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Best Cockroach Pest Control in Faridabad

Book for best cockroach pest control in Faridabad with 3 months guarantee

Book for best cockroach pest control in Faridabad with 3 months guarantee

Best Cockroach Control in Faridabad

Best professional Cockroach Control in Faridabad by sanitation, proofing measures and herbal odorless methods from pest control professionals of Quotemykaam.

Cockroach Treatment Rates in Faridabad


  • 1 BHK (Upto 750 Sq. ft.)
  • 2 BHK (750 – 1250 Sq. ft.)
  • 3 BHK (1250 – 2000 Sq. ft.)
  • 4 BHK (2000 – 3000 Sq. ft.)
  • Above 3000 Sq. ft.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract


  • ₹ 699 ₹ 599
  • ₹ 799 ₹ 699
  • ₹ 899 ₹ 799
  • ₹ 1299 ₹ 1099
  • Upon Inspection
  • Upon Discussion

Why Us

  • 100% Safe Herbal odorless treatment not harmful for Kids, Aged people and Pets.
  • Government certified pest control service providers.
  • Use of Eco friendly product Bayer premise.
  • Quality service at best rates.
  • Dedicated customer service team for any post service issue.
  • Most trusted service provider for best Cockroach Pest Control in Faridabad.


  • Once you book the request, we will confirm on the availability and time slot.
  • Combination of herbal odorless Gel Bait and liquid Pesticide is used for cockroach control treatment.
  • Gel is applied on the cockroach infected areas in kitchen outlets & other dry areas.
  • We spray emulsion of liquid pesticide on wet areas like bathroom and other drainage outlets.
  • A follow up is made to confirm that the service was satisfactory and to get your valuable feedback.

  • Harmless and faster-acting chemicals like Intelligel & Fipronil Gel used for residential & commercial cockroach control treatment.
  • 3 months guarantee on herbal cockroach treatment.
  • Residential Annual Maintenance Contract includes an initial treatment and one service at every quarter.
  • Commercial Annual Maintenance Contract includes an initial treatment and frequency of service is decided upon inspection.
  • 1 year warranty is included in AMC from the date of signing of contract.
  • World health organization approved chemical for cockroach control treatment.

  • The time taken for Cockroach treatment is nearly 30 – 40 minutes depending on the size of the house.
  • Please note it typically takes 7 to 10 days for treatment to be effective.
  • If the Cockroach infestation is high, it is recommended that AMC is taken (Every 3 months), as one time treatment might not be effective.
  • If timely measures are not taken, Roaches can cause serious health issues like asthma, lung infection, salmonella, diarrhea to you and your family members.
  • We provide professional cockroach control at home, corporate offices, government or private offices, banks, apartments, bungalows, museums, hotels, restaurants, industrial areas, malls, hospital, schools.

Nagender pal singh


Rated – 4.8/5

Based on 67 reviews

Key services

Herbal cockroach treatment, Roaches control

About Professional

Nagender and his Govt. certified team provides the best and prompt pest control service which gives effective results immediately. They have rich experience in pest control field like general pest control, termite control, bed bugs control and all other pest control services and serves complete Delhi NCR

Devender Arora


Rated – 2.8/5

Based on 5 reviews

Key services

Herbal cockroach treatment, Roaches control

About Professional

They have been providing all types of pest control treatments since 1988 and have always received positive reviews about their work. They make sure customer is satisfied with the treatment and do not face any pest problems in future.


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