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Best Pest Control Bangalore to get rid of cockroaches, red ants, black ants - imageBest Bangalore Pest Control to get rid of cockroaches, red ants, black ants - image

General Pest Control Rates in Bangalore


  • General Pest Control Bangalore includes the treatment of cockroaches and ants.
  • Complete site examination to check for the signs of cockroach infestation and ant infestation.
  • Safe Odorless Gel and Liquid Pesticide are used for cockroach treatment.
  • Ant Treatment using Bayer Product – Biflex for instant results.
  • 3 months warranty on Pest Control Services.
  • Monthly AMC for Pest Control Services : recommended for restaurants, hotels, other commercial properties.
  • Quarterly AMC for Pest Control Services : recommended for residential properties.
  • Instructions for pre & post pest control treatment are provided.
  • We strongly recommend you read the Pest Control Do's & Don't guide
  • Read our Pest control Bangalore FAQs to know more about our Pest Control Exterminator Services in Bangalore .

  • The time taken for Pest control treatment is nearly 1 hour depending on the size of the house.
  • After the pest treatment, the premise must be closed for 5-6 hrs.
  • Please note it typically takes 7 to 10 days for cockroach treatment to be effective.
  • Cover all the food stuff and utensils and empty out all the kitchen cupboards before ant treatment.
  • Proper sanitation technique should be followed for the treatment to be effective.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best pest control in Bangalore. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best pest control Bangalore at the most affordable pest control rate.

  • STEP 1 : Select the size of area to be treated and click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of pest control service expert
  • Call from assigned pest exterminator to discuss service details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of pest control Bangalore expert with the eco-friendly products.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Pest control services in Bangalore

  • Government certified Pest Exterminators Pest Control Service Providers in Bangalore
  • 100% Effective Long-lasting Treatment assuring complete pest removal
  • Eco-friendly products used for treatment
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Prompt Customer Support provided
  • Customisable service according to your preference
  • Most affordable pest control charges that you can Pay online after service
60+ Services, 4.5+ Rated, 5000+ service professionals, 100000+ Happy Customers
Best Rates, Quality & Timely Service, Awesome Experience, Trusted Professionals

Complete Description Of Pest Control Services

Quotemykaam Pest Treatment

Pests can be the reason for a lot of health issues. Pests can also damage your premises and destroy them completely. Once your premises get invaded with pests, in no time they can spread out to a large area as they multiply very fast. Thus it is always a good idea to get professional pest control in Bangalore done at the right time before these creepy insects can cause severe damage and great losses. Whether you are looking for residential pest treatment or commercial pest control services, we are there to aid your needs. Our cost of pest control services Bangalore are very reasonable. We peomise to deliver a completely safe and eco-friendly service.

We at Quotemykaam bring to your doorstep the best pest control services Bangalore without any hassle. You can book our expert Bangalore pest control service provider with just a few clicks and be saved from all pest problems and hassle. We have a team of professional pest exterminators in Bangalore who are well trained, government certified and have years of experience in pest treatment. Our pest exterminators provide you with 100% effective Pest Control solutions that get rid of household pests like red ants, black ants, carpenter ants, flying ants and cockroaches. Quotemykaam team of expert pest exterminators can save you from diseases caused by pests and other severe damages by providing a completely safe and hassle-free pest treatment.All this and superb service experience at the best pest control charges in Bangalore.

Our pest control experts have thorough knowledge about pests and customise the best pest control methods, suitable to treat the pest infestation at your premise. We ensure to follow most modern methods and keep your safety our priority to ensure providing the best pest control Bangalore. So book our pest control service in Bangalore now!

Types Of Pest Treatment in Bangalore

The infestation of pests is very high in the IT Capital of India. The fiery and sometimes melting weather provide home to thousands of pests such as cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes. Here just one time pest control treatment won’t suffice. Hence it gets necessary to get professional pest control done from time to time in Bangalore. Quotemykaam provides you with Best Pest Control in Bangalore at your doorstep.

Our well trained, government certified professionals provide you with best customer experience. They follow most modern techniques of pest control Bangalore and help you get rid of pests permanently.

Our pest exterminators have served more than 1000+ customers in Bangalore. Each and every pest control professional is thoroughly background checked and verified. Major areas where we have provided excellent pest control services are Electronic city, Hebbal, HSR Layout, Banaswadi and many more.

Ram - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore



Rated – 5.0/5

Based on 200 reviews

About Professional

Raksha specializes in providing safe and effective pest control service to the clients. They provide you a hassle free treatment. They are a trained and certified pest control professionals in eliminating all kinds of pests like termites, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, etc.

