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Best Bird Control Service in Sodala, Jaipur - Cost Effective Bird Proofing Solutions

Best Bird control Service in Sodala, Jaipur to get rid of Pigeons, Sparrow, Crows, Myna, Blackbirds, Starling and other pest birdsBest Bird control Service in Sodala, Jaipur to get rid of Pigeons, Sparrow, Crows, Myna, Blackbirds, Starling and other pest birds

Pigeon Control Rates in Jaipur


  • Free Site inspection to determine the extent of bird infestation, their roosting and nesting sites.
  • Based on the inspection, a suitable method or a combination of different bird control methods is suggested.
  • Bird Netting : A Water proof, UV resistant Polythene Net is used to prevent the birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites.
  • Bird Spikes : Upward pointed spikes are installed that gently pushes birds off balance and does not let them nest around your house.Long lasting Bitumin based Adhesive is used for bird spiking.
  • Bird Gel Repellent : This method is used in some special cases only and creates an uncomfortable surface discouraging the birds to land.
  • 2 years warranty on bird proofing solutions.
  • Protection against all pest birds - Pigeons, Crows, Sparrow, Myna, Blackbirds, Starling and other pest birds.
  • Different colors available for Bird Protection Net and Bird Spiking.
  • We strongly recommend you read the Pigeon Pest Control Do's & Don't guide
  • Read our Pigeon Pest Control FAQs to know more about our Bird Pest Control Services in Sodala, Jaipur.
  • The Bird Netting and Bird Spiking systems can take a day to be installed. Please plan accordingly.
  • Bird Spiking is perfect for bird roosting on ACs, Window Ledges, CCTV Cameras, Railings, Sign Boards, Chimneys, Weather Sheds.
  • Bird droppings carry bacteria like Salmonella causing food poisoning, flu, Histoplasmosis and have adverse effects on asthma/allergy patients.


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best pigeon exterminators at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best pigeon control in Sodala, Jaipur.

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  • STEP 2 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
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  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of pigeon exterminator with the best equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Pigeon Control In Sodala, Jaipur

  • Well-trained, Verified, Top Rated Bird Control Service Providers in Sodala, Jaipur
  • Customized and Cost Effective bird control solutions
  • Durable and Eco-friendly bird control methods
  • Our bird proofing solutions does not hurt or harm the birds
  • Customised service according to your preference
  • Prompt and responsie customer support
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Complete Description Of Bird Control Service in Sodala, Jaipur

Birds can make your beautiful premises dirty. Bird droppings and bird nests may also cause some allergies and harm to the body. So it is good to keep birds away from your premises. We at Quotemykaam ensure to bring the best and cost-effective solutions for Bird Control Service in Sodala, Jaipur. Our professional bird exterminators help you to get you rid of Pigeons, Sparrow, Crows, Myna, Blackbirds, Starling and other pest birds easily. Our pigeon exterminators follow most modern pigeon control methods and provide completely hassle-free service.

We provide you with customized bird control solutions - Anti Bird Net and Bird Spikes of the best quality to eradicate all birds and bird problems completely. Our expert team of bird control service providers can address bird control needs for residential properties, factories and office buildings, public buildings and large industrial plants etc.

Type Of Bird Control Services in Sodala, Jaipur

Ravi - Pigeon Control service providers in Sodala, Jaipur



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Ravi has prompt professional staff for Bird Pest Control Service Providers. They use safe, Eco-friendly bird control solutions- Anti Bird Net and Bird Spikes for residential properties, factories and office buildings. Provides complete customer satisfaction.
Pankaj - Pigeon Control service providers in Sodala, Jaipur



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About Professional

Pankaj and his team are engaged in providing best and effective Rodent control service to the customers. Their Eco-friendly Treatment gives Effective Results and provide you with Hassle-Free and Very Safe Solution.

They have always received positive reviews about the quality work and provides hassle free service.

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Bird Control Service in Sodala, Jaipur

What are the various bird control methods you follow?

Our experts provides with the following bird control methods:

Bird Gel Repellent: The non-toxic, food grade ingredient gel creates an uncomfortable surface that prevents birds to land.

Bird Spikes: Bird spikes prevents the birds from roosting by gently pushing them off balance and forcing them to alight elsewhere. The spikes are pointed upward which prevents the birds from landing on platforms and ledges. These tips does not hurt the birds. It has a stainless steel and UV- stabilised poly carbonate bases. Its upward pointed spikes prevents the birds from landing and against climate resistance. It is treated with UV light to withstand any sun damage.

Bird Netting System: The anti bird net forms a physical barrier that prevent birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites.


Do you provide warranty on bird control service?

Yes we provide 2 years warranty on bird control service.


Why it is important for public or private offices and buildings to get bird control done?

