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Best Professional Rodent Control Service in Kolkata

Rodent Control Service in Kolkata to get rid of rats mice infestation at best ratesRodent Control Service in Kolkata to get rid of rats mice infestation at best rates

Rodent Control Rates in Kolkata


  • 1 BHK (approx 700 Sq Ft.)
  • 2 BHK (approx 1200 Sq Ft.)
  • 3 BHK (approx 1800 Sq Ft.)
  • 4 BHK (approx 2400 Sq Ft.)


  • ₹ 799/- ₹ 699/-
  • ₹ 899/- ₹ 799/-
  • ₹ 1199/- ₹ 899/-
  • ₹ 1399/- ₹ 1199/-

Rodent Control Service in Kolkata

Best professional Rodent Control in Kolkata providing you 100% Herbal Odourless treatment to get rid of mice, rat infestation by the trained pest exterminators from Quotemykaam. We use the combination of rat repellent, rat bait and glue traps for effective Rat control in Kolkata.

Why Us

  • Government Certified Rodent Control Service Providers in Kolkata
  • 100% Safe Herbal odorless treatment for rat problem not harmful for Kids, Aged people and Pets
  • Quality service at best rates
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Based on the rat infestation a long lasting method is suggested by our pest control experts.
  • Rat Bait: In this method an attractive food for rats in the house is mixed with poison.
  • Snap Trap: It is a traditional method in which an attractant such as food is kept in the trap and its placed along pathways rodents travel.
  • Glue Trap: In this mousetrap, rodents get stuck and suffocate to death and it is placed along wall side.
  • Option for AMC for Rodent Control includes regular check-ups and monitoring visits for common areas, row houses and bungalows.
  • We strongly recommend you to read the Pest Control Do's & Don't guide
  • Read our Rodent Control Treatment FAQs to know more about our Rodent Pest Control Services in Kolkata.

  • It typically takes 4 to 7 days for rodent control treatment to be effective.
  • In case of Glue trap regular check-ups should be done as it may lose its effectiveness due to cold weather, dust, pet’s fur.
  • The irritating sound produced by electronic rat repellent is harmless to humans and most pets.
  • Proper sanitation technique should be followed for the treatment to be effective.
  • Rodents contaminate your food causing serious and deadly diseases – rat-bite fever, plague, jaundice, acute food poisoning etc.
  • We provide professional rat control treatment at home, corporate offices, government or private offices, banks, apartments, bungalows, museums, hotels, restaurants, industrial areas, malls, hospital, schools.

Joydeep Bhatacharya


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Rodents Facts

How do I know if I have a rat problem at home?

Rats are not only a terror but they cause damage to property and transmit diseases also. Some signs of rat infestation may be:

Droppings– Wherever rats go they leave behind dark and 10-14mm long droppings.

Peculiar smell– Rats have a very strong smell particularly in an areas which are closed such as cupboard.

Torn food packets– Rats tear open the food packets and it leaves behind its teeth marks.

Scratching Noises– Rats makes a scratching noises in walls or under the floor.

Nests– You will find rat's nests in warm, hidden places like newspapers.


What are some interesting facts about rodents?

There are some little known facts that makes rats so successful when it comes to survival.

Reproduction– Rodents reproduce very quickly. They can reproduce 15 times per year.

They can swim– Some rodents can swim. They can even survive after being flushed away in the toilet.

They like chewing– Rodents are crazy about chewing. They can chew up various items like books, papers, wires etc.

Click here for more interesting facts about rodents.


What causes rat infestation at home?

Rodent infestation can be caused by number of factors:

Unhealthy Sanitization– Poor sanitization is the main cause of rat infestation.

Improper Maintenance of House– If your house is not properly repaired then in no time your house will be infested with rats as they only need a gap of 15 mm to enter your house.

Uncovered Household Wastes– If the food stuffs and garbage are scattered around your house then it will be easier for rats to infest your house. Not covering dustbins attracts rats.


