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Best Professional Termite Pest Control for a pest free and healthy home by pest control experts from Quotemykaam.

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Termite Pest Control

Best Professional Termite Control Services from the professionals of Quotemykaam for a healthy, hygienic place to live in. Our team of verified and Govt. certified pest control exterminators guarantee a thorough termite inspection of the infested site and promise a termite free, comfortable and happy home. We use eco-friendly green chemical for Termite Pest Control ensuring 100 % safe and client friendly procedures.

Termites or white ants or subterranean termites are the pests which live in highly organized colonies and secretly thrive or feed on your furniture and destroys it completely. The early treatment of these pests is highly recommended as they can clone rapidly therefore infecting the larger space.

Termites are a threat to the very foundation of your homes. A termite infestation left unnoticed can cause serious damage to the structure your home or offices and severe the infestation, higher will be the termite control cost. So, call for professional help as soon as you detect even a small area infested with termites.

We at Quotemykaam provide you 100% safe anti termite treatment with our efficient termite control methods and also affirm to hassle free and on time services. Our white ant treatment is designed to be completely safe and cause minimum discomfort for all members of the house including kids and senior citizens.

We are experts in termite treatment for wood, anti termite treatment for kitchen, residential termite control for flats, apartment, independent plots, bungalows, farmhouses.


Types of Termites

Termites live in different habitat and feed on different kind of food. Based on their habitat and nature of attack we can classify termites into the following :

Subterranean termites : Most found termites in India are Subterranean termites. They mostly live in soil and needs moisture to survive.

Drywood Termites : These are found to reside in wood and very difficult to get rid off.

Dampwood Termites : These are little bigger in size than the rest and are found in wood.

Formoson Termites : They are the most devastating of all. They act very fast resulting in severe damage, so you should be most careful about them.

These termites are further divided into the worker, soldier and reproductive castes.


Post- construction anti termite treatment

Post-construction anti termite treatment refers to treatment of termites for already built properties. If you have missed the termite treatment at the time of construction of your property and now have termite infestation at your place, you can always count on post construction termite treatment from Quotemykaam.

The popular post construction termite treatment method is – Drill-fill-seal.

Once the infested areas and risky areas prone to future termite infestation are identified, the termiticides are injected into the soil close to the identified areas killing the termites present there and preventing your property from any future infestation.

Our professional pest control experts use 100% safe eco-friendly bayer products making this method really effective with best results. We also give a 1 year warranty for the services provided.

Termite control methods

Professional Termite control is a must once you notice termite infestation at your place or else you would face severe consequences.

You may feel that you can get rid of the termite infestation with termite control home remedies but you will succeed in killing only what is visible to you and won’t even know that other areas are infested too.

Moreover, your naïve methods will only bring temporary relief and the termites which you were not able to kill with your termite control home remedy will shift to other places of your home leading to a severe termite infestation.

Thus, opting for professional termite treatment is always the wise decision as the professional exterminators have complete knowledge about the same which will definitely provide you a permanent relief from these silent destroyers. Our Quotemykaam pest control experts use different methods for termite treatment based on the area infested and severity of the infestation. Let us tell you more about different types of termite control methods.


Different Types of Termite Treatments

Liquid termite control treatment : In this method liquid termiticides are sprayed over the infested areas.

Termite Bait Traps : In this termite control method baits like wood or other cellulose products are used to lure the termites. Once the professional can see the affected baits and confirm termite infestation, the baits are treated with chemicals which act as slow poison for the termites. Thus, the foraging termite may carry it to its colony resulting in the entire colony to perish.

Wood termite control treatment : In this termite control treatment, wood is treated with chemicals like Borocare or timbor. In certain cases heat treatment is also done.

Fumigation : This is the ultimate termite control treatment often referred to as tent termite treatment in which the entire house is enclosed in a tent. Once the entire house is covered fumigants are spread to kill termites.

You can read more details and the advantages and disadvantages of these termite treatment methods here.


Termite Treatment Cost

In general a termite treatment cost can range anywhere from Rs 3 per square feet to Rs 12 per square feet. The termite control cost mainly depends upon the amount of area infested and all the risky areas.

Our experienced exterminators give you an estimate of the termite treatment cost once a thorough site inspection is complete. We also highlight the areas at risk of the infestation and suggest that they need to be treated to prevent future termite infestation and termite damage.

We measure the area confirmed by you to be treated and evaluate the termite treatment cost accordingly. We have the best competitive rates for anti termite treatment and always ensure to provide an effective and long lasting treatment.


Structural Termite Damages

Termites or deemak or white ants are the silent destroyers who can cause a serious damage to your property by feeding on wood. The damages caused by termite are not just limited to wooden furniture, wardrobes, doors, windows, books or clothes but they also have complete ability to destroy the structure of your property from inside without making it noticeable to naked eyes.

A severe termite infestation can devalue your property upto half of it’s original price.

Termite infestation literally destroys your beautiful wooden furniture and also eats away on the walls and making the pillars of your home weak. This weakening of the pillars may also cause your house to crumble.

So if you are thinking twice on calling a professional termite control expert, make your decision before it is too late. Your delay in decision may also increase your termite control cost and render your house as an unliveable place.


Damages Caused by Termites to Human Health

If you have experienced a termite bite or sting, don’t worry it won’t cause any fatal disease. But a serious termite infestation can adversely affect your health or the health of your family members especially – kids, senior members, pets, asthma patients as they are more prone to allergies and infections that may be caused due to termite droppings or mold created by them in wooden structures.


India is home to over 220 species of termites. Therefore, always ensure to protect your home or offices from getting it silently destroyed. So, if you are wondering how to prevent termite infestation, just follow few simple termite prevention tips – keep the house clean, make sure it has proper ventilation, repair the leakages, if any; and you are good to go.

It is also advisable to get professional termite pest control done at your place twice in a year eliminating all the chances for termite infestation and you can live a healthy and stress free life.

Looking for professional termite control services near you? Book for termite inspection now with Quotemykaam.

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