Property Damage: Birds can cause lots of property damage such as removing of roof tiles, gutter system can be blocked with their nests and their droppings can even deteriorate building materials.

Accidents: The slippery texture of bird's droppings may cause people to slip and cause accidents. This is important for the safety of the employees and the customers.

Negative Impacts: To avoid negative impacts on business and its reputation bird control is very important.

• When it is the time for the young ones to breed they can become very aggressive while defending them and they might attack the employees and the customers.


What are the benefits of Professional Bird Control Service?

Prevention of defacement: The uric acid present in the bird's dropping increases the damage of buildings.

Minimization of diseases: Wide range of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella which may cause food posioning are caused by pest birds such as starlings and pigeons.

Avoid contamination: Professional Bird control service helps to prevent contamination and damages on goods which is caused from bird nesting material, feathers, droppings, vomit, and mites.

Prevention of contamination to entrances and pavements: During rainy seasons slippery droppings of birds can cause a hazardous conditions on the pavements.

Devaluation in maintenance costs: Rain gutters and down pipes gets blocked with the bird's droppings which can cause overflow of water that can lead to timber decay, broken rendering, ruined decorations and even lead to serious structural damages.

Removal of smell and noise: The noises which are produced by pest birds can create an annoyance and the droppings creats a foul odour.

Decline of skin diseases: A wide range of variety of insects such as mites are carried in the bird's droppings and nesting materials which can result in skin irritation among people with sensitive skin.


Can we do the installation ourselves?

Yes you can but anti bird netting and bird spikes requires skill training which can only be done by the professional bird control team. So, please allow us to do so.


Bird Control Spikes in Sodala, Jaipur

What are the benefits of bird control spikes?

• One of the best quality of anti bird spikes is that it is long-lasting.

• Its extremely strong and adjustable bird control product.

• Bird spikes doesn't require any maintenance.

• It is treated with polycarbonate which is immensely resistant to U.V rays.

• Its flexible base allows it to be installed on the curved surface too.

• It is available in range of colours.

• They do not rust.

• It can easily be glued or screwed.


Where all bird spikes can be installed?

• Air conditioner

• CCTV cameras

• Railings

• Window ledges, window sill

• Rooftop edges


Do the spikes injure birds?

Absolutely not. The spikes used by us are not at all dangerous to birds.


What kind of adhesive is used for bird spikes?

Long lasting Bitumin Adhesive is used for bird spikes.


Bird Netting services in Sodala, Jaipur

What are the benefits of anti bird netting?

Here are some benefits of anti bird net:

• Anti bird net gives a long lasting solution to bird problem.

• Bird netting maintains a proper hygiene in the ducts.

• It prevents contamination of water due to birds.

• It keeps walls clean.


Why commercial bird netting is necessary?

• Commercial bird netting makes the workplace very hygienic.

• It provides a permanent solution to all bird problems.

• Commercial bird control netting is necessary for health department inspection.

• Its productivity is very high.


Why residential bird netting is necessary?

• It will save you from respiratory infection, fever and other allergies.

• It provides a permanent solution to all bird problems and hence save you from daily cleaning of bird droppings.

Bird protection net doesnt require any maintenance and is weather proof.

• It allows proper light, air and ventilation.

• Anti bird net is extremely harmless to birds.

• It is very cost-effective.

• Bird protection net prevents owl and bats too.


Pigeon Infestation

What are the diseases caused by pigeon infestation?

• Pigeons carry diseases that can make you seriously ill. Make it a point to act at the first sign of a bird infestation to avoid these associated health hazards.

• Pigeons carry bacterium called salmonella which is deposited where pigeons or gulls discharge. This leads to Salmonellosis and Paratyphoid fever.

• Histoplasmosis is a disease which is caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings. A person may breathe in some of the fungus while cleaning its droppings which in cases of high exposure can cause serious infection.

• Pigeon infestation can cause ornithosis. This infection can be transmitted by Inhaling the harmful bacteria from dried droppings or handling feathers of infected pigeons.

• It can lead to bird mites which are often found in nests and roosting places. They not only feed on bird blood but also bite humans.


What are the places where pigeons are most likely to be found?

Pigeons like to build their nest on tall buildings, roof voids and slope, balconies, ledges and pipes on the exterior and interior walls are among their favourite roosting areas. A gap of 25mm gives pigeon an easy access into the potential entry points.


What can I do to prevent pigeon infestation?

• Keep dustbins enclosed. Do not leave any food material around.

• Always feed pets indoor.

• Clean up pigeon's mess like its droppings and throw their nest away.


Pigeon Control Service in Sodala, Jaipur

How long will the product that you will be installing last?

The pigeon control products will last for around 10-12 years.


Is cleaning up droppings included in your service?

Yes, clean up of droppings is included in our service. Our installers will remove all the compiled pigeon's and bird's droppings and debris.


