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Jazz dance to add life to the lives of people who dance it. Learn the elegance of jazz, find the best tutors and become proficient.

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I have never danced my life. Can I still learn to dance?

Yes, Anybody can dance. From beginners to professionals, the classes have a lot to offe.

What shall I wear for dance classes?

Go for something that is comfortable and allows movement. Women can dress in leggings, shorts, or a jazz pants accompanied with a fitted t-shirt. Men can go for shorts or running pants with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Regards footwear, if going for hip hop or jazz, chose running shoes.

Can I join class for learning just few steps?

Yes, of course. Be it even either Lindy hop or Shag or both, that’s your choice. Talk to the dance masters and let them know your choice. Even, if you need brushing up-lessons, or need to learn just the basics, you are most welcome.

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