They maintain highest standard of professionalism and performance in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. They have been constantly developing tools and technologies in order to keep your home and business pest free.

They provide you with best pest control solution for residential as well as commercial sectors and always make sure that the follow up is made for customer's satisfaction.

Anurag Gulati - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore

Anurag Gulati


Rated – 5.0/5

Based on 173 reviews

About Professional

Mr. Anurag Gulati and his well trained professionals provides effective General Pest Control Service in Bangalore and aim to make the area pest free.They not only provide consistent quality service to their customers but also provide fast and effective service.

They cater to both residential as well as commercial clients and have always received positive feedback from their customers.

Already Satisfied 10000+ customers from their extraordinary work. They cater to both residential as well as commercial clients and have always received positive feedback from their customers.

Karan Rai - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore

Karan Rai


Rated – 4.7/5

Based on 142 reviews

About Professional

Get Safe and assured treatment for termites from a well trained expert team of Termite Control, Bed Bugs Control, Cockroach Pest Control, Bird Control and others. Providers in Bangalore headed by Karan Rai. He has certified knowledge in providing the best and cost effective pest control treatment for all your pest problems at home or offices.

Brijpratap - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore



Rated – Not rated/5

Based on 6 reviews

About Professional

With the help of their experienced pest control professionals, they are engaged in offering the best odorless pest control treatment for ants, cockroaches, rodents and other pests. Their services provide protection from unwanted damages caused by pests.

Best  Bangalore Pest Control- - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore

Best Bangalore Pest Control-


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 7 reviews

About Professional

Best Bangalore Pest Control provide reasonable pest control price in Bangalore combined with most effective pest control services. They do a thorough site inspection before starting the service. Based on the inspection they provide you with a competent cost of pest control services Bangalore. Once you give a heads up your property is treated with quality pest control services with highest quality products.

Apart from giving quality pest control services in Bangalore, they also provide warranty on their work. They are quite prompt in their response for queries regarding the pest control services in Bangalore provided by them.

First Choice Pest Control Bangalore - General Pest Control service providers in Bangalore

First Choice Pest Control Bangalore


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 4 reviews

About Professional

First Choice Pest Control Bangalore and team are the best pest control services in Bangalore, providing guaranteed results. Their expert team of professional have a meticulous approach while doing the pest control service and treat all areas properly. Their eye for detail combined with good knowledge on pests helps them to follow the most effective and long lasting pest control Bangalore measures.

If you are searching for the best pest control near me in Bangalore, you will always find their name at the top. They also provide warranty on the service and respond instantly to any queries. Their pest control Bangalore price is also quite reasonable.

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Pest Control Service in Bangalore

What is included in Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

Our Pest Control Service in Bangalore includes two pest control treatments:

Pest Control for Cockroaches

Pest Control for Ants


What is not included in Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

• Our Pest Control Service in Bangalore does not include bed bug control, rodent contol, termite control, bird control.

• The above mentioned services are provided separately as there is difference in their treatment procedures and application method.


Why do I need ongoing pest control services?

We always promote to have healthy and hygienic surroundings to live in. Thus, we always recommend to our customers to avail AMC for Pest Control Services for complete removal of pests from your home. It not only control the infestation but also helps to prevent future ones from re-occurring.


Pest Control Treatment Bangalore

How much time does Pest Control Treatment takes?

Depending upon size of the house and severity of infestation, Pest Control Service may take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.


How many pest control exterminators are required for the job?

Although one person is enough for the job but for the larger areas atleast 2 people are required. In case of commercial pest control the number of people required will be determined by the size of the site.


How often should I get pest control done at my place?

It is generally advisable to get pest control done twice a year, mainly in spring to have 100% pest free home.


What is the warranty you provide for Pest Control Treatment in Bangalore?

• In case of one-time treatment 3 months warranty is provided.

• If you opt for AMC for Pest Control Services, 1 year warranty is provided.


Pest Control Methods

What are the methods you follow for Cockroach and Ant treatment in Bangalore

Cockroach Control Method : It involves use of odorless gel treatment and spray of liquid pesticide to eliminate the problem of cockroaches from home or offices. Read More about Cockroach Treatment in Bangalore

Ant Control Method : Water based liquid pesticides are used for Ant kill. Read More about Ant Treatment in Bangalore


Pest Control Chemicals

What are the chemicals you use for Pest Control Treatment?

• For Cockroach Control Treatment we use Bayer products – Odorless gel (Intelligel) and liquid pesticde.

• For Ant Control Treatment we use Biflex chemical (a water based chemical) which is also a bayer product and gives you instant results by killing ants on the spot.


How safe are the chemicals you use for Pest Control Treatment around kids and pets at home?

