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Latest Children Bedroom Wallpaper | 100+ Wallpaper For Kids Room [2018]

1000+ Children Bedroom Wallpaper [Updated 2018]

Planning a makeover in your little one`s room? Want to add something fun and colorful? Well we have something for you. Our super cool and fun kids wallpaper ideas will add creativity and comfort in your little one`s room.

Transform your child’s bedroom and add that extra touch of fun, create a room where they will love growing up to. These kids wallpaper ideas are just perfect to add creativity and inspiration in your toddler`s room.

Wallpaper For Boys Room

Our super cool and fun wallpaper for boys room are just perfect for adding charm to a boys bedroom. Whether he loves animals, space, pirates or football, we have got it all covered.

Our range of boys bedroom wallpaper will feed his imagination, fuel his dreams and will also add colors to his personality. Design a themed bedroom that he will love with our boys bedroom wallpaper and create a environment that all his friends will want to come around and play in.

Wallpaper For Girls Room

If you are looking for the ideal wallpaper for girls room , prepare to get awww-stuck! Our girls bedroom wallpaper has something to suit everyone, from fairy princesses to courageous supergirls!

A girls bedroom should reflect their personality and our range of girls bedroom wallpaper includes plenty of bright colours, patterns and prints to help them make their space their own. Our gorgeous wide range of wallpaper for girls room offers you everything you need to create a spectacular setting for your little princess to play and sleep.

Please Note

  • The cost of bedroom wallpaper depends upon the carpet area of the space for wallpaper, the bedroom wallpaper design you choose and the wallpaper material used.
  • The bedroom wallpaper purchased is delivered at your place with no extra delivery charges.
  • Our wallpaper designers can also make customized bedroom wallpapers for walls as required by the client for which a clear photograph of the wallpaper to be customized needs to be provided.
  • We also provide for Wallpaper Installation Services at doorstep.
  • Wallpaper Installation includes cleaning of wallpaper installation spot.
  • Installation time of one Wallpaper can be around 2-3 hours.

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Tendy Wallpaper For Kids Room Walls

Wallpaper for kids room comes in various designs, styles, and colors. Wallpaper for kids rooms should look delightful, light and pleasant. Kids bedroom Wallpaper creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere for babies, and make interesting kids rooms. Colorful and vibrant images are part of creating playful and attractive kids rooms.

Thoughtfully selected, delightful, interesting, colorful and modern children`s bedroom wallpaper ideas creates a wonderful effect and change the look and feel of your little toddler`s room.
It is not easy to choose a perfect wallpaper for a kids room there are many parameters that should be kept in mind. Baby rooms require even more effort because young kids have their favorite themes, room colors, and room design preferences. It takes a lot of work and color coordination from the parents to design beautiful, pleasant kids rooms.

In the late ’90s the choice of kids’ bedroom wallpapers was so simple: Pink wallpaper for girls, blue wallpaper for boys, teddy bears and balloons, and a few more cute motifs that have always been popular with children – and that was the end in the decor list!
Today, the choice might be a cake walk – but it is also so much more exciting! kids wallpaper design is all about the action of superhero wallpaper designs, the elegance of Disney princess wallpaper design, the playfulness of mickey mouse wallpaper design, Kids of this millennial generation just don’t want to settle on cloud 7, they need thousand colorful clouds in their room.

Wallpaper in kids room helps them to stimulate the senses, enable children to learn by experiencing new things. Popular classics like Hogwarts wallpaper ideas or pirate wallpaper ideas are of course in our list for you. Discover the universe of design options for your child’s room in our kids’ wallpaper gallery.

Our kids wallpaper ideas suits all kind of tastes and interests, age groups and genders and allow for creative development.
Find the right wallpaper for your kid’s room and crete a whole new world with our designer children`s wallpaper. Let the wind of imagination flow in their rooms. Whether you are decorating a boys room, girls room or the new nursery for your baby, we have wallpaper that suits every kind.

How To Select Wallpaper For Kids Room

When a child is born, all he or she needs is warmth, affection, love, and security. A child’s room plays an important part as it is their own little paradise – even though babies will of course not be aware of this for a little while. Everything is new and exciting, the baby starts discovering its own self, its eyes and ears, its immediate surroundings. During the first few years of life, light colors and a cozy atmosphere are the most important factors in kids bedroom wallpapers.

Patterns and motifs can be concrete or abstract – but they are always befitting for children. Wallpaper design for baby room needs to be very peaceful, soothing and calming. While you are looking forward to decorating your little one`s nursery, wallpaper designs with soft pastels and neutral colors allow you to create beautiful baby rooms. Here are some awww-dorable ideas of wallpaper for baby nursery:

•Polka dots Wallpaper designs

Colorful motif wallpaper designs

Galaxy wallpaper for kids room


As the child grows older, stronger prime colors come into play, and kids develop interests, favorite themes, superheroes and movie characters which can be reflected in the kids’ room wall décor. Wallpapers become the backdrop for the imaginative play, an inspiring landscape for exploration. Patterns and motifs of kids’ wallpapers come alive in their imaginations.

Wallpaper for kids rooms should be fun to look at. Soft kids toys and room colors can be inspired by designs of wallpaper for your kids’ rooms. The wallpaper in kids rooms can be additionally decorated with various fun, texture, and color to kids rooms and create optimistic, interesting and modern kids room wallpaper design. Some of the best wallpaper for kids are:

Disney Wallpaper for bedrooms

Princess Wallpaper for girls bedroom

Pirate theme wallpaper for bedroom


When they reach school age, kids also need an appropriate environment to do their homework and study. Learning aptitude and concentration can be fostered by choosing the right children’s room wallpaper. Increasingly, friends and acquaintances will come and visit and the focus turns to a more representative character of the room.

Once they reach puberty, the former “kids’ room” becomes more of a refuge, a private oasis where secrets are kept and friends are received. The child’s room becomes a teenager’s room – and the wallpaper should reflect their budding personality. Provocative patterns, motifs, and colors or unusual materials are THE MAINS when it comes to teen bedrooms. Wallpaper in their room can fuel up their dreams. Whether he wants to fly up in the sky or dive into the sea, whether she wants to be a cricketer or want to travel the whole world. We have wallpaper for every dream.

Superhero Wallpaper for kids room

Star Wars Wallpaper for Kids room

Hogwarts Wallpaper for kids room

Floral motif wallpaper gor girls bedroom


So, give a striking transformation to your children bedroom walls with our fabulous range of latest wallpaper designs for kids roo,. Create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with the varied range of children bedroom wallpaper patterns and wallpaper ideas.

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