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Wall Painters in Kolkata from Quotemykaam for commercial & Home Painting Services. Book online Painting Contractors in KolkataWall Painters in Kolkata from Quotemykaam for commercial & Home Painting Services. Book online Painting Contractors in Kolkata

Painters Rates in Kolkata


  • New Painting – Interior
  • New Painting – Exterior
  • Re-Painting – Interior
  • Re-Painting – Exterior


  • Upon Inspection
  • Upon Inspection
  • Upon Inspection
  • Upon Inspection


  • Free site inspection by our registered professional Painters to discuss the requirements and budget.
  • Final Painting quotes with detailed agreement will be given by the professional as per the scope of work & site inspection. Job will be started upon receiving client's confirmation.
  • You can discuss your variuos interior and exterior paint ideas with our professional.
  • Branded catalogue of color shades is provided to you for Wall painting ideas.
  • Our professional painting contractor will assist you completely in selecting the type of paints and paint finishes best suited for your property.
  • Top quality branded primer used to give your walls a consistent look.
  • Experts ensure Interior Wall Painting and Exterior Painting up to your satisfaction.
  • Read our Wall Painting FAQs to know more about our Professional Painting Services in Kolkata.

  • Top quality branded paints are used & invoice will be provided for the same. Customers can also arrange materials.
  • The cost of painting depends on the condition of your walls, painting from scratch, re-painting.
  • Painting services process may take several days depending on scope of work.
  • You will be sent the progress of work from time to time via images or videos.
  • Our professionals do try to complete the work within the Quote and the timelines agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best painters at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best painter in Kolkata.

  • STEP 1 : Click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of Painter
  • Call from assigned painter to discuss service details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of painter with the best equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us for Professional Painting Services in Kolkata

  • 100+ Verfied and Professional House Painters in Kolkata.
  • Free Visit and Site Inspection.
  • Free Paint Color and Paint Finishes Consultation from Experts.
  • All brands color shades catalogue to choose from – Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac, Dulux.
  • Eye catching, innovative color combinations.
  • High quality, Top brands Paints used.
  • Easy Booking, On-Time Completion and Hassle Free Service.
  • Option to Pay Online or After Service.
60+ Services, 4.5+ Rated, 5000+ service professionals, 100000+ Happy Customers
Best Rates, Quality & Timely Service, Awesome Experience, Trusted Professionals

Complete description Of Painters in Kolkata

Best Professional Painters in Kolkata from Quotemykaam to splash the color of happiness in your home and office. We provide you with best Home Painting Services and Commercial Painting Services for independent houses, flats/apartments, residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts and other commercial buildings.

Our team of professional Painting Contractors in Kolkata uses top brand paints – Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux, Nerolac and is expert in interior painting, exterior painting, wall texture painting, wall stencil painting services and more. All of our house painters are well trained and experienced striving to provide you with a home which speaks through its colours .

Type Of Painting Services in Kolkata

Kolkata, a perfect mix of traditional and modern style home decor has its own unique and antique style when it comes to interior decoration of home or offices. On one hane you can se how people of Kolkata have managed to preserve their art and culture by including its essence in their home decor, on the other side you can also see the touch of modern and contemporary styles in their interior decoration.

Quotemykaam understands this perfect blend and brings to you the Online Painting Services in Kolkata to take away the pain of finding professional and relaible painters and cater to all your interior and exterior painting requirements at the comfort of your home. It can be a tedious task to find the best wall painters in Kolkata for house painting and commercial painting sevices which is why Quotemykaam steps in to make this whole wall painting process easier for you.

Just schedule a free visit for painting services at your place with few clicks and our professional painting contractor in Kolkata will be at your doorstep as scheduled. They examine the site completely, take necessary measurements and discuss all your requirements and budget based on which you are provided with an estimated painting quote and a detailed agreement stating the scope of work. After the agreement is acknowledged, our team of professional painters begin with their planning and execution.

We are blessed with an experienced and well-coordinated team of local painters in Kolkata who not only know their job well but always strive hard to complete the painting work within agreed timelines and budget. Each of our painter is thoroughly verified and background checked and have a vast experience in completing various painting jobs from house painting service, apartment painting service to office painting service, school wall painting and other commercial painting services.

Our team of House Painters in Kolkata already have served more than 500 happy customers for interior painting services, exterior painting services, wall texture painting and wall stencil painting services in and around Kolkata covering major areas like Salt lake city, Howrah, Barrackpore, Alipore, Ballygunge, Park Street, Rajarhat, Tollygunge, Poddar Nagar, Jadavpur, Jodhpur Park, Golf Green and more.

