Pinterest

• Go for open shelf modular kitchen design.

open shelf modular kitchen design

Image Source:Pinterest

What are some small modular kitchen ideas?

• You can go for compact kitchen designs if you want clean and neat look.

compact kitchen designs

Image Source:Pinterest

• Go for open shelves storage.

• To save the floor space go for polished cabinet. Avoid decorating it with unnecessary materials.

polished cabinet modular kitchen design



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