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Bird Control Services

Birds are beautiful and adorable but at the same time they can be a problem around your house with the mess that they create by roosting or nesting on your roof. Quotemykaam saves your property from this mess by providing Professional Bird Control Services at best rates with effective bird control solutions.

The common type of bird pests are – pigeon, crows, sparrow, myna, blackbird, starling and many others. Their deposits and nesting can cause disturbance in our day to day lives and also make our clean environment dirty.

Pigeon is the most common pest bird found in India and can create a havoc once it enters your premises which is why we focus more on pigeon pest control services. A pigeon may look cute and innocent but the mess it creates with its droppings and the trouble of a pigeon nest can get onto your nerves.

These pest birds can actually give you a lot of stress by the damages that are caused due to them :

• They can disrupt the area where they are actively present.

• The slippery texture of bird droppings may cause accidents.

• Birds can get violent and harm the people when it is time for their young one to breed.

• Presence of birds may make your place dirty, giving a wrong impression about you and spoiling your reputation.

We at Quotemykaam provide you the most effective Pigeon Pest Control services for both residential and commercial properties including – independent houses, bungalows, flats and apartments, industrial buildings, factories, schools, shopping malls, airport and any other place as required. Our team of verified and Govt. certified bird control professionals use a combination of various bird control methods providing an ultimate solution with a hassle free and on time services.


Bird Control Methods

As birds are becoming the reason of more and more troubles, many bird control methods are coming into play.

One very friendly and unique method is keeping a well trained falcon around. In this case seeing a falcon present no pest bird will come in the vicinity eliminating the problems totally.

There is another method like bio-acoustic bird scaring, where distress calls of predatory birds are used to scare away pest birds.

Ultrasonic bird repellent is used, in which case the bird landing in the range of the deterrent gets a shock and gradually their behaviour is modified and they do not perch or roost anywhere near the electronic system.

But all of these are temporary solutions and may not be that effective. That is why Quotemykaam pigeon control experts use the following methods to provide the client 100% relief from these pest birds.


Bird Netting

In this a strong Anti bird net is created, preventing birds from roosting in those sites. We at Quotemykaam provide a water proof and UV resistant polythene anti bird net to get the best bird netting services.


Bird Spikes

In this method the balance areas around your house or buildings like ac ducts, rooftops, windowsills, billboards, building ledges where birds can rest and create nests are made uneven with the help of spikes.

At Quotemykaam upward pushing bird spikes are used to push the birds away and making it difficult for them to nest there. Long lasting adhesive called bitumin is used to fix the spikes. They come in many colours, so are fixed according to customer preferences. You may choose the transparent ones so the look of your property does not get spoiled. They do not need any maintenance and are treated with polycarbonate to prevent harm caused by UV rays.


Bird Gel Repellent

In this method the surface where the probability of birds landing is more is made uncomfortable so the birds get discouraged to land on your property and no problems occur. This is achieved by applying the gel repellent on those areas.


Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeons are the main bacteria carrying pest birds. So Pigeon pest control is very important. You should be careful not to attract pigeons to your homes by keeping all food materials closed or indoors and ensuring to clean pigeon droppings and throw their nests away.

We at Quotemykaam use the best methods for pigeon pest control. Once the free site onspection is done, we chose one or a combination of Bird netting, Bird spikes and Bird gel repellent dependant on the type of infestation area.

We also ensure cleaning all pigeon droppings and removing all nesting materials and bird feeders. With our pigeon pest control services you are not only protected from diseases caused by bird pests but we also ensure no harm is done to any birds pests.

Our exterminators guarantee totally safe and environment friendly pigeon control methods keeping the beauty of your house intact. We also provide 2 years warranty on pigeon pest control.


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Best Bird control service to get you rid of all kinds of bird pests - pigeons, sparrow, crow, myna. Get rid of birds in roofs, ceilings, rice fields, barns, warehouses by the professional bird control exterminators from Quotemykaam. We provide you with cost effective bird control solutions - Bird Netting and Bird Spiking.