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Professional laundry services to relieve you off your daily washing woes. Timely service with convenient pick and drop of your laundry baggage from and to your doorstep. Looking for laundry services ?

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FAQs Laundry services

What types of laundry requests do you cater to?

Our service providers provide various service plans that are formulated to suit your needs. Some of the options include:
-Hypo-allergenic products
-Delicate Wash and dry
-Air Dry
-Hand wash
-Bleach/Oxy Clean
-Stain Treatments

Are my clothes washed with other people’s clothes?

Each laundry bag is processed by separately.

Any suggestions before I hand over the clothes to laundry service provider?

It is highly recommended that you count number of clothes. You should also ensure all items have been removed from your pockets before the pick-up.

Why choose laundry service over home washing?

With shortage of time in today’s fast paced lives we often tend to overlook the care that our garments require. By choosing a professional laundry service you ensure that your clothes are their best shape and receive utmost care while relieving yourself of adjusting washing machine encounters every day in an over packed schedule.

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