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Quotemykaam is a leading Water Tank Cleaning service provider for both domestic water tank cleaning and commercial water tank cleaning. Our well trained professional water tank cleaners use hygienic and mechanised cleaning solutions for water storage tank cleaning and thoroughly disinfect the tank so that you have germ-free, deep cleaned water tank.

Water is the basic necessity in our everyday life. We use water practically for everything. This also makes us vulnerable to problems caused by contaminated water. So going for professional tank cleaning is a must to keep the water we use clean and healthy.

With our professional tank cleaning services you can guarantee 100 % pure and hygienic water as we use safe, effective and eco-friendly anti-bacterial agents.

Why is Water Tank Cleaning important?

In today’s world we get water supplied to our homes directly. But this water supply is limited to some specific times, so we need to store them. Two ways of storing water are :

• Underground water storage.

• Overhead water tank.

As we go for storing water artificially in a limited space of the tank, we should always maintain a clean tank to keep the stored water fresh and clean. It is always recommended to get the water storage tank cleaning done once in 6 months to save your family from using contaminated water. Some signs that signify contamination of stored water are :

• Foul smell in water.

• Rust in tank.

• Dead animals found in tank.

• Any foreign particle found in the tank.

• You may provide room for bacteria and virus to breed if you don’t clean your tank regularly.


Underground Water Tank Cleaning

Underground water tanks are widely used all over the world for underground storage of water, potable drinking water & rainwater for both various domestic as well as industrial uses. It is then transferred to overhead tanks with the help of a pump that is attached to the connecting line of the underground tank.

Underground water tank cleaning or sump tank cleaning involves cleaning the underground water tank thoroughly of any kind of sludge, bacteria or contamination.

Overhead Water Tank Cleaning

Overhead tanks are normally placed over the rooftop of any house, apartment or commercial and industrial buildings. Water is transferred to the overhead tank with the help of a pump and stored there for further use. It enables an uninteruppted flow of water for general usage at home or offices.

This overhead tank may get spoiled due to exposure to the dust, pollution and all animals in the open. The chances of water getting contaminated in overhead tank thus increases requiring overhead tank cleaning to be done on a regular basis.

However, you can be careful to keep the surroundings of the overhead water tank clean and get it professionally cleaned from inside whenever you see signs of contamination.

Our Water Tank Cleaner

The Professional tank cleaner of Quotemykaam is selected after strict scrutiny. We take utmost care in choosing the best and most customer friendly professionals. All our tank cleaners are well trained and have thorough knowledge about tank cleaning. Once you book our professional water tank cleaner, you will experience a detailed, cordial and completely customer friendly service. Customer preference is the highest priority for all our tank cleaners and all our customers always give a positive feedback for our tank cleaning service.

Water Tank Cleaning Procedure

In today’s world water storage tank cleaning methods have modernised giving you a much cleaner and hygienic water tank as an end result of the professional service.
Our water tank cleaning method includes proper mechanised cleaning ensuring sludge removal and thorough cleaning of all sides of the tank with German made high pressure water jet. Finally anti- bacterial spray and UV treatment guarantees complete disinfection.

Our water tank cleaners use organic water tank cleaning chemicals and best professional water tank cleaning equipment to make your tank fresh and clean.

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