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Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai | Best Cleaning Experts

Best kitchen cleaning in Chennai for kitchen disinfection, kitchen sanitization at best ratesBest kitchen cleaning in Chennai for kitchen disinfection, kitchen sanitization at best rates

Kitchen Cleaning Rates in Chennai


  • High end dusting of Fridge tops, counters, cupboards, and other non reachable areas.
  • Thorough Scrubbing and disinfection of kitchen sink, cabinets, counter top, kitchen fittings & fixtures.
  • Wiping and Scrubbing of kitchen Floor & Wall tiles.
  • De-greasing of Stove, Gas Hobs/Burners & Chimney Hoods (Exterior)
  • Exterior Cleaning of Kitchen Appliances and storage cabinets.
  • Open cupboards are cleaned on request. Additional charges may apply.
  • Read our Professional Kitchen Cleaning FAQs to know more about our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services in Chennai.

  • Kitchen cleaning may take 4-6 hours depending on the size. Please plan accordingly.
  • If there are any permanent stains or Faded Tiles, we won't be able to make them shine like new. The cleaner will inform you prior to work start.
  • Cleaning of Jars, Utensils and Appliance Interiors (Fridge, Microwave) is not included in kitchen Deep cleaning.
  • If cupboards need to be cleaned from inside, it is advised to empty Kitchen utensils in advance.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
  • We provide for kitchen cleaning services at home, offices, Restaurants, Hospital, School canteen, Hotels, resorts, banquet halls.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best kitchen cleaners at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best kitchen cleaner in Chennai.

  • STEP 1 : Select the size of the area to be cleaned and click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of kitchen cleaner
  • Call from assigned kitchen cleaner to discuss service details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of kitchen cleaner with the best kitchen cleaning equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

  • Top rated, Verified Kitchen Cleaning Experts in Chennai
  • Use of Eco-friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products and Kitchen Disinfectants
  • Best in class Kitchen cleaning tools and equipment
  • Completely sanitized and sparkling kitchen for you
  • 100% Hassle free service
60+ Services, 4.5+ Rated, 5000+ service professionals, 100000+ Happy Customers
Best Rates, Quality & Timely Service, Awesome Experience, Trusted Professionals

Complete description Of Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

Best professional Kitchen Cleaning in Chennai for a healthy, hygienic and germ-free kitchen. Top Rated Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai from Quotemykaam aiming to keep your home healthy and deep clean your kitchen with Eco-friendly cleaning agent and removing dirt, grime and moisture that gets gathered.

We have highly trusted cleaning experts for Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Chennai who strive to reach the corners that is not possible in day to day life and provide you a sparkling, deep cleaned and healthy kitchen.

Key Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

Velu - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai



Rated – 4.4/5

Based on 111 reviews

About Professional

Velu is a well known service provider for kitchen cleaning in Chennai to make your kitchen look shiny and sparkling.

His team of professional kitchen cleaners in Chennai thoroughly clean and disinfect your kitchen and deep clean it so that all the dirt, germs are completely out of it.

Murli - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai



Rated – 4.3/5

Based on 54 reviews

About Professional

Murli heads a reliable and experienced team of kitchen cleaners in Chennai to give you a perfectly deep cleaned kitchen at best rates.

They deep clean your home each and every corner and unreachable area, leaving no dirt behind using safe eco-friendly cleaning products non harmful to kids or pets. Known for instant top quality kitchen cleaning services in Chennai with utmost satisfaction.

Jacob - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai



Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 3 reviews

About Professional

Provides first-class, reliable, professional kitchen cleaning services and customizable cleaning services plan depending on your needs. Staff is especially trained and experienced, working according to the highest industry standards and often exceeding your requirements.

kitchen Care Cleaning Services - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

kitchen Care Cleaning Services


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 7 reviews

About Professional

Kitchen Care Cleaning Services is the most reputable, reliable name in home cleaning and total home hygiene solutions of Chennai. Their house cleaning service has served countless homes with lots of satisfied customers.Their highly trained and qualified professionals use professional specialized machines, equipment and chemicals to provide a unique, high quality cleaning experience. They provide a wide range of services from customized cleaning to an express service. They use specialized, safe and government approved chemicals. Their trained and experienced technicians are background verified. They provide a wide range of cleaning services for every need including any customization requests. They engage in continuous dialogue with our valued customers to get their feedback and update ourselves.

Home Shine Cleaning Service  - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

Home Shine Cleaning Service


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 4 reviews

About Professional

When it comes about the cleaning services Home Shine Cleaning Service of Chennai is famous for their highly effective, dedicated and trustworthy cleaning services. They serve you the maximum level of highly effective cleaning credentials with the help of their professional and skilled staff. They ensure their clients to give them the standardized, flexible and reliable cleaning services including the eco-friendly products and credentials. They have professional team for cleaning services for housekeeping who are fully trained and experienced cleaning service staff for office, the residential, commercial and industrial purpose. They also offer to you all the reputable and highly skilled staff who knows the tricks and tactics to make your kitchen place spotless and furnish.

