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100+ Latest Wallpaper Designs for Living Room | How to Choose Right Living Room Wallpaper?

Latest Living Room Wallpaper Designs [Updated 2018]

Looking for ideas to decorate or redecorate your living room? We bring to you our large and latest collection of Living Room Wallpaper Designs perfect for all 4 walls or as a feature wall. Embellish your living room walls with these popular wallpaper designs for living room.

Please Note

  • The cost of wallpaper depends upon the carpet area of the space for wallpaper, the wallpaper design you choose and the wallpaper material used.
  • The wallpaper purchased is delivered at your place with no delivery charges.
  • Our wallpaper designers can also make customized wallpapers for walls as required by the client for which a clear photograph of the wallpaper to be made needs to be provided.
  • We also provide for Wallpaper Installation Services at doorstep.
  • Wallpaper Installation includes cleaning of wallpaper installation spot.
  • Installation time of one Wallpaper can be around 2-3 hours.

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Wallpaper for Living Room

A living room is considered to be the heart of a home, where everyone comes to unwind after a hard day’s work. It is the place that you show off or flaunt in front of your guests, all of your family gatherings take place in that particular area, whole family comes and relaxes on that couch in the living room. A living room speaks for the complete home decor. This is why interior decorators lay a lot of stress on the decor of your living room which speaks out the whole image of your home decor.

How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Living Room?

Whether your living room is more of a formal parlor, or a family room, a cozy den, or a luxe lounge, we at Quotemykaam can help you choose the right wallpaper for your living room walls to compose the perfect space – full of charm, perfect to unwind, entertain, and truly enjoy your home!

Today, people experiment a lot with their living rooms in many different ways as per their tastes and preferences. Experts in general say that the wallpaper for a living room should be vintage, having an innovative, experimental or futuristic touch to it. The wallpaper used should be such that it immediately draws peoples’ attention towards it while adding to the charm of the room. Here, below are few tips to choose the right wallpaper for your living room:

  • Formal Living Room : Some people like to have a formal setting in the living room bringing the elegant and decent style to their home decor. Formal setting of living room is choosen mainly when you have frequent guests at your home. In such case, you should go for wallpaper designs that are subtle, looks flat, smooth and elegant such as metallic wallpaper which adds sheen to a room, abstract wallpaper and go with colors like grey, white, off-white, ivory depending upon the lighting arrangment in the room.
  • Casual Living Room : If you want to give your living room to be a cozy den or give it more of a relaxing look to bring out the fact that family is very close knitted and spend their most of the time in the living area only then you may go with fresh, classy, organic wallpaper designs or sometimes dark colored designs also work in this case. You may choose from 3d nature wallpapers to grass cloth wallpaper (organic type of wallpaper creating a textural look), pattern wallpaper or texture wallpaper. We would suggest you to mix and match different patterns (just like different family members mix and match together) to create a look that is totally unique to your home. Here, you may also use one feature wall or can even use all the walls of the living room.
  • Small Living Room : Wallpapering a small living room right is the most creative thing. When the space is small, you need to be very careful while choosing the wallpaper designs as the wrong choice can spoil the whole look of your living room making it look more smaller. One of the main things to be kept in mind while selecting the wallpaper for small living room should be to avoid wallpaper designs that can make look your room even more smaller in size.

    The perfect choice for small living rooms can be wallpapers with small floral prints or mini prints. A small pattern of wallpaper design has the effect of making a room appear larger, as long as the background colour of the wallpaper is light. The less dense the pattern, the greater the effect. Even if it is a small scale, a dense pattern creates a busy feel within a room. Also, the Mini prints in light, cool colors and fine textures applied to the walls and ceiling create a feeling of more space in a small room.

    You can also go for Vertical striped wallpaper which makes a living room look taller and ideal if ceilings are low. In small rooms with low ceilings, it is best to use wallpapers in wide and thick stripes.

  • Big Living Room : When you have a big living room, one of the common wallpaper designs is big bold prints or large patterns to make your home decor look like a piece of art. Here, mainly people opt to highlight just one wall and prefer more of experimental, contemporary or urban wallpaper designs for living room. The mood for large living rooms is commonly set as modern, artistic, trendy, original, classy, playful, engaging, unique or happy for which you may go for Geometric Wallpaper, Urban Wall Mural, Damask Wallpaper, Metallic Wallpaper.

Distinguish your living space with a beautiful living room wallpaper. Embellish your living room walls with textures, designs, and polished finishes to compose the perfect space for you and your family.

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