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Best Termite control treatment in Sector 10 A, Gurgaon, Just Dial number 9899763411 for Anti termite,Deemak control or Extermination services.Best Pest Control service in India.

Termite Control in Sector 10 A, Gurgaon

Best Termite Control treatment in Sector 10 A, Gurgaon from Quotemykaam.

We provide 100% Safe, Odorless, Eco-friendly chemicals like Bayer and Herbal Anti-Termite treatment for a pest free and healthy home. We are one of the major trusted service providers for deemak treatment in Gurgaon.

Termite Control Charges in Sector 10 A, Gurgaon

    Termite TreatmentCharges
    Residential          Rs. 5/-     Rs. 3/- per sqft
    Pre Construction          Rs. 14/-     Rs. 10/- per sqft
    Porous Piping System          Rs. 28/-     Rs. 20/- per sqft
    CommercialUpon Inspection

Why Choose Us

  • Best customer experience, and value for money service.
  • 100% Safe Herbal treatment for kids, aged people and pets.
  • Eco friendly products like Bayer premise used.
  • Free Termite Inspection, (if required).
  • Quality service at best price.
  • Dedicated customer service team for any queries, information.
  • Whatsapp or Just Dial @ 9899763411 to book your request.

Termite control process

Termites are the insects with highly social character, including queen-king, soldiers, workers with own function and duty for each. They are popularly known as deemak or white ants and secretly feed on your furniture, wardrobes, drawers, wooden cabinets and destroy them completely. Main food of termites is wood. Without adequate and effective prevention solutions, termite may spread very fast and damage your property. Here is the Termite Control process for Pre and Post Construction.

Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment process

Wall and Floors Termite Treatment

  • Holes are drilled at suitable distance.
  • Termiticide solution is injected at a pressure to create barriers against termites.
  • If Top floors is infested, then the same treatment is given there as well.
  • In the end, the holes are sealed properly.

Wooden Fixtures Termite Treatment

  • At the base of wooden fixtures(such as winds frames, door frames) holes are drilled.
  • Termiticide solution is injected.
  • An oil-based termiticide is sprayed on all the wood work
  • It is recommended to do preventive treatment on other fixtures which are not infested.

Termite Tubes Treatment

  • Termite tubes which are visible will be sprayed and removed.
  • Termite infested area will be treated with termiticide.

Treatment Surrounding Foundation Treatment

  • Holes are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall
  • Termiticide is then injected so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites
  • Soil Surrounding the building will also be treated.

Pre Construction Anti-Termite Treatment process

  • Stage 1: Bottom and Sides of Foundation Pit: Sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits are treated with chemical to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 Lit. per square meter of surface area.
  • Stage 2: Refilled Earth: 7.5 Litre per linear meter in the refill earth on both sides of all built up walls will be applied. .
  • Stage 3: Plinth Filling: Before laying the floor, the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls is treated with chemical at the rate of 5lit. per square meter.

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Customer testimonials

  • I am new in Delhi NCR, so I was bit unclear on whom shall to contact for best termite treatment for my newly bought farm house. I got Quotemykaam reference from my neighbour. The team was quite helpful, right from taking the request to explaining the steps of termite control and well co-ordinated during treatment. Thanks team for your hard work, would recommend to others. - Mrs. Neha Bhutani
  • Good work done in my office for anti termite, it was in horrible condition due to white ants all over in wooden furniture after rainy season. I got both termite control and professional cleaning by Quotemykaam professionals. Really appreciate the good work. - Mr. Sunil Sharma

Our Clients have rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 156 reviews.

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