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Best Wallpaper Designs & Installation Service in Chinchwad, Pune

Best wallpaper installation services in Chinchwad, Pune for best wallpapers, 3d wallpaper. 1000+ Wallpaper designsBook wallpaper installation services in Chinchwad, Pune for best wallpapers, 3d wallpaper. 1000+ Wallpaper designs

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Wallpaper Installation Rates in Pune


  • Wall Paper Installation


  • Starting ₹ 500/- per roll

Best Wallpaper Installation Services in Chinchwad, Pune

Best Wallpaper Installation Services in Chinchwad, Pune for creating a stylish interior and bringing a new and fresh look to your home or office space by the professionals from Quotemykaam. Transform your home with wide variety of wallpapers like 3D wallpapers, Embossed wallpapers, Anaglypta wallpapers, Vinyl wallpaper and many more.

Key Wallpaper Design & Installation Services in Chinchwad, Pune

Why Us

  • Top rated experienced Wallpaper Dealers in Chinchwad, Pune
  • Wide variety of dizzying array of wallpaper themes, designs, prints and materials
  • 1000+ Custom Wallpaper designs as per client's requirements
  • Washable, Maintenance free and Highly durable Wallpaper


  • Huge variety of wallpapers to choose from - 3D wallpapers, Embossed wallpapers, Anaglypta wallpapers, Vinyl wallpaper and many more.
  • You can discuss wallpaper design, requirement and budget with our professional.
  • Final Wallpaper quote is given depending upon the carpet area of the space for wallpaper and the design you choose.
  • Customized wallpapers available in various attractive patterns, trendy designs and colors.
  • We provide best wallpapers, wall coverings for home, office, restaurants, shopping malls, conference room, hotels, showrooms, banquet halls.
  • Read our Wallpaper Designs & Installation FAQs to know more about our Wallpaper Services in Chinchwad, Pune.
  • Wallpaper Installation, Cleaning of wallpaper installation spot.
  • Installation time of one Wallpaper can be around 2-3 hours.
  • Painting of wall around wallpaper installation spot is not included with wallpaper installation services.

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Abhay is a well known name for providing the best quality wallpaper installation services. He has a team of experienced and skilled workers who do their job to the perfection and recreate your old house in a brand new one.

Wallpaper Designs

What are the different types of wallpapers?

Here are different types of wallpapers for walls:

• Vinyl wallpaper

• Embossed wallpaper

• Liquid wallpaper

• Anaglypta wallpapers

• Traditional wallpaper

• Non-woven wallpaper


What is vinyl wallpaper? What are its benefits?

These wallpaper contains plastic upper coating, paper or fiber and backing layers. It is considered to be the most popular type of wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper is pre-coated with a primer surface of paper and it is printed with the help of a machine. It is resistant to water and water vapour hence bathroom and kitchen is perfect for vinyl wallpaper installation.

Benefits of vinyl wallpaper are:

• They are easily washable.

• They are light and water resistant.

• They are very durable.

 vinyl wallpaper for bathroom
 vinyl wallpaper for kitchen
Image Source:Pinterest

What is embossed wallpaper? What are the advantages?

Embossed wallpapers have a textured designs and are considered best choice for hiding any kind of damages in the wall. It adds depth and contrast to the plain wallpaper. Cream, stone and taupe are the most popular colours which can be co-ordinated with the feature colour

Its advantages are:

• It has the ability to hide blemishes and cracks in the wall.

• They can easily be painted over.

 embossed wallpaper
Image Source:Pinterest
 embossed wallpaper designs for living room

What is anaglypta wallpaper? What are the advantages?

It is made from paper or vinyl. It has no designs except the texture. Anaglypta wallpaper is a good choice for covering blemishes and cracks.

 anaglypta wallpaper design
Image Source:Pinterest
 anaglypta wallpaper design for living room
Image Source:Go Wallpaper

What is traditional wallpaper and its advantages?

