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Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Book best carpet cleaning services for carpet vacuuming, sanitizing, deep cleaning at best rates

Book best carpet cleaning services for carpet vacuuming, sanitizing, deep cleaning at best rates

Best Carpet Cleaning

Quotemykaam provides reliable and professional Carpet Cleaning Services. Our Carpet Cleaning Services includes Carpet cleaning services, carpet shampooing services, carpet steam cleaning services and carpet vacuuming services. Our approach to Carpet cleaning is Safe and suitable for all kinds of carpets – like Persian Carpet Cleaning, Woolen Carpet Cleaning, Home Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Knotted Carpets, Needle Felt Carpets, Woven Carpets, Tufted Carpets, tapestry weave carpets, saumak carpets, velvet carpets, twist carpets, saxony carpets.

Every critical area in the carpet is thoroughly disinfected using our 5-star cleaning agents. Our professionals make sure that you have no more visible mark on your carpets. With our cleaning process, carpet usually dries out within 2 hours after finishing our work and is completely safe for your children and pets.

Why Us

  • We use Eco-friendly products – Diversy, Tuskey for carpet cleaning at home.
  • Specialized carpet cleaning machine for mechanized drying to reduce the drying time by 80%.
  • Quality service at best rates.
  • Experienced Carpet cleaners for all types of carpet cleaning.
  • Dedicated customer service team for any post service issue.
  • Most trusted service provider for Residential Carpet Cleaning.


  • Once you book the request, we will confirm on the availability and time slot.
  • Our carpet cleaners begin with thorough carpet vacuuming to clear out all the dust and debris from the carpet.
  • Once the vacuuming is done, based on the condition and type of carpet our expert use the appropriate carpet cleaning method.
  • Carpet Cleaning methods – Carpet Shampoo cleaning, Carpet Dry cleaning, Carpet Steam cleaning.
  • After cleaning the Carpets, the supervisor makes sure that the client checks it so that there are no complaints.
  • We use the advanced modern carpet cleaning machine and specially designed tools to give you 100% dust free and spotless carpets.
  • A follow up is made to confirm that the service was satisfactory and to get your valuable feedback.

  • Scrubbing, disinfecting and sanitization of all types of carpets.
  • Industrial grade Vacuum cleaners to ensure that micro dust particles are sucked out of your carpet.
  • Internationally approved fabric care chemical – Tuskey R103 is used for rug cleaning.

  • Carpet cleaning might take 2-3 hours depending upon the size of the carpet. Please plan accordingly.
  • Most carpets comes with a tag stating the instructions on how to clean the carpet. Our experts will suggest an appropriate method accordingly.
  • If there are any permanent stains we won't be able to remove them completely. The carpet cleaner will inform you prior to work start.
  • You should give sufficient time for carpet to Dry. Don't use moist carpet.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case of any delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
  • We provide house carpet cleaning services for independent plots, apartments, farnhouses, bungalows.

  • What are the types of carpet cleaning ?
    Carpet cleaning services are of various types – Carpet Steam cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning, Carpet shampoo Claeaning, Carpet Foam Cleaning and Bonnet Carpet Cleaning.

  • What is Carpet steam cleaning and when should I opt for it?
    Steam cleaning of carpet is done by blasting hot water or steam through the carpet. If your carpet is not heavily soiled or doesn’t have stains – it’s best to go for carpet steam cleaning.

  • “What is Carpet Shampooing ?
    In Shampooing, a carpet shampoo is used to generate thick foam with the help of a machine and later the dirt is washed off the carpet. In case the carpet is heavily soiled, shampooing helps to remove the dirt out of the carpet. Shampoo cleaning keeps the carpet in good shape and also reduces any bacteria, germs that are present.

  • What is Carpet Foam Cleaning ?
    Foam Cleaning is the combination method of both Carpet dry cleaning and Carpet shampooing. In this method first carpet shampooing is done then carpet dry cleaning is done. In this process, very little amount of water along with foam detergent is used for attracting dirt and soil. After carpet foaming is done, the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly for drying out excess water, dirt and detergents.

  • What is Bonnet carpet cleaning ?
    Bonnet carpet cleaning services are largely provided in commercial buildings and in hotels and resorts because it does not give the same impact like the residential homes. The main purpose of the bonnet is to restore industrial carpeting wastes and dirts instead of providing deep cleaning. This method uses heavy carpet cleaning machines which can damage the fabric or fiber of carpets that is used for home carpets. In this method, chemical detergent is applied to the carpet with permeable pad on the revolving shampoo carpet cleaning machines for restoring carpet and to extract dirt and soil away.

  • Which is the best method of Carpet Cleaning?
    Carpet steam cleaning or Hot water extraction Process of carpet cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning. Our Carpet cleaning services is famous for this method. In this method, firsty the hot water is injected in the carpet along with detergents with the help of carpet cleaning machines. This mixture is then extracted by carpet cleaning machines forcefully which removes all the soils, dirt, microbes and leaves the carpet new like and dirt free.

  • How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
    Depending on the weather conditions (humidity, temperature etc), it can take between 3-8 hours for the carpet to completely dry. It is highly recommended that you plan accordingly, so that carpet is completely dried out before use again. Our service providers use foam generating machines to ensure drying time is reduced by 80%.

  • Does carpet cleaning remove all spots and stains from the carpet?
    100% spot or stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Some stains permanently discolor the carpet fibers. Also depending on the age and type of carpet, it could be hard to remove all spots or stains. Your service provider can advise you of the same.

  • Where would carpet cleaning be done?
    Carpet cleaning is typically done at service provider’s factory with specialized machines and eco-friendly chemicals.

  • What to do, if you are getting foul odor from your carpets?
    If you are getting a foul odor from the carpets, sprinkle baking soda and vacuum after a few hours. It is a simple and effective method of cleaning your carpet.
  • You can make a paste with Baking soda and Vinegar and make a smooth paste, dilute it with warm water until it becomes a smooth liquid. Scrub it into the stain using an old toothbrush.
  • You can simply sprinkle baking soda on the carpet to remove any kind of foul smell from the carpets.

  • Why should you regularly clean your carpets?
    If you do it very rarely, then chances of getting the solid cakes of dust out that has settled down, becomes very difficult. Another main reason is that carpets are the breeding place for a lot of dust mites and tiny insects. This can cause allergies and bacterial infection and other diseases like asthama.

  • Is deep cleaning different from traditional carpet shampooing process?
    Yes. Not only is shampooing much harder to do than deep cleaning, it is also more likely to re-soil and unlikely to have the same pleasing odor of deep-cleaned carpet.


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Professional carpet cleaning services at your doorstep at reasonable rates. Quotemykaam provides best carpet cleaning services to give you 100% stain free and dust free carpets.
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