Rishi Katela - Painters in Kolkata

Rishi Katela


Rated – 4.6/5

Based on 179 reviews

About Professional

Get professional painting service for Rishi and his team. They professionals make sure that painting is upto your satisfaction. They not only provide high quality painting service in residential areas but also cover commercial properties like shopping malls etc. Provides 100% satisfaction.

Himanshu - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 1 reviews

About Professional

Looking for good quality paint work? Contact them before deciding on the paint work of your dream home or office. They are experts in interior and exterior paint work. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

Jashandeep - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 2 reviews

About Professional

This team of house painters in Kolkata provides unique wallpapers for your interiors. Imported paper with exclusive designs is recommended by them. Long lasting and eco friendly material is used. All interior painting work done with consultation of experts.

Ananth  - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 3 reviews

About Professional

For exclusive paint work beyond your imagination contact them. They specialize in painting services and timely completion of interior painting work and exterior painting work in Kolkata.

Ramesh  - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 5 reviews

About Professional

He provides excellent painting services in Kolkata. Timely completion of work is a motto of the company. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Eco friendly paints are used. Excellent finishing is given.

Dileep - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 6 reviews

About Professional

Excellence is their motto. They specialize in paint work of residential and commercial units. The expert team of professionals guarantee excellent finishing. Contact for quality services.

Ashraf - Painters in Kolkata



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 7 reviews

About Professional

They provide concepts and designs beyond your imagination. Work done by an expert team. Timely completion of projects. Customer satisfaction is given utmost importance.

Rajpurohit painters and painting services in Kolkata - Painters in Kolkata

Rajpurohit painters and painting services in Kolkata


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 7 reviews

About Professional

Rajpurohit painters and Painting Services started from the ground up and now they stand tall with the best names of painting service providers of Kolkata. In order to secure more business, they held all of their work to the highest possible standards. This extreme dedication to excellence has carried over for three decades, and the results speak for themselves. Whenever local businesses and residents are looking for a painter in Kolkata, they call out for Rajpurohit painters and painting Services.

Kolkata painters - Painters in Kolkata

Kolkata painters


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 11 reviews

About Professional

Kolkata painters has served more than thousand of satisfied clients throughout the Kolkata and surrounding areas. In every painting service that they provide, their 75 painters and artists still bring the same dedication to excellence to task for all of our customers. Whether they are painting a small bathroom in a residence or the entire exterior of an industrial facility, customer satisfaction is their highest priority. No project is too big or too small for them. They complete their every painting contract on time and in budget with utmost proficiency.

Vision painting services in Kolkata - Painters in Kolkata

Vision painting services in Kolkata


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 10 reviews

About Professional

For over 10 years, Vision Painting Services has been trusted to develop and execute solutions for leading commercial painting services and residential painting contracts in Kolkata. They offer a complete painting service where they provide expert consultation about their products and their painting services. They undertake complete painting jobs from start to finish. Their painters and painting contractors are trained to provide only the best finish. Moreover, all Painters and Paint Materials are provided by the experts.

Pristine painters in Kolkata - Painters in Kolkata

Pristine painters in Kolkata


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 9 reviews

About Professional

If you are looking for a hassle free home painting or commercial painting experience in Kolkata, you will love Pristine painters. With home painting Services they offer expert consultation on colors, materials and budgets before one of their specialist teams undertakes the task of painting your home. Their professionals are highly skilled and complete painting jobs as per your preferred timeline. Delivering a swift and satisfying painting experience is their main aim.

Anshuman Painting Services - Painters in Kolkata

Anshuman Painting Services


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 15 reviews

About Professional

At Anshuman Painting Services, their team of professional painters provide interior and exterior painting services for both residential painting and commercial painting contracts. With years of experience, their painters will turn your dull house into a flawless home. They are the best painting service providers in Kolkata. Finding any fault or error in their work is next to impossible and that is the reason why they stand tall in the market of painters in Kolkata

Dubey painting services - Painters in Kolkata

Dubey painting services


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 8 reviews

About Professional

At ​Dubey Painting Services, they offer quality residential and commercial painting services in Kolkata at affordable prices with extra attention to detail. ​They are a professional, friendly painting service in Kolkata with the BEST RATES and BEST TEAM !​ They are happy when YOU are! They GUARANTEE​ 100% satisfaction and you would not get disappointed after choosing them as your painting contractor!

