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Cockroach Control Service

Quotemykaam is one of the leading cockroach control services provider. We are providing the best pest control for cockroaches in PAN India for both residential cockroach treatment and commercial cockroach treatment. Our Cockroach control price is very reasonable and we don’t compromise on the quality of service delivered. Our cockroach control service comes with a :


3 month warranty for a one time treatment.

Cockroach control Annual Maintenance Contract with 1 year warranty and quarterly visits.


Best Cockroach Control Professionals

Our cockroach control experts take pride in providing the best cockroach treatment prioritising sanitation and proofing measures in our methods.

Our professional exterminators are government certified and guarantee 100% results using effective methods and eco- friendly chemicals.

Yes, you may always consider using cockroach control home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches, but home remedies are not enough always and do not provide a permanent solution to these unwanted pests. Thus, it is always recommended to get the professional pest control for cockroaches done once or twice in a year.


Types of Cockroaches Found in India

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests who can cause more harm than you can think. There are over 5000 species of cockroach all over the world.

cockroach life cycle stages

In India mostly four different types of cockroaches are found :

• American Cockroach

• German Cockroach

• Oriental cockroach

• Brown-Banded Cockroach


Signs Of Cockroach Infestation

The common signs of cockroach infestation are:

• Cockroaches are nocturnal in nature and can hide in dark moist places, like behind appliances, in drains, behind furniture, in cracks, in sinks and can also flatten their bodies to fit in anywhere. The sight of cockroaches in any of these places is a definite sign of infestation.

• You may find cockroach droppings.

• A huge infestation may result in some foul smell.

• You may find cockroach egg cases called oothecae, in the shelter places of cockroaches.


If you ignore these signs of a cockroach infestation, you and your family may fall victim to the diseases caused by cockroaches. Your kids, pets and senior citizens at home can get affected easily too.


Some of the diseases caused by cockroaches if they contaminate your food are gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhoea etc. So in order to keep your family safe and healthy you should get professional cockroach control treatment done at the earliest.


Read more about health problems caused by cockroaches here.


Cockroach Control Methods

Once you observe cockroach infestation, you have to act fast before they spread into your house as they breed at a very fast rate. You may use some popular home remedies to get rid of cockroaches. However, the best results will be obtained with professional cockroach control methods. Some of the most popular methods for cockroach control are:


Cockroach killer spraying and dusting

In this method, effective cockroach killer pesticides are used for spraying and as dust formulation. This is a very fast effective method, and as a result of this, cockroaches don’t migrate from one place to another.


Cockroach Baiting Using Cockroach Killer Gel

If cockroaches become resistant to pesticides, the baiting method comes in handy. In this method, baits are laid in the form of a gel for cockroaches. The advantage is these gels are odourless and safe to use in all areas.


Sticky Board Traps

You can take steps to identify the possible areas of infestation. This can be achieved with the help of a flashlight and glue strips. These sticky traps attract cockroaches like nesting females, males ready to mate and young cockroaches who want to socialise.



You can use caulk to close all entry points for cockroaches.


Cockroach Treatment

Cockroach gel treatment is a revolutionising cockroach treatment for professional cockroach exterminators. This is mostly a favourite as a cockroach treatment in the kitchen. However, this will not guarantee the best results as cockroaches may have aversion to baits you have used and avoided these baits altogether. In some cases, the baits may also dry up totally and become unattractive to cockroaches.

So, to make this method most effective you should always take help of professional cockroach control exterminators who will devise the perfect baits. Based on their thorough knowledge about baiting strategies and experience on cockroach habits, they will get best and effective results.


Cockroach Control Products

We use eco- friendly, herbal, odourless chemicals so that our customers do not face any trouble.

• The bait gels that we use are Intelligel and Fipronil gel which are the best and kill the entire cockroach colonies effectively. These gels are long lasting and can be effective for over a year if proper guidelines are followed.

• The liquid insecticides used by us for wet areas are also very effective for cockroach control.


Cockroach Pest Control Cost

• The cockroach treatment cost ranges between Rs. 700 to Rs. 1400 dependant on the size of the property. We have customized cockroach control rates for four different categories i.e. 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK.

• In case the cockroach infestation is severe we always advise our customers to opt for AMC for cockroach treatment which will give better results and will be cost efficient as well. The AMC for cockroach pest control comes with 1 year warranty. It is available for both residential cockroach control treatment and commercial cockroach control treatment.


Why choose Professional Cockroach Control Services?

Our professional cockroach treatment is the best choice for you, as we are well aware of signs of cockroach infestation and have a thorough knowledge of cockroaches. We use the most advanced methods for cockroach control and guarantee complete eradication of cockroaches from your home.

Our reliable and trustworthy cockroach control service experts also take a customer friendly approach and give on time and hassle free cockroach pest control services.

So stop wasting your valuable time on DIY methods and avail our professional and long lasting cockroach control services fast.

Once you avail our excellent and most effective cockroach control treatment you can sleep at peace, as your house will get free from cockroaches. But to maintain this peaceful state you should always follow some cockroach prevention tips so that you don’t face any future infestation of cockroaches at home, office or any other place.


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