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Best Sofa Dry Cleaning

Book Best professional Sofa Dry cleaning for sofa vacuuming, deep cleaning, sanitization at best rates

Book Best professional Sofa Dry cleaning for sofa vacuuming, deep cleaning, sanitization at best rates

Book Best Sofa Dry Cleaners in your City

Best Sofa Dry Cleaning

Quotemykaam provides you the best sofa cleaning service for Sofa shampoo cleaning, Sofa steam cleaning, Fabric & Leather sofa cleaning, cleaning of dining chairs, cushion and upholstery cleaning services.

Our well trained and equipped sofa dry cleaners thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the sofa making sure that you have no more dust or visible marks or stains on your sofa.

Why Us

  • Eco-friendly, High End cleaning products
  • High class Foam generating machine to reduce Dry time by more than 80%
  • Quality service at best rates
  • Best in class stain removal products
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Top rated Professional Sofa Dry Cleaners.


  • Once you book the request, we will confirm on the availability and time slot.
  • Our sofa cleaners begin with thorough sofa vacuuming to remove all the dust and debris from the sofa and its gaps.
  • Once the vacuuming is done, based on the condition and type of sofa our expert use the appropriate sofa cleaning method.
  • The methods our experts use for sofa deep cleaning are Sofa Shampoo cleaning and Sofa Steam cleaning.
  • We use the advanced modern sofa cleaning machine and specially designed tools to make sure all the folds and gaps are taken care of.
  • A follow up is made to confirm that the service was satisfactory and to get your valuable feedback.

  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization of Fabric sofa, Leather sofa, rexine sofa, cushions, dining chairs and other upholstery.
  • Cleaning of sofa legs and armrest.
  • Industrial grade Vacuum cleaners to ensure that micro dust particles are sucked out of your upholstery.
  • Internationally approved fabric care chemical – Tuskey R103 is used for sofa dry cleaning.
  • How to clean Leather Sofa.
  • How to clean Fabric Sofa.

  • Sofa dry cleaning might take 2-3 hours depending upon the number of sofa seats. Please plan accordingly.
  • Fabric sofa mostly comes with a tag stating the instructions on how to clean sofa. Our experts will suggest an appropriate method to clean sofa accordingly.
  • If there are any permanent stains we won't be able to remove them completely. The sofa dry cleaner will inform you prior to work start.
  • You should give sufficient time for Sofa to Dry. Don't use moist Sofa.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case of any delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
  • We provide sofa dry cleaning at home, offices, Restaurants, Industrial areas, Hospital, Schools, Hotels, Buildings, Residential societies, plots, apartments, shopping malls, resorts, banquet halls.

  • What type of Sofa and Upholstery do you clean?
    Our professionals are expert in cleaning of fabric sofa, leather sofa, rexine sofa, dining chairs, cushions, sofa cum bed and other upholstery.

  • What are different methods for Sofa Cleaning you use?
    There are mainly two widely used sofa cleaning methods – Sofa Shampoo cleaning and Sofa Steam Cleaning.

  • What is Sofa Shampoo Cleaning and when should I opt for it?
    Sofa Shampooing is used to generate thick foam with the help of a machine and later the dirt is washed off the sofa. In case the sofa is heavily soiled, shampooing helps to remove the dirt out of the sofa. Sofa shampoo cleaning keeps your sofa in good shape and also reduces any bacteria, germs that might be present.

  • What is Sofa Steam Cleaning and when should I opt for steam cleaning over other cleaning alternatives
    Sofa Steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction is done by passing the sofa through hot water/steam. Firstly, hot water is surfaced onto sofa and after 10-15 minutes, the sofa is dry cleaned. If your sofa is not extremely dirty or doesn’t have stains – you can go for steam cleaning.

  • What is the guarantee of the products that are used in cleaning the sofa?
    The sofa cleaning products that we use are of high quality and not at all harmful for the fabric of your sofa.

  • I have pets at home. Do I need to worry about them being around the chemicals?
    No, the products that we use are very eco- friendly and its fumes or solutions will not harm you or your pets.

  • I have pee stains on my sofa? How do I get rid of it?
    There are many home remedies for removing pee stains from sofas however it is still recommended that you get professional help to remove the stains. We will not only remove the stain but will also kill the odour from the sofa.

  • I have a leather sofa, and it has started stinking. What can I do to cure it?
    You can make a paste with baking soda and water and clean your sofa with it. It will kill the bad odour of the sofa. Or else we are always there to help you with your sofas.

  • Can you clean vomit from my sofa?
    Yes we can clean vomit from your sofa and also kill the odour coming from it. We will also completely sanitize your sofa killing any kinds of germs that could harm you later on.

  • How long does it take for the sofa to dry?
    Although our company uses high quality foam generating machines to ensure drying time is reduced by 80%, but it can take between 3-8 hours for the sofa to completely dry depending on the weather conditions (humidity, temperature etc). It is highly recommended that you plan accordingly, so that sofa is completely dried out before use again.

  • How is leather sofa cleaning done?
    The method for leather sofa cleaning is almost same as fabric sofa cleaning.

      ⋄ Firstly the leather sofa is gently vacuumed which removes dust from crevices and surfaces.

      ⋄ In case of leather sofa cleaning also we use the best eco-friendly chemical Tuskey R103.

      ⋄ Foam generating machine is used and then leather sofa is manually scrubbed.

      ⋄ Leather sofa is dry cleaned then and our professionals make sure that sofa properly dried up.

      ⋄ If required, Buffing and leather polishing of sofa is done. Additional charges may apply for this.


    • What is buffing leather sofa?
      Buffing Leather sofa basically cleans the fabric, remove minor surface scratches, restore its luster, keeping the leather looking its best.

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