Rodent Treatment in Kolkata

Why is rodent treatment necessary?

• Rodents or rats are known to carry harmful bacteria and spread diseases like jaundice, typhoid, pulmonary fever, plague, food poisoning, rat-bite fever, salmonella etc so an effective rodent treatment is recommended to be safe.

• The discarded fragments of skin when shredded by rodents can be a source of reaction for kids and elderly people.


What is the rodent control method you follow?

Based on the rat infestation our professional pest control team will suggest you an effective and long lasting treatment. As per the rat infestation at home our experts follow:

Rat Bait

Snap Trap

Glue Traps


How safe are the chemicals you use for rodent control treatment for kids and pets at home?

The products that our experts use for the rodent treatment are Safe, herbal, odourless and Eco-friendly products not causing any harm to kids, aged and pets. But to be on the safer side we always advice our clients to keep kids and pets away from it.


Rodent Control Service in Kolkata

How long does the rodent control treatment typically take to be effective?

It typically takes 4-7 days for the rodent control treatment to be effective.


What are the charges for rodent control treatment in Kolkata?

View or Rodent Control Charges in Kolkata.


How often it is recommended to disinfect my house to avoid the entry of rodents?

It is always recommended to regularly keep your house clean in order to avoid any kind of pest infestation at home. For professional sanitization it is advisable to get rodent control get done in an interval of 3 months.


Do you provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for rodent control service in Kolkata?

Yes, we do. AMC for rodent control is always recommended by our experts as one time treatment will not eradicate the the rodents completely. Quotemykaam provides AMC for commercial rodent control and residential rodent control in Kolkata- Which includes regular check-ups and monitoring visits for common areas, row houses and bungalows.


Home Remedies For Rodents

What are some home remedies for rat control?

Rats are those nocturnal creatures that enter your home and destroy everything and also pose a great threat to one’s health. Here are some home remedies for rat control:

Moth Balls– These are easily available in the market and has an ability to repel rats. They keep the rats away. Place few in the areas where you tend to find rats to keep them away.

Peppermint Oil– Peppermint is an another home remedy which keeps rats away as they cannot take its pungent smell. Just dip some cotton balls in the peppermint oil and place it in the areas where you see rats.

Pepper– Again the pungent smell of pepper makes it difficult for them to breathe. All you need to do is just sprinkle some pepper in the rat prone areas.

Bay Leaves– Rats makes a mistakes thinking that bay leaves is a food. As soon as they eat the bay leaves it ends up killing them.

Onions– Just cut an onion and place it near the rat hole. The smell of onion will help you to get rid of rats naturally.

Mint Plant– This is one of the best home remedy for rat control method. Keeping a mint plant near your house will keep the rats away. They simply cannot take the smell which drives them away.

Peanut Butter– Another home remedy method is peanut butter with boric acid. Mix a cup of peanut butter with 1/2 cup of boric acid. Make balls and place it in the rat infested area. Once the rats will eat it they will die.


What are the precautions that needs to be kept in mind while using rat bait?

Make sure not to use rat baits inside your house because if the rat dies then it would create foul smell in the hidden places as other pests such as flies will get attracted to it and will create a serious problem.


What are some preventive measures for getting rid of rats?

• Always make sure that dustbins are regularly emptied and is always have a tight lids to cover them properly.

• Storage areas should be regularly cleaned.

• Keep all the food stuffs in a cleaned container and should be properly sealed.

• Keep your home properly cleaned.

• Unwanted undergrowth should be regularly removed- trees and bushes as these gives rats an easy access to your house.


• Not just one but several rat traps should be used at one time.

• Rat traps should not be set near areas where you prepare food.

• Set traps with peanut butter, fish, bread or chocolate to attract rats.

• Make it a point to check daily and remove dead rats.


Can a rodent treatment be handled by self?

You can try several home remedies to keep rodents away. However, a persistent rodent breeding even after taking such remedies needs supervision. Professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the treatment and use the chemicals to eradicate them completely.



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