Madhu Kitchen cleaning services  - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

Madhu Kitchen cleaning services


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 11 reviews

About Professional

Madhu kitchen cleaning services is one of the committed cleaning companies of Chennai that offer and allows you all the finest cleaning credentials. They keenly spotlight on the needs of their clients. As they firmly believe and focus on conveying praiseworthy quality that appeal and entices their clients.

Ashok kitchen cleaning service - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

Ashok kitchen cleaning service


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 3 reviews

About Professional

Ashok kitchen cleaning service is different from many other providers in that we pride ourselves in cleaning the entire system every service. While many companies may claim to provide the same level of quality, they take extra steps to ensure that from the initial inspection of your system their clients are assured of a complete sparkling and hygenic kitchen cleaning service.

Abhi home cleaning services - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

Abhi home cleaning services


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 11 reviews

About Professional

Their team of trained and certified cleaning professionals clean your entre kitchen. Their experts will recommend proper cleaning frequencies using specialized tools and equipment to measure the level of flammable residue in your kitchen, and report back to you on any conditions that may compromise the safe operation of the kitchen exhaust system in your facility.

Satyarth home care - Kitchen Cleaners in Chennai

Satyarth home care


Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 14 reviews

About Professional

They help their clients gain peace of mind by providing them professional and efficient deep clean from a team who are all trained to deliver excellence as standard. Their professional cleaners of Chennai have experience deep cleaning a wide variety of kitchens across all the parts of Chennai.

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Residential Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

What is included in Interior Kitchen Cleaning in Chennai?

• Removing Cobwebs and Complete dusting of your kitchen including tiles, walls, fans and light fixtures, windows, doors, switchboards.

• Sweeping and Mopping of Kitchen floor.

• Scrubbing and Wiping of kitchen tiles, walls, preparation table, storage cabinets(externally) & countertops.

• Cleaning the areas where grease and dirt can build up, such as under stove and around the seals of fridge, exhaust fan, chimney.

• De-greasing of Gas Hobs/ Burners & Chimney Hoods

• Scrubbing, disinfecting and sanitizing kitchen sink area.

• Cleaning all stainless steel and chrome kitchen fixtures.

• Cleaning of open shelves by removal of jars and utensils. Please note that re-arrangement of jars and utensils is not included.

• External Cleaning of electrical kitchen appliances such as chimneys, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, oven and others.

• Cleaning and scrubbing of kitchen windows, doors & door handles, window grills, sills, fans and light fixtures, switchboards and all the accessible areas.

• Cleaning each and every corner for removal of oil and food stains for a spotless, germ-free kitchen.


What is included in Exterior Kitchen Cleaning in Chennai?

Exterior Kitchen cleaning in Chennai includes everything that is included in interior kitchen cleaning except :

• Cleaning of chimney hood.

• Cleaning of open shelves by removal and re-arrangement of jars and utensils.


What is not included in interior and exterior residential kitchen cleaning services in Chennai?

Cleaning of Jars, Utensils and Appliance Interiors (Fridge, Microwave) is not included in both interior and exterior residential kitchen cleaning services in Chennai.


What product you use for kitchen cleaning service?

Eco-friendly products are used by our kitchen cleaning service professionals.


What is the duration of the kitchen deep cleaning service?

Kitchen deep cleaning usually takes around 4-6 hours so it is advisable to plan accordingly. We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.


What are the kitchen cleaning charges in Chennai?

Click to view Kitchen Cleaning Charges in Chennai


Do I need to provide kitchen cleaning supplies?

No, you don't need to provide any kitchen cleaning supplies as we provide all cleaning equipments and products.


Why should I hire you over other kitchen cleaning services?

• Our kitchen cleaners are trained and experienced and they pay attention to each and every areas of your kitchen.

• Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products are used for cleaning.

• We try our best to provide complete customer satisfaction.


What preparations I need to do before kitchen cleaning start?

• It is recommended to vacate the area for the cleaning to take place properly.

• All the items and valuables should be stored away properly.

• Food items should be removed.


What are the benefits of hiring professional kitchen cleaning services?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should always go for professional kitchen cleaning service:

Professional kitchen cleaners uses Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products which is totally safe.

• It saves time, money and energy. This enables you to spend more time with your loved ones.

• Professional kitchen cleaners have the skills, tools and material which leaves your kitchen clean and fresh.

• They make sure that your kitchen is cleaned efficiently.

• They have a thorough knowledge and are well trained.

• They are experienced and pay attention to each and every areas.

• Hygiene and cleanliness are guaranteed by professional kitchen cleaning services.


What should be done with the pets during the kitchen cleaning process?

Our team of professional kitchen cleaners doesn't have any problem working in a house with pets. We will be more than happy to clean your kitchen regardless of the pets.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Chennai

What is kitchen deep cleaning?