Traditional wallpaper can either be single or doubled layered. It is most commonly used in bedroom and is considered to be most popular. They are very ecological and helps the walls to breathe. They are widely used in children's bedroom and dining room.

Advantages of traditional wallpaper

• They are easily accessible and are very affordable.

• They are very ecological.

 traditional wallpaper design
 traditional wallpaper designs for bedroom
Image Source:Wallpaper Design

What is non-woven wallpaper? What are the advantages?

Non-woven wallpapers are washable because it is blended with natural and synthetic fibres. They are commonly used in kitchen and bathrooms. Now a days it has become a latest trend.

Advantages of non-woven wallpaper:

• Non-woven wallpapers are user and Eco-friendly.

• They are tear resistant. It does not get torn.

 non woven wallpaper designs
 non-woven wallpaper designs for kitchen

Wallpaper Installation Service in Chinchwad, Pune

How long in advance would I have to book the wallpaper installation service?

We always request our client to book the professional wallpaper installation service 24-48 hours in advance so that work gets completed on time and there is no delay.


I would like to change the date when the wallpaper installation was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.


How long would it take you to install the wallpapers?

Generally wallpaper installation takes approx 2-3 hours. Also, our professional will always give you the right estimate as in how much time will the service get completed.


How long does it take for wallpaper or wall murals to completely dry?

It usually take around 1-2 days for wallpaper or wall mural to be semi dry and around a week to completely dry. Avoid touching the walls immediately after installation.


Will I have to buy the wallpaper myself or do you provide the same?

It totally depends on the client. You can request for wallpaper installation service only. We also provide wide variety of wallpapers as well. Our experts will show you the designs catalog to choose from and we install wallpaper on your wall flawlessly.


Can a new wallpaper be installed over an existing one?

Yes it is possible but we do not recommend it. We would only recommend you to install new wallpaper after removing the existing one as old wallpaper may give an irregular look to the new wallpaper and damage its finish.


Can wallpaper be installed in a bathroom with high moisture content?

With little precautions wallpaper can be installed in an area with a high moisture content.

• If you want to install it in your bathroom then wallpaper needs to be coated with water-based polyurethane in order to make it water-resistant.

• You can use an adhesive which is used to kill moulds in order to prevent the moisture from flowing into your wallpaper.


My wall does not have plain surface. Can the wallpaper be installed on it?

No, the wallpaper can only be installed on the wall with absolutely flat or smooth surface to avoid bumps and to achieve a perfect finish.


What is the difference between Primer and Sizing? And do I need them?

Yes, you would need them both to protect your walls. Primer is a protector/sealer for your walls, which prevents the paste from absorbing in the surface where as Sizing provides additional grip for better adherence and more slip for ease of sliding each strip into position of the wall.


How many rolls will I require?

It depends upon how many walls you would want to cover. Our experts will discuss the same with you.


What kind of material you use for printing the wallpaper?

Our professional use high quality PVC free material which is eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to kids and others at home.


How long will the wallpaper last?

With regular maintenance and proper care the wallpaper can last for 8 years.


Can I request a service for fixing the wallpaper which has already been installed?

Yes, definitely. You should only get professional help to fix the already installed wallpapers as the professionals know the tricks to fix it without tearing the paper.


Does the wall needs to be repaired after wallpaper removal?

If the wallpaper peels off itself then you may not have to repair the walls. It is always recommended to get help from the professional wallpaper hangers as with their help you will have less risk of damages to the walls.


Can I paint over the wallpaper?

The problem that you will face if you paint it over the wallpaper is that the wallpaper will start to peel off and so will the paint on the top and thus it will ruin the paint.


Home Wallpaper Designs

What are the various wallpaper designs for living room?

Living room is the place where you welcome guests and where the family members spend most of their time. Hence, it forms the most important part of the house. There are various wallpaper designs for living room such as Nature Motifs, Green garden wallpaper design, Fabric wallpaper designs, Subtle floral designs, white design wallpaper, Chinoiserie wallpaper or scenic wall murals and many more.

 fabric wallpaper design
Image Source:Fresh Design Pedia

What are some tips for choosing the right wallpaper for living room?

