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Best Bed Bug Control Services

Best Bed Bug pest control services from professionals of Quotemykaam for both residential bed bug treatment and commercial bed bug treatment. Our pest control treatment for bed bugs brings guaranteed results and achieves complete bed bug removal from all the infested areas.

We always ensure achieving total customer satisfaction with our friendly and detailed service approach. If you take two consecutive bedbugs treatments within 15 days, it will result in total bedbug removal.

Although home remedies for bed bug removal do help you get rid of bed bugs temporarily,  but if you want long lasting and safe, eco- friendly bed bugs treatment, you should go for professional bed bug control services.


Professionals For Bed bug treatment

Our professional bed bug exterminators take a detailed approach while providing the pest control services for bed bugs. They do a thorough site inspection and treat all infested areas and the areas at risk of bed bugs infestation, ensuring the best bed bug treatment are carried out.

Our government certified and well-trained professionals have thorough knowledge about bedbugs and their habits. So they design the best bed bug removal techniques to get you rid of these unwanted pests. Keeping your safety in mind all our bed bug exterminators are thoroughly background checked. We believe in gaining happy customers and so our expert bed bug control professionals keep customer preference as their highest priority.


What are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs or kissing bugs or Khatmal insects are parasites that feed on the human blood. The bed bug bites or bed bugs infestation can become risk factors for your body and cause harm, if left untreated. Sometimes their bites may lead to skin infection, itching, Red Welts, Lack of sleep and stress, Swelling or blister-like Skin Inflammations, Anemia and others. Hence it is important to know all about bedbugs and get professional pest control for bed bugs done at the proper time.

The most infected areas, where the bed bugs grow are on the mattresses or the nearby carpets. They mostly grow where they can find a host to feed on. Early detection and khatmal treatment are critical to stop future bed bug infestation. Our bed bug exterminators use the best methods of pest control for bed bugs to completely eradicate the bed bugs from your premises. There are many options for bed bug home treatment, to get rid of bedbugs but they are not long lasting. Thus, it is strongly recommended to get professional help for complete bed bug removal.


Signs Of Bedbug Infestation

Bed bugs can spread rapidly once bed bug infestation starts. So, you should monitor your house to see if you can find any bed bug infestation symptoms. if you observe any signs of bed bugs infestation, you should go for professional treatment for bedbugs that will result in total bed bug removal.

Our professional bed bug exterminators deliver the best bedbug treatment and make your house bed bugs free. But you should follow some bedbugs prevention tips to stop further infestation.


Bed bug Control Methods

Bed bugs can spread very fast if a bed bug infestation persists in your house. So, you should look into some natural as well as commercial bed bug control methods to get rid of bed bugs completely.

• One of the most common bed bug control method is to use pesticides to kill bed bugs. The commonly used pesticides are cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, Imidacloprid and fipronil. But, bedbugs are also developing resistance to certain pesticides so you should be careful while selecting your pesticide.

•You can use the isolation method, where you cover mattresses or use other barriers to isolate bed bug prone regions.

•You can use inorganic materials like diatomaceous earth or silica gel in combination with other methods to control bedbugs.

Organic materials like bean leaves and essential oils can be used to trap bed bugs. However, a study has proved that essential oils are not that useful to prevent bed bug infestation.

Bedbugs Heat treatment is the most popular method to get rid of bedbugs. You can give the heat treatment with steam, clothes dryers, hot boxes or raising the room temperature of bed bug infested areas.

•Some fungus like beauveria bassiana also helps in eliminating bedbugs. It acts as a slow poison. Cotton fabric sprayed with fungus spores help in killing the bedbug. The bed bug may carry the spores back to its colony thereby killing the entire colony.

•A drug called ivermectin also helps in killing bedbugs. When humans take this drug in normal doses, it enters their bloodstream, any bedbug biting them at this time will die within a few days.

The above methods require thorough knowledge about bed bugs, to be carried out effectively. Thus, you should always go for professional bedbugs treatment to get rid of bed bugs completely.


Chemicals Used To Kill Bedbugs

There are many kinds of chemicals available to get rid of bed bugs. Some common chemical types are :

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids : They bring the bedbugs out from their hiding place and kill them. But, bedbugs have become resistant to these chemicals so a combination of these chemicals with other chemicals would help.

Dessicants : They destroy the exoskeleton of bed bugs. Once the outer coating is destroyed the bedbugs dehydrate and die. E.g diatomaceous earth and boric acid.

• Biochemicals : The most common biochemical is cold pressed neem oil.

• Pyrroles : chlorfenapyr is the only pesticide in this category.

• Neonicotinoids : they act on the nicotinic receptors of the nervous system until they fail.


Bed Bug Treatment Cost

The bed bug treatment cost ranges from Rs.1100 to Rs.3000 depending on the size of area to be treated. We have different rates for 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments.


Our expert bedbugs treatment professionals cover the total infested area as well as the risky area in this bed bug treatment cost. We ensure giving you cost-effective deals for both residential bed bug control and commercial bed bug control services.


Why Is Professional bed bug treatment required?

Professional bed bug treatment by our best bed bug exterminators guarantees outstanding results and most organised and thorough bed bug control methods. If you are a frequent traveller, you should also follow some bedbugs prevention tips for travellers to keep bed bug infestation at bay.

We recommend you to choose Quotemykaam bed bug control services for bedbug removal. As our government certified, professional bed bug exterminators ensure using high quality products, best bedbug killer medicines and keep customer preferences as their priority.

Once you book our services, we take the following steps: –

• We send our best professionals for a thorough site inspection for any bedbug infestation.

• If we find the presence of bedbugs, we also look into any risky areas to affirm the level of infestation.

• Once we are assured about the level of infestation, we provide you with our estimate and time required.

• Once you confirm our bed bugs exterminator’s reports, we reach exactly on your preferred time to carry out the extermination process.

• In the extermination process, we spray the eco- friendly liquid pesticide in all infested areas.

• We also spray the insecticide into the risky areas to prevent future infestation.

So don’t wait and waste your valuable time on less effective and short span home remedies, instead go for our long lasting, safe and eco-friendly bed bugs control services.


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