Our professional team of pest control experts uses 100% Safe and Eco-friendly chemicals which are harmless to human beings and animals. However, to be on the safer side, we always recommend our clients to keep kids and pets away during and after the treatment for at least 3-4 hours.


Does pesticides used get transferred to clothing as well ?

As long as you follow the instructions provided by our pest control expert, there should be no case to get the pesticide on your clothes or transfer it elsewhere.


Do’s And Dont’s Of Pest Control Treatment

What precautions should be taken before and after the treatment?

Pre-Treatment Instructions :

• Vacate the area that needs to be treated so that pest control treatment can be carried out easily and no item of yours gets spoiled.

• Cover up all the edible items and utensils and clear the kitchen cupboards for ant treatment.

• Areas like kitchen sink, bathroom drains need to be clear as these are the most pest prone areas so they need to be treated with perfection.

• To be on the safer side cover fish tanks, kids and pets should not be around the area where ant treatment or cockroach treatment is being carried out.

Post-Treatment Instructions :

• After the completion of treatment, the premises must be closed for 5-6 hrs.

• Clients are advised to stay away from the treated areas for at least 4-5 hours so that the chemicals applied can be most effective and give best instant results.

• The chemical used for ant treatment may have some odor, thus it is always instructed to the client to keep kids and pets away for 3-4 hours after the treatment has been carried out.


General Pest Control Charges in Bangalore

What are the charges for General Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

To know about the affordable pest treatment in Bangalore, view our Pest Control Charges in Bangalore.


AMC For Pest Control

Do you provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Pest Control Treatment in Bangalore?

• Yes, we provide AMC for both Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Bangalore.


Professional Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Why should I choose pest control services Bangalore from Quotemykaam?

• We provide you with long-lasting and effective solution for getting rid of nasty pests.

• Verified, Experienced and Professional team of Govt. certified Pest Control Experts in Bangalore

• All the chemicals used by professional pest control exterminator are safe odorless products and do not cause any harm to humans or pets.

Hassle free treatment as no need to empty your kitchen or any other infected area.

No disturbance to your work – Treatment can be carried out during working hours without any disturbance.


Why you should go for Professional Pest Control Services?

The prime importance why pest control is needed is to prevent diseases. Pests carry diseases that can be serious and which can create a huge impact on our health. It is one of the most important measures to keep those little nasty creatures away. Read more about Why Pest Control is necessary?


Residential Pest Control Services Bangalore

Why Pest Control Treatment is required by Residential properties?

Every house in India goes through the problem of pest infestation. Cockroaches and Ants are the common pests we find in almost every household. Thus, we bring to you our Residential Pest Control in Bangalore providing a cost effective, long-lasting and safe treatment against cockroaches and ants.


What are the benefits of Residential Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

• Regular Professional Residential pest control treatment gives you and your family a healthy, hygienic and pest free environment to live in.

• A well maintained residential property always gets a higher value when trying to give it on rent. Otherwise no tenant or buyer will consider a property with pest infestation.

• You can protect your reputation, building structure, it' surroundings or prevent any serious damage to your property due to pest infestation through our professional Pest Control service.


What is included in AMC for Residential Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

The Residential Pest Control AMC provides a one year warranty. During the year we provide you with a complete round of service in every quarter ensuring your premise remains pest free throughout the year.


Commercial Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Why it is necessary for food services businesses to get Pest Control done?

Pest Control is a problem that is not only faced at home but also in various commercial properties.

• Treatment of pest infestation and keeping the complete area of a restaurant, cafe or any other food business clean is mandatory and the most important thing, if one wants to run a successful business.

• Mostly the food services business should get commercial pest control done within a span of 15 days or a month to keep their place absolutely clean and free from pests, providing a healthy and pleasing atmosphere to their customers.

• Not getting pest control done for a food services business can lead to health violations and destroy the reputation of your business completely.

• There are chances that it may have adverse effect on your customer's health or your staff's health as well.

• All food facilities as per the law need to partner with an experienced and licensed pest control business which will provide them regular general pest control treatment and will always ensure to eliminate or minimize the pest problems. Hence, it is always advisable to go for commercial pest control services on regular basis.


Why Pest Control is required for Commercial premises and businesses?

Quotemykaam provides Top Pest Control Service in Bangalore for all the commercial properties and businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, office buildings, food plants, manufacturing plants, factories, apartment complexes, closed air markets and more. Our pest control services is designed in such a way that it can easily handle the smallest pest problems of the largest company and flexible enough to solve the smallest establishment's biggest pest problem. Ignoring General Pest Management can seriously affect your business reputation.