Here are some tips for choosing the right wallpaper for living room

Colour: The first important thing is colour. Choose the colour accordingly. It is recommended to avoid black and white wallpaper and choose any other colour wallpaper.

Eco-Friendly wallpaper: Always go for eco-friendly wallpaper as it accumulates less dust.

Lightning: lightning is the important part to consider. It is necessary to see how the wallpaper works with the light in the morning, afternoon and night.


What are some of the unique wallpaper for bedroom walls?

Here are some unique wallpaper bedroom design ideas:

Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper: This wallpaper is perfect for bedroom. It is available in various colours and designs and is easy to repair.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper
Image Source:Pinterest

Flock wallpaper: This kind of wallpaper creates a three dimensional effect and has a velvet like texture which makes it perfect for bedroom.

flock wallpaper design

• You can even go for some French floral wallpaper or pretty plaid wallpaper for bedroom walls.

 french floral designs for bedroom
Image Source:Home Design Lover

What kind of wallpaper designs are suitable for bathroom?

Here are some unique and new wallpaper designs for bathroom:

Brown Geometric Vinyl Bathroom Wallpaper will go well.

brown geometric vinyl bathroom wallpaper
Image Source:Walls Republic

Metallic wallpaper is also another popular wallpaper design for bathroom.

metallic wallpaper for bathroom

What are some latest wallpaper designs for kitchen?

Have a look at some unique and latest wallpaper designs for kitchen:

• For kitchen contemporary non-woven patterened design will look best.

contemporay non woven pattern for kitchen
Image Source: Pinterest

• You can even go for batik flower design or green wallpaper design for kitchen.

batik flower design for kitchen
Image Source: Pinterest

Office Wallpaper Designs

What is the importance of wallpapers in office?

We all need an atmosphere which is motivating. Right office wallpaper creates a motivating atmosphere and helps to increase ideas. Choosing a right office wallpaper can make the work all the more exciting and eventually enhance the work environment.


What are some popular wallpaper designs for conference room?

For conference room you can go for wallpaper decor like Black Beech, The Countryside, Vintage wooden letters, World map and many more.

 vintage wooden letter wallpaper designs
Image Source: Pinterest

Restaurant Wallpaper Designs

What are various modern wallpaper designs for restaurant?

There are various modern wallpaper designs for restuarant. Such as 3D Wall murals, Brick wall mural designs, Vinyl wallpaper designs and many more.

 Bedroom-3d-Wall-for restuarant
Image Source: Design Trends

Hotel Wallpapers Designs

What are some unique and popular wallpaper designs for hotels?

Here are some popular wallpaper designs for hotels:

• For hotels 3D embossed vinyl wallpaper is a great option.

3D embossed vinyl wallpaper for hotel

• You can go for decorative brick non-woven wallpaper.

decorated brick non woven wallpaper for hotels

• 3D effect print is another great choice for hotel.

3D effect wallpaper for hotels

Wallpaper Maintenance Tips

What are some tips for maintaining wallpaper?

• As most of the wallpapers are washable, wash it with plain water and a cloth but keep in mind not to use too much of water.

• If you have installed a wallpaper with texture and design then use vacuum brush and clean them regularly.

• Keep food items away from the wallpaper to avoid staining the wall.


Wall Covering in Chinchwad, Pune

What is the importance of wall covering?

• Wall covering helps to secure the durability of the walls.

• Wall covering are maintenance free.

• It is cost effective and because of its durability it is extremely economical.


Which is the best wall covering for bathroom?

Vinyl wallpaper is perfect for bathroom as it is 100% waterproof wallpaper. It can be peeled and applied more than once. You can go for large wallpaper pattern design if you want to reduce the size of the bathroom. Or vertical pattern in order to make your bathroom look taller.



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