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Hire Top rated Pest Control Experts from Quotemykaam. Get rid of cockroaches, ants, red ants, Generales, beehives, lizards and other crawling insects from your house. Eco-friendly chemicals, 100% safe, odourless, long lasting and at best pest control rates.

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Best Pest Control Services

Best pest control services from Quotemykaam include pest control for cockroaches and pest control for ants.

Pests are the reason for a lot of diseases. So, you should always maintain a healthy and clean house, to keep it pest free. The best and most comfortable way to achieve this would be to hire the best professional pest control service providers, as they bring effective and long lasting results.

Cockroaches carry bacteria that can harm you and your family. Our pest control services for cockroaches ensure using the best methods and guarantee a 100% safe and eco-friendly approach. We use eco-friendly chemicals in our treatment of pest control for cockroaches and provide a hassle-free service.

The ants do not cause any serious disease but can contaminate your food and render it inconsumable. Our pest control services for ants keep a check on ant infestation and makes your house ant free.


Expert Pest Control Professionals

We have a team of well trained pest control professionals to completely cure the infestation of pests at your home. Our professional and government certified team use all modern technologies and 100% safe green chemicals. Pests usually hide in the dark and dirty corners of the house, and we have the equipment to reach out to those corners. Our motive is to keep customer’s preference the priority and make your home pest free. You can always rely on our services as we guarantee best results and usage of high quality pest control products.

Your safety is our prime concern so all our expert pest control professionals are thoroughly background checked. So don’t hesitate anymore and waste your time with DIY pest control methods, but call our pest control experts and get long lasting results.


Pest Control For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are risky pests as they not only cause health problems but also contaminate food and leave behind a foul smell. The sight of these creepy pests is also disturbing. Thus, you should avail our excellent pest control for cockroaches and say goodbye to these uninvited guests forever.

Our pest control exterminators use liquid spray treatment and cockroach gel like Intelligel and fipronil for effective and best results.


Pest Control For Ants

Ants do not cause any diseases but they are cause for trouble anyway. They eat away your food and can cause other nuisance in your premise, so ant pest control becomes necessary. Ant bites are also irritating. Thus one does not like the presence of this pest in their premise.

You can follow some tips to prevent ant infestation, but for permanent results, you should hire expert pest control professionals.

We at Quotemykaam follow the liquid pesticide method in our treatment of pest control for ants, giving instant results. In this method, we spray herbal pesticides in the infested areas to kill ants instantly.

The eco-friendly chemical used by us is biflex chemical which kills the ants on the spot. It is a water based bayer product giving long lasting results.


AMC For Pest Control Services

Our pest control services not only use the best pest control methods but also provide warranty on the service given. We provide a 3-month warranty on our one time service.

In our AMC for residential pest control service, we include quarterly pest control treatment for a year.

In our AMC for commercial pest control service, we include a monthly pest control treatment for a year.

Once you take our AMC services you can relax and be sure your house would remain pest free for a long time. The cost for our pest control ranges from Rs.800 to Rs.1500 but if you take the annual maintenance contract you save more.


Why is Professional Pest Control necessary?

Pests can cause a lot of damage once they enter your house. You can always follow preventive measures and home remedies for pest control to keep a check on pests. But your naive approach and limited knowledge about pest behaviour will not bring the desired result. Thus you should always go for professional pest control services.

Our professional pest control services are long lasting and effective. Our expert pest control service providers are well trained, government certified and guarantee a hassle free treatment without disturbing your work schedule.

So, Don’t wait anymore and bid farewell to these unwanted creatures availing our effective and long lasting pest control services.

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Best Pest Control services to get you rid of cockroaches, black ants, red ants and other crawling insects. We provide you with safe and cost effective pest management solutions with 3 months warranty.