Wall shine Painting Services - Painters in Kolkata

Wall shine Painting Services


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 12 reviews

About Professional

Painting a home can be an amusing and entertaining task if it is carried out by a professional team of Wall shine Painting Services. Working at reasonable prices and providing full consultation, our efforts of professional painters can bring warmth and coziness to your home, office, restaurant, shop and any other public or industrial building, interior or exterior wise. Using qualitative materials and modern techniques we can bring comfort to your house or office and add аesthetic delight to your senses. Our highly efficient work team of professional painters of Kolkata will provide the best service for the best price.

Gautam house of paints and painting services - Painters in Kolkata

Gautam house of paints and painting services


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 11 reviews

About Professional

Their skilled painters and painting contractors are best in Kolkata. You can trust them with your ideas. They will follow your outlook. In case you are indecisive about what you want and how you want it done…be assured that thy will suggest you fresh and original ideas. And while you rest or run your errands, their professional team of painters will take care of every aspect about painting your property fast, efficiently and at the best price.

Bose Wall painting services  - Painters in Kolkata

Bose Wall painting services


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 13 reviews

About Professional

“Painting contractors at Bose Wall painting Services in Kolkata are all friendly professional painters who have been rated and reviewed by our past customers. That means you can feel safe letting them in your home, whether you need house painters for a full home makeover or just a quick one-day booking with an expert who can brighten up your bathroom. When you hire your residential house painters through Quotemykaam, you will get happiness and customer satisfaction for sure. Your happiness is their goal, and they will work extra hard to connect you with the best house painting services in Kolkata every time.

Amit painting services  - Painters in Kolkata

Amit painting services


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 6 reviews

About Professional

Amit painting Services in Kolkata covers a large network of areas in Kolkata and offers painting services, wall insulation services, refreshing services, coating services we offer protective coating, heat-reflective coating, primer coating and many more. You can always rely on their professional painters. They can offer ideas for unique painting patterns and color combinations. You just need to relax and enjoy the result. Their skilled workers are certified painters of Kolkata and will work carefully, leaving your furniture, floor and door frames spotless. They will not hesitate to answer to any of your questions regarding the work process. They have flexible working hours and depending on your availability.

View More Professionals

Painting Service in Kolkata

What are the different brands of paints available?

Our experts use top quality paints- Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux, Nerolac.


How will the paint be applied?

While each job varies, a combination of brush and roll is typically used to paint walls, ceilings, and trim. Our painting contractors spray cabinetry for a high-quality finish. Exterior siding is commonly sprayed.


What is a primer? What is its use?

A primer is a substance that is used as a pre-coat before paint application on any surface- walls, wood or metal. Primer improves adhesion of paint onto the surface and enhances paint durability.


Do I need to put primer on the wall before painting?

Primer can be skipped while repainting the house using a matte finish paint but make sure to apply paint on well prepped and primed surface. But in most cases primer actually saves your money. It saves you from number of expensive topcoats of paints. So always apply primer when :

    • Fresh painting a surface/drywall.

    • Using gloss/high sheen paints.

    • Painting a drastic colour change – lighter shade over a darker one and vice-versa.

    • Painting on repaired walls (patched areas) or walls in bad condition – paint flaking/peel off.

    • Painting wood surfaces.


What preparations I need to do prior the painting service?

Our crew protects your furniture, floor covering when they prepare the area, however we recommend you to remove all the small items and breakables.


Will you help me in choosing the color shades for my home?

Yes, absolutely. We have top rated professional painters staff working with us who will guide you at every step of painting work from choosing color shades to the decor of your place.


Will the mess be cleaned up by your painting crew or will I have to do it myself?

Yes. All the mess after painting work will be cleaned by our staff. So you do not need to worry about the mess that is going to be created in your home during the paint job.


Why should I choose your professional painting services over my local painter?

• Our experts are very time efficient and professional. They finish their work quickly and efficiently.

• We provide with the most skilled labor for your house to be painted and the most reliable products to be used.

• You don't have to worry about leftover paint and residue as they know how to handle hazardous wastes.

• We also ensure that you get the best price available in the market so the entire deal turns out to be a better bid than a contract with your local painter and chasing them every day.


What is included in home interior painting?

With the wide range of colour combination and texture our experts know all the different tricks and techniques that will help you to get desired results. Following interior spaces are included in the painting services:

• Kitchen

• Living room

• Dining room

• Bedroom

• Bathroom

• Doors and windows


What is included in home exterior painting?

