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Best Professional Car Cleaning, Car Wash in Ghaziabad

Best Car Wash in Ghaziabad for Car Interior and Exterior Cleaning, Car Detailing at best ratesBest Car Wash in Ghaziabad for Car Interior and Exterior Cleaning, Car Detailing at best rates

Car Cleaning Services Rates in Ghaziabad

Car Exterior Cleaning Rates


  • Small/Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • MUV
  • SUV/Luxury


  • ₹ 499/-
  • ₹ 699/-
  • ₹ 899/-
  • ₹ 1199/-

Car Interior Cleaning Rates


  • Small/Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • MUV
  • SUV/Luxury


  • ₹ 799/- ₹ 699/-
  • ₹ 899/- ₹ 799/-
  • ₹ 1099/- ₹ 999/-
  • ₹ 1499/- ₹ 1399/-

Car Complete Cleaning Rates


  • Small/Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • MUV
  • SUV/Luxury


  • ₹ 1099/- ₹ 999/-
  • ₹ 1499/- ₹ 1399/-
  • ₹ 1799/- ₹ 1699/-
  • ₹ 2299/- ₹ 2199/-

Please Note :

  • The above rates are for Normal Car Cleaning Package.
  • For Premium Car Cleaning Package the rates can be verified on placing the request.

Best Car Wash in Ghaziabad

Best Professional Car Wash in Ghaziabad by the expert Car Cleaners from Quotemykaam. We make your car look new and shiny by cleaning it inside and out properly.

Get the best Car Interior and Exterior cleaning, Car Detailing services in Ghaziabad, making your car germ-free, insect-free and look default-free.

Why Us

  • Top rated Professionals for Car Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad
  • Eco-friendly, High End cleaning & stain removal products
  • Professional Car Cleaning for all types of Cars – Small / Hatchback, Luxury/ Sedan, SUV/ MUV, Premium Luxury
  • Modern equipment and machinery to clean and polish your car
  • Trusted by more than 50,000 clients
  • Quality service at best rates
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Option to choose from – Car Interior Cleaning, Car Exterior Cleaning, Complete Car Cleaning
  • Complete Car Cleaning Service – involves in and out Car beautification to provide you 100% clean, dirt-free and shiny car.
  • Interior Car Dry cleaning service – involves thorough vacuuming, cleaning and disinfection from inside for a germ-free and bad odor free car.
  • Exterior Car cleaning – involves complete car wash from outside removing all the dust and mud stains giving you a spotless car with its shine restored.
  • Engine bay area is also cleaned, polished, dressed and protected during the car detailing process.
  • Normal Car Cleaning is done using Waxpol Rubbing.
  • Premium Car Cleaning is done using 3M products.
  • Read our Car Wash & Car Detailing FAQs to know more about our Professional Car Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad.

  • Car cleaning can take between 3-6 hours, depending on car type.
  • There is an option for Car wash service at home or at workshop.
  • Free pick up and drop, in case the car cleaning is done at workshop.
  • The car cleaning packages can be customized as per client's requirements.
  • We do cater to same day car cleaning services, provided 3 hours notice.



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Car Interior Cleaning in Ghaziabad

What is included in Car interior cleaning services in Ghaziabad?

Interior Car Cleaning thoroughly disinfects your car from all the germs and removes all the foul smell. Interior car cleaning services includes:

• Car Vacuum – Complete Car Vacuuming is done to suck out all the dust and debris deposited in the car seats, holders, floor.

• Roof cleaning – Car roof is properly cleaned and all the stains or marks are removed.

• Floor dry clean – Floors are thoroughly vacuumed and dry cleaned making them dust-free.

• Dashboard Dressing – Cleaning and Detailing of Dashboard and Steering wheel and restoring the appearance as good as new.

• Floor Mats – Mats are firstly vacuumed and then scrubbed so that all the dirt is completely removed.

• Seats Dry Cleaning and Head Rest – Vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning and dry cleaning of car seats and its upholstery.

• Doors and Sunshades Cleaning – Car doors, windows and sunshades are also cleaned to make your completely free from all the dirt, dust and germs.

• Thus our, car interior cleaning process completely cleans and sanitize your car from inside.


Does car interior cleaning also includes cleaning the inside of boot and bonnet?

No, our car interior cleaning does not include the cleaning of boot and bonnet from inside. In case you require it, you can request for the same, additional charges may apply.


Car Exterior Cleaning in Ghaziabad

What is included in Car exterior cleaning services in Ghaziabad?

Car Exterior Cleaning removes all the stains and marks from the exterior body of the car, restoring its lost shine and making it look as good as new. This process includes:

• Water less Car Wash – Since our company believes in protecting environment we always advise to go for car water-less wash. A safe powerful cleaner is sprayed on the car exterior and is wiped with a soft cloth. These cleaners break down dirt on a car's surface and are buffed away (without water) leaving cars shiny and clean.

• Car Shampoo Wash – Car Shampooing and Washing the car surface.

• Cleaning of door jambs, wheels, grill, bumper, exhaust, etc.

• Glass Cleaning – involves cleaning and dressing of windshield and windows.

• Tyre Dressing – thoroughly cleaning for Tyre shining

• Polishing – Specialized Waxpol car polish is used to polish the car exterior.

• Rubbing – Car exteriors buffed with waxpol rubbing compound using a rubbing machine giving your car a perfect clean and shiny look.


Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

What is Car Detailing?

Car Detailing simply means car deep cleaning. It involves complete car cleaning from inside out and protecting a vehicle's interior car cleaning as well as exterior car cleaning. Car Detailing is done as per customer' request.


What is included in Car detailing services in Ghaziabad?

Car Detailing Service includes:

• In and Out Car Beautification.

• Car Seats and Upholstery Dry Cleaning.

• Eco Wash.

• Rubbing.

• Polishing

• Glass Cleaning.

• Tyre Dressing.


What is not included in car detailing services?

Fixing the damages like scratches are not included in Car detailing.


How long it will last after detailing?

It totally depends upon how you maintain your vehicle after car detailing. Always make it a point to use proper tools and techniques for future washes so that the paint doesn't get damaged.


Professional Car Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad?

What is the difference between daily car wash and professional car wash?

Well, professionals do more than just washing the car with water. Your daily car wash cleaner typically cleans the cloth with water, with half the time you see the car not even cleaned but only the wipers up. Professional cleaning involves detailing, paint care, polishing, removing bird lime, road salt, brake dust. You can go for complete car wash cleaning or also opt in for exterior car wash cleaning or interior dry cleaning


Is there anything I would need to provide for car wash cleaning?

Service provider would require a power point plug as well as water. Even if you are staying in a high rise apartment the service providers typically have long wires to connect to switch point.


How long does it take to deep clean a car?

It usually takes 3-6 hours depending on the size, type and condition of the car.



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