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Best Professional Wood Borer Pest Control – Get rid of Wood Borers in your Furniture


Hire Top-rated Wood Borer Pest Control Service Providers from Quotemykaam for home, offices, hotel and other commercial and residential buildings.

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Best Wood Borer Pest Control

Best Professional Wood Borer Pest Control Services from Quotemykaam. Our Anti-Wood Borer Treatment uses insecticide in oil based solutions to treat each and every tunnel created by the wood boring insects in any woodwork or furniture. Our Professional Wood Borer Pest Control Exterminators very carefully check all the furniture, woodwork to identify the signs of wood boring infestation and apply oil solution sprays to avoid the re-occurrence and spread of the borer infestation in wood.

Wood borers or popularly known as powder post beetle or wood eating insects invade and damage structural and furniture wood and can reduce it to dust. The larvae of these insects live in and consume the wood creating network of internal tunnels throughout the timber. These wood eating bugs are attracted to moisture and can feed on any wood used for framing work, cabinet furniture, wooden panelling, floorboards and more.

We provide you with Annual Maintenance Contract for Wood borer Control at home, offices, schools, hospitals, malls, hotels and resorts or any other commercial and residential building. It includes :

Monthly servicing for first 4 consecutive months – Treating all shot holes noticed in furniture and oil sprays to non affected areas.

Monitoring visits once in 3 months after completion of the monthly servicing as specified above. Two such monitoring visits will be made and if re-infestation is noticed the treatment will be repeated at no extra cost.

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Wood borer Control Services from Quotemykaam. Top Verified Pest Control Exterminators for wood eating insects. AMC for Wood borer treatment using safe and chemically tested insecticides and oil based solutions. 100% Effective Treatment. 1 year warranty. Best Rates.