We ensure that your home stands out among the rest with our wide variety of exterior painting services and provide exceptional result in every home. Exterior painting service includes the following:

• Home exterior walls.

• Railings.

• Door and windows.

• Fence painting and many more.


How often should I get my house painted?

It is recommended that interiors be repainted every 2-3 years while exteriors every 4 to 5 years.


What kind of paint I should use for kitchen?

For kitchen high gloss paints are recommended as it is washable and stain resistant.


Do I need to use any special paint in kitchen and bathroom?

Kitchen and bathroom are areas with high amounts of water and humidity, we use a mildew-resistant paint which is durable and easy to clean.


Is there a particular season suited for painting my house?

•For exteriors, the best time to paint is when the weather is pleasant, with low risk of humidity/rain. Painting in extreme temperatures and humid conditions should be avoided.

• There are no such restrictions for interiors, however, moderate temperatures inside and outside are complementary. Ventilation during and immediately after painting should be ensured in order to eliminate fumes and aid drying.


What are some benefits of getting your house painted regularly?

To prevent moisture formation: Moisture gets build up on the cracks of your wall which leads to the development of molds and mildew. Regular painting helps to prevent moisture formation.

Increasing market value: Regular painting prevents the cracks from spreading and makes your house look likable enough to rent or buy and it increases its market value.

Protect insect infestation: Insects spreads when there is ant cracks in the wall. A regular painting prevents insect infestation.

Protection from weather damage: External painting protects the house from weather damage.


What are some tips to protect and preserve exterior paints for house?

• Having bushes and trees will not only increase the beauty of your house but also extend the duration of the paint by diverting sunlight and rainfall. But always remember to trim bushes regularly as these can also cause physical damage.

• From time to time remove the debris that gets collected on your roof.

• If you notice that the paint is peeling, cracking and looks dry then contact professionals so that you get a whole new look to your house.

Get More House Painting Tips


Home Painting ideas

What are some popular kitchen paint colours?

Kitchen doesn't have to be white. There are variety of colours to choose from like:

• You can go for ocean blue colour.

ocean blue paint color for kitchen


• You can go for two colour combination like blue and grey.

blue and grey colour combination for kitchen

Image Source:Lushome

• South beach colour combination also gives your kitchen a whole different look. This turquoise green is all about fresh air and fresh colour.

turquoise green colour for kitchen

Image Source:Lushome

• You can go for some elegant grey colour which is neither so dark nor dull.

elegant grey colour for kitchen


What are some paint colours for bedroom?

• If you are looking for something subtle then camellia pink is perfect for bedroom.

camellia pink colour for bedroom

Image Source:Pinterest

• Blue bonnet is another suitable colour for bedroom.

blue bonnet paint colour for bedroom

Image Source:Home Bunch

What are some unique paint colours for living room?

Deep lacquered blue is best because of the way it reflects light.

lacquere blue paint for living room


• You can warm up your living room with light colour orange paint colour which will make everyone smile and many more.

light orange paint for living room

Image Source:Fresh Design Pedia

• Read more about 14 Colorful Living Room Ideas That Will Fascinate You


• You can even go for pretty purple which is undoubtedly stylish and many more.

pretty purple paint colour

Image Source:Rilane

What are some different bathroom paint colours?

• For bathroom creamy bathroom paint colours like parchment go best.

creamy parchment colour for bathroom

Image Source:Pinterest

• Get coastal aesthetic look with saefoam green colour and many more.

seafoam colour for bathroom

Image Source:Home Bunch

Commercial Painting Service in Kolkata

Do you offer commercial painting services?

Yes, we offer commercial painting services as well in offices, corporate, schools, restaurants, malls, shopping complexes, hospitals, commercial building and many more.


What is the importance of commercial painting?

• Commercial painting saves the business from stress, money and time.

• It improves the look and value of the building.

• It increases the resell value of the company.

• It protects the building from harsh weather condition.


What are some popular office paint?

Georgeous dark grey paint colour has the ability to evoke all the good feelings for office.

dark grey paint colour for office

Image Source:Pinterest

• Dark teal dream gives you positive, serine and confident vibes and many more.

dark teel dream for office

Image Source:Quicken Loans

Re-Painting Service in Kolkata

When Re-Painting is required?

Re-painting is needed when you want to beautify your home or any commercial building afresh and when the old painted walls are not in a good condition.


What are the procedure of re-paining?

• The walls get the touch of putty.

• Two coats of primer is applied.

• After that there is two coats of paint application.