How can I keep pigeons away from AC duct?

Its always annoying to find pigeons on the AC duct. They create nuisance and stops the AC unit from working.

• Remove all the nesting materials and bird feeders.

• To stop the pigeons from landing spread bird net across the window ledge where your air conditioner is fixed.

• Spreading a piece of cardboard on top of your AC unit will also prevent the pigeons from landing on it.


What are some necessary tips for pigeon spikes installation?

Early Installation: It is always recommended to get pigeon spikes installed as early as possible because it is better to keep the birds away than to snub them once they have settled.

Repairing Surfaces: Repair the surfaces before installing pigeon spikes. You can use some solid chemicals to remove any visual markings.

Eliminating things that attracts the birds: Clean up the bird's droppings and wreckage for proper installation.


What are the benefits for professional pigeon pest control?

• Professional pigeon pest control plays a very important role in controlling the annoying activities of the pigeon as poisoning the pigeon and killing it will not solve any problem.

• If you hire a professional bird exterminator then keeping pigeons away from the buildings makes the tasks easier in return it will help you to stay away from wide variety of harmless diseases which are caused by bird infestation.

• Professionals offer a method that are totally safe for humans as well as other bird pests.


Bird Infestation

What are the different types of bird pests found in India?

Feral Pigeons are the most commonly found bird pest in India invading our homes. Other than Pigeons; Sparrow, Crow, Myna, Blackbirds, Starling also create trouble for homeowners, corporate buildings, industrial buildings.


Why do birds infest our places?

• If birds find a building suitable for seeking feed and can access it easily they are most likely to nest there. Places like attics, window ledges are easily accessible to them.

• Another reason is, if they find a suitable, windless locations around your house or building, they are most likely to set that place for breeding and then they are difficult to drive away from there.


What are different types of Bird infestation?

The bird infestation can be categorized into three categories :

Loafing : Bird loafing means they are sleeping, sitting, standing, resting, preening, and defecating around your place but outside their breeding territory.

Roosting : Bird Roosting infestation means they have settled around your place like balcony, roof, railings and they lodge there at night.

Nesting : Bird nesting infestation refers to birds laying eggs and hatching young around your place like window ledges, AC ducts, roof, etc.


What are the common signs of Bird infestation?

• Birds roosting on roofs or ledges.

• Continuous sound of bird noises, bird chirping, cries around your place.

• Bird nesting material scattered about your premises.

• If you find things at your place bitten with a beak or spoiled or damaged by bird fouling.

• Too many bird droppings in a particular area means birds have taken that place for their roosting.

• If debris from nests and feathers have blocked your guttering and drainage systems that means your place have bird infestation and can lead to more property damage.


Where the bird infestation is most likely to be found in buildings?

In private or public building, you can look for bird infestation in areas like - AC ducts, ledgers, parapet walls, panel rooms and electrical rooms.


What are the damages caused by bird infestation?

It's good to have birds around and their chirping make your mornings pleasant and refreshing. But when a large number of birds flock together in a roosting site, it can result in serious problems like :

Bird droppings and feathers carry bacteria like Salmonella and can spread number of diseases: Histoplasmosis, food poisoning, flu and more than 60 types of transmissible diseases are caused through their faeces. They can really be harmful for asthma/allergy patients.

Property Damage: Bird droppings, landing, roosting and nesting about a property or building can cause a serious damage to the aesthetic value of that property. They pose a threat to roofs and floors of the building by making it a place for their sleeping, resting, lodging, breeding. Their droppings on automobiles and vehicles can spoil them and can also spoil the appearance of a building making its entry ways dirty with their droppings. Their debris from bird nests and feather can even cause machinery damage in factories by blocking them.

Hazards and Nuisance: Bird nesting tends to produce monoxide poisoning which can kill the people. Bird's droppings also ruins vegetation and painted surface. It also attracts secondary insect infestation like bedbugs, biting mites, moths.


How to prevent bird infestation?

Cleaning the litters:Birds are attracted to the areas that are littered with paper, grass etc. Keep the areas near your home and building always clean to prevent bird infestation.

Seal the food: If your garbage doesn't have lids and if it is not properly sealed then make sure that you do it. This will prevent the birds from getting in.

Clear the access points: Holes in the roof, window sills and cracks in the wood these all encourages birds to build their nests. Seal these holes so that the birds do not get attracted to it.


What are the diseases caused by bird infestation?

• Even though most birds are harmless but they can easily transmit diseases including Salmonellosis, Encephalitis and Cryptococcosis. Besides this they can also put your business at risks. In order to get rid of bird infestation as early as possible use an effective bird deterrant methods provided by an expert and professional pest controller.

• Bird infestation can even spread diseases like Paratyphoid fever, Histoplasmosis and Ornithosis.

• Read more about Diseases Caused By Bird Infestation.



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