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Best Wallpaper Installation

Best wallpaper installation services  for best wallpapers, 3d wallpaper. 1000+ Wallpaper designs

Book wallpaper installation services  for best wallpapers, 3d wallpaper. 1000+ Wallpaper designs

Wallpaper Installation

Quotemykaam offers wide range of best wallpapers like – Matt Finish Wallpaper, Canvas Textured Wallpaper, Glitter Textured Wallpaper, Washable & Highly Durable wallpaper, 3D wallpaper and many more! We have various options in wallpaper design for every room -Kids room, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, office area, etc. We have the best and experienced wallpaper & wall covering installers making us famous for residential wallpapers and commercial wallpapers. We are a licensed company with our wallpaper contractors assuring you of the top-notch quality of the services that we offer. We pride our selves on finishing projects on schedule and on budget.

Why Us

  • Trusted and experienced Wallpaper dealers.
  • Choose from a dizzying array of wallpaper themes, designs, prints and materials.
  • 1000+ Custom Wallpaper designs as per client’s requirements.
  • Washable, Maintenance free and Highly durable Wallpaper.
  • Quality service at best rates.
  • Dedicated customer service team for any post service issue.
  • Most trusted service provider for Professional Wallpaper Installation.


  • Once you book the request, we will confirm on the availability and time slot.
  • Our professional wallpaper installation team would meet you in person for inspection and to understand your requirement and Budget.
  • Final Wallpaper quote is given depending upon the carpet area of the space for wallpaper and the design you choose.
  • Customized wallpapers available in various attractive patterns, trendy designs and colors.
  • A follow up is made to confirm that the service was satisfactory and to get your valuable feedback.

  • Free site inspection and wallpaper catalog to choose from.
  • Huge variety of wallpapers to choose from – 3D wallpapers, Embossed wallpapers, Anaglypta wallpapers, Vinyl wallpaper and many more.
  • You can discuss different wallpaper design ideas with our professionals.
  • Wallpaper Installation, Cleaning of wallpaper installation spot.
  • End-to-End Execution and on time delivery.

  • Installation time of one Wallpaper can be around 2-3 hours.
  • Wallpapers Price can vary as per the designs due to different brands.
  • Wallpaper can only be installed on plain surface.
  • Painting of wall around wallpaper installation spot is not included with wallpaper installation services.
  • We provide best wallpapers, wall coverings for home, office, restaurants, shopping malls, confrence room, hotels, showrooms, banquet halls.

  • My wall does not have plain surface. Can the wallpaper be installed on it?
    No, the wallpaper can only be installed on the wall with absolutely flat or smooth surface to avoid bumps and achieve a perfect finish.

  • How long in advance would I have to book the wallpaper installation service?

    You can book the service today and within 24-48 hours your work will be done.

  • I would like to change the date when the installation was scheduled. Is it possible?
    Yes, it is possible but do let our know in advance about the same.

  • How long would it take you to install the wallpapers?
      Generally it takes approx 4 hours to install a wallpaper. Also, our professional will always give you the right estimate as in how much time will the service get completed.


    • Do you accept part payments or monthly installments?
      According to our company policy the customer needs to make the half payment in advance and the rest after the completion of the work.

  • Can I get wallpaper installed, if I don’t have plain walls?
    No, wallpaper can only be installed on plain surface.


  • How many rolls will I require?
    It depends upon how many walls you would want to cover our experts
    will discuss the same with you.

  • What is the difference between Primer and Sizing? And do I need them?
    Primer is a protector/sealer for your walls, which prevents the paste
    from absorbing in the surface. Sizing provides additional grip for better
    adherence and more slip for ease of sliding each strip into position of
    the wall. Yes, you would need them both to protect your walls and

  • Can I request a service for fixing the wallpaper which has already been installed?
    Yes, definitely. You should only get professional help to fix the already
    installed wallpapers as the professionals know the tricks to fix it without
    tearing the paper.

  • Will I have to buy the wallpaper myself or do you provide the same?
    Our experts will show you the designs for wallpaper and you can choose
    from them and they will then install it on your walls flawlessly.


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