New-Painting Service in Kolkata

When New-Painting is required?

Fresh painting is required in a recently constructed apartment, home, offices, restaurant, schools and hotels. The walls are completely rough in new painting. In many conditions new painting is also required in the buildings which is very old or is badly damaged.


How long does it take to paint a whole home from start to finish?

This mainly depends upon the amount of work to be done. Our service provider will always inform you in advance the time needed to complete the said job. Also, depending upon the size, building materials, amount of paint failure, a typical 1000 square foot home with a moderate amount of paint failure and
simple color scheme could take 1-10 days with a 2 man crew.


Rental Painting in Kolkata

What is Rental Painting?

Rental Painting is a new concept emerging nowadays in which basic plastic paint i.e. Tractor Emulsion paint is done after tenants move out from the rented home. This is done to beautify the place and attract new tenants and it is completed within 3 days depending upon size of the house.


What is the process for Rental Painting?

• A touch-up with putty is done wherever there are minor cracks, pilling off areas etc.

• Sanding of Complete House Walls using sand paper.

• One or Two Coat of paint as required based on wall condition.

• Complete cleaning of house.


Different Types Of Paints

What are the advantages of water based paints?

• It can easily be cleaned with water.

• It dries quickly.

• Its flexible finish makes it resistant to cracking.

• The colour stays for long with getting yellowish.

• Water based paints are less toxic as compared to oil based paints and prevent problems like skin irritations, nasty odors and high level of VOCs i.e. volatile organic compounds which can harm the inhabitant’s health.


What are the benefits of oil based paints?

• Its glossy texture makes it very attractive.

• It provides good leveling resulting in smooth finish.

• It has a durable finish.


What are the different types of wall paints?

Different types of paints are used for different types of surfaces. Broadly, the wall paints are categorized into Interior wall paint and Exterior Wall Paint


What are different types of Interior wall paints?

There are mainly 2 types of paints used for interior wall painting:

DISTEMPER : This is the most economical paint available in the Indian market today and popularly used for Whitewash in homes and offices. It is a water-based paint constituting of powdered chalk or lime and is used on plastered and concrete surface or brick wall. Distemper is further divided into three categories:

    • Dry Distemper

    • Synthetic Distemper

    • Arcylic Distemper

Synthetic and Dry distempers are not washable paints whereas Arcylic distempers are. Mostly, Arcylic distemper is applied on surfaces like – Asbestos, wall and plaster.


PLASTIC EMULSION : It is also a water based paint providing a rich and Matt finish to interior walls. Its arcylic quality and composition gives the painted surface excellent durability and gives your walls the just painted look. It has gained good popularity in recent times as it is easily washable and most stains can be removed just by wiping with a cloth dipped in a mild soap solution. Plastic Emulsion is of three types:

    • Regular Emulsion

    • Economy Emulsion

    • Silk Emulsion


What are different types of Exterior wall paints?

It is always recommended to opt for water based Exterior paints. It is essential because exterior paints can resist damage caused by varying weather conditions. There are mainly 3 types of paints used for exterior wall painting:

    CEMENT PAINT : This paint is quite easy to apply and protect your exterior walls from harsh weather conditions. It is cost-effective, fungus and algae resistant paint. Cement paint comes in variety of colors and shades providing a matt finish to the exterior walls.

    ARCYLIC EMULSION : It provides a durable finish to your exterior walls and is highly capable of protecting exterior wall paint from any damage due to bad weather conditions.

    TEXTURED PLASTER : It is one of the best exterior wall paints available in the market today making sure that exterior wall surface does not get damaged.


What kind of paint finishes are available?

The paint finishes are available from dead flat to high gloss finishes :

• Matte Finish

• Semi Gloss or Satin or Soft Sheen

• High Gloss or Super Sheen or Silky


What are the advantages of matte finish paints and where it is recommended?

• It has a velvety texture.

• It provides great depth of colour.

• It provides sheen for walls.

• Easily hides imperfection in walls and ceiling.

• living room, dining room, bedrooms, ceilings and hallways are recommended rooms for matte painting.


What are the advantages of High Gloss or Super Sheen or Silky finish paints and where it is recommended?

• They are highly durable.

• They have the most reflective sheen.

• Kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets and doors are recommended areas for semi gloss painting.


What are the benefits of Semi Gloss or Satin or Soft Sheen finish? Where all it is recommended?

• They are durable.

• They can easily be cleaned.

• They are highly recommended for kitchen and bathrooms.



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