• Regular Pest Control Service provides you a safe, clean and hygienic workplace.

• A clean and pest free workplace always attracts lot of positive energy which in turn can lead to motivated employees.

• The Commercial Pest Control service on a regular basis will keep you aware about the sanitation, housekeeping issues so that timely preventive measures can be taken which will always help you maintain your good reputation.

• If you keep your office or workplace in top condition and pest free with the professional pest management solutions, this can help you in getting any certification needed by your business from regulatory bodies.


What is included in AMC for Commercial Pest Control Services Bangalore?

The Commercial Pest Control AMC includes one initial treatment and frequency of remaining service is decided upon discussion.


Pest Control In Kitchen

What is included in pest control treatment for kitchen?

Your kitchen is the prime place to be kept clean always to avoid pests. Pests like ants, cockroaches, flying insects, rats etc can infest your house if proper cleaning and hygiene are not maintained. The first place to keep clean and hygienic is your kitchen. You can follow certain preventive measures in the kitchen to keeps pests at bay like:

•Keeping the sink clean.

•cleaning spilled food immediately.

•Storing food in airtight containers.

•Discarding garbage regularly.

•Caulk and seal all openings in windows, doors, cracks etc.

Although these methods will help you to keep the pests away to a certain extent. But you can get a completely pest free kitchen and a healthy home if you take professional pest control treatment done.

Pest Prevention

What are the preventive measures to be taken to keep the pests away from your home?

• Cleaning and Mopping of floors everyday.

• Keep your home clean especially kitchen and bathrooms as they are the hot spot for pest infestation.

• Try to avoid any water leakage, keep the drains clean as these can attract cockroaches at your home or workplace.

• Keep your home tidy as pests feed and nest in messy places.

• Take out the trash every day, Trim down heavy bushes around your home.

• Keep the pet's feeding area clean, there should be no leftover food on the floor.

• Keep doors and windows closed in the evening.

• Pests can enter from small cracks and holes anywhere in the house, so always check for all the cracks and fill them with cement or metal. Also, seal all the openings and cracks around plumbing pipes. This is a simple yet effective way of pest control in home.


Home Remedies for Pest Control

Why home remedies for pest control are not successful?

• Most of the times we think that we can get rid of these pests on our own. We are not denying that home remedies for pest control can be effective but it does not last long and these pests start reappearing after a couple of days. So to sanitize the house properly, one needs professional pest control services to get the best results. The pest control experts can reach out to each and every corner of the house and make your place pest-free completely.

• Pest control professionals have a thorough knowledge, are well trained and follow professional methods and procedures to get rid of pests. So don' just rely on home remedies but go for long-lasting and guaranteed results accomplished by professionals.


Types of Pests

Which kinds of pests can cause harm to me or my premises?

There are many different kinds of pests like cockroaches, termites, ants, bedbugs, pigeon, wood borer, rodents and so on. These pests may be residing in your premises much before you and can remain hidden from your naked eye for a long period of time. You may have tried many home remedies to get rid of these pests. You may also have used readily available insecticides in the market. But what you lacked was expertise to eradicate them in the right way so that they remain gone for long. This expertise can come with only thorough knowledge and experience. This is where the pest control companies come to your aid. Their expert pest exterminators can get rid of pests easily and in a safe manner. Our pest exterminators always ensure using eco-friendly chemicals and keep customer safety their priority

Pests like cockroaches are not only irritating but can also cause severe health issues. They can survive for longer periods and can multiply really fast. So to get proper cockroach control done is your only option.

Pests like termites can cause your entire premise to crumble. They can eat away all your furniture and also the walls. So going for professional termite control is the best and safest option.

Bedbugs are yet another kind of pests who may not cause severe health damages but can be responsible for skin allergies and sleepless nights. So you should eliminate these hidden bed bugs before they spread further. Get experienced bedbugs control experts and say goodbye to these hitch-hikers. Their bedbug treatment will always be safer and more effective than your home remedies.

Mosquitoes are the main reason for spreading chronic fevers like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and many more. So if you have small kids at home and don’t want any of your family members to suffer such pain. Get the best mosquito control done and be safe.

Did you think only a single rat resides in your premise? IF you have noticed one rat, rest assured that his peers are ready to invade your premises and cause destruction. So get the best rat control done and eliminate these creepy creatures before they cause severe destruction. Rodent control measures of professional pest control companies are quick and effective.

Red ant bites are very irritating and black ants, flying ants and carpenter ants can build big colonies before you even realize. So don’t let ants reside in your premises. Get the best ant control done and keep your premises safe from ants.

So if you are facing any of these pest problems, avails our pest control service in Bangalore and enjoy a pest-free home.


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