Kitchen deep cleaning is the process which involves thorough cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of the kitchen areas which is not possible in the daily cleaning. We aim to remove all the pesky stains, grease, dirt from your kitchen and it's corners using eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products and preventing it from any kind of pest infestations. Our Kitchen deep cleaning service revives the beauty of your kitchen without harming the it's interior decor or finishes in any way, leaving it looking fresh, stainless and spotless instead.


How often should I go for kitchen deep cleaning service?

Kitchen deep cleaning should be done once in 6 months . However, it also depends on how fast the dust, germs and bacteria gets compiled in your kitchen.


Do I need kitchen deep cleaning even when I regularly clean my kitchen?

No doubt you have been doing an excellent job of keeping your kitchen clean but deep cleaning definitely goes beyond this. In kitchen deep cleaning we throughly degrease your kitchen from top to bottom and reach each and every corner and surface of your kitchen which is not possible in day to day cleaning.


What are the benefits of kitchen deep cleaning?

Keeping kitchen in top condition forms the backborn of our houses. Obviously day to day cleaning of kitchen can be very exhausting and time consuming and moreover even we don't have time for it. It not only provides you with a happy and healthy place but also influence high standard of your kitchen.

Maintains proper hygiene- Kitchen deep cleaning maintains the proper hygiene and it also keeps the food poisoning diseases away.

Keeps nasty household pests away- It keeps all kind of pests like cockroaches, ants and rats away. That is why it is always recommended to go for kitchen deep cleaning after every 6 months to stop these pests from infesting your kitchen.

Improves working condition- Clean kitchen lifts up your mood and improve convenience which helps you to find the cooking items faster and even helps you to cook properly. Not just this a thoroughly deep cleaned kitchen gives your tired and dull kitchen a new life.

Reduces food borne diseases- If the equipments that is needed to prepare food such as knives and various electrical appliances are not cleaned properly then it can lead to several food borne diseases. In order to prevent diseases it is very important to regular deep clean your kitchen. Moreover it also prevents foul odour.


Chimney Cleaning Services in Chennai

Why do I need chimney cleaning?

Regular cleaning of your chimney facilitate your chimney to work properly and decreases the risk of potential fire hazards.


How long does chimney cleaning usually take?

It usually takes approximately half an hour to thoroughly clean the chimney.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

What is the process for commercial kitchen cleaning?

Degreasing- It involves removal of grease deposits.

Decarbonising- It involves removal of burnt from the equipments such as cookers and fryers.

Sludge removal-– This involves removal of any liquid sediments that gets gathered.

Thorough cleaning of equipments– This includes degreasing and decarbonising of the utensils and equipments and thoroughly cleaning of food deposits.


What are some of the steps to keep the restaurant kitchen clean?

Here are some steps to keep the restaurant kitchen clean:

Proper sanitization: Always sanitize the table tops, chairs and counter tops properly. Sanitize them with the help of some good cleaning agent and towel.

Don't neglect condiments: All the condiment bottles which are kept on the tables such as ketchup, salt and pepper should be regularly disinfected.

Cleaned floor: Always sweep and mop the floor regularly which includes most of the areas of the restaurant like under table, chairs and entryways. If the restaurant has a tile flooring then scrub it to get rid of stain.


What is the importance of restaurant kitchen cleaning?

Improves hygiene for your establishment or premises- A thoroughly deep cleaned kitchen prevents the spread of bacteria that can contaminate your food and harm the customers. Not only it increases the level of hygiene but will also reduces customer's complains. It maintains the quality of the food and the health of the workers as well and is needed for the smooth functioning of the industry.

Improves and maintains the working condition of the staffs– If restaurant kitchen is dirty and slippery, it might not only cause accident but can also effect the operation of the business. It also provides a healthier working environment for the staffs. Moreover the staffs feel motivated to work.

It reduces the risk of pest-– A clean kitchen prevents and prevents the entry of bacteria and pests. With regular kitchen deep cleaning you will never face this problem.

For maintaining food and safety regulation- Your kitchen needs to satisfy the food standard safety regulations. You can avoid the regular inspection by health officials by getting it cleaned regularly by kitchen cleaning service professionals.

Safety of the workers- Restaurant kitchen exhaust can cause serious health hazards. Regular kitchen cleaning not only helps you to get rid of grime and dust that gets gathered but also prevents the risk of fire.


What are the charges for commercial kitchen cleaning in Chennai?

The charges for commercial kitchen cleaning in Chennai will be quoted upon discussion.


Kitchen Maintenance Tips

How to keep kitchen clean daily?

• After each meal clean the table and keep the leftover in an air tight container and store them in the refrigerator.

• Clean spills and crumbs from the floor, stove and table.

• Clean the garbage and dispose them regularly.

• Regularly sweep and vacuum the floor.

• Read more about Kitchen Cleaning Tips



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