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Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy services for timely and effective professional assistance to your injuries, pains, postural problems and general fitness issues. We bring to you the best physiotherapist with a certified background and substantial hands-on experience to make sure your pains and injuries are attended to with utmost care. Looking for an expert physiotherapist?

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When do I need to see a physiotherapist?

There are various conditions that call for a physiotherapist’s attention. These may include:
– a sustained injury
– swollen, deformed or bruised body parts
– joint stiffness, pain or ache
– experiencing pins and needles or numbness
– limb collapse
– postural problems
– improving strength, flexibility, balance or fitness
– injury prevention or other aspects of musculoskeletal health
– improving physical performance for sport

How can physiotherapy improve my injury?

Physiotherapists ensure your injury is thoroughly assessed. This is imperative in ensuring that the correct treatment techniques are chosen for your condition. Physiotherapy aids the body’s natural healing process, accelerating recovery.
Appropriate treatment also reduces the likelihood of recurrence by addressing factors which may have contributed to the development of your condition. Physiotherapists are experts in advising patients on which activities are appropriate for their injury to maximize recovery and ensure an optimal outcome.

What are the various techniques used in physiotherapy treatment?

Following an injury, physiotherapists may use a variety of treatment techniques to fasten the body’s natural healing process and speed recovery. These techniques may include:
-exercise prescription
-clinical Pilates
-dry needling
-ice or heat therapy
-advice and education

How do I book a request with

Booking a request with is very simple. You can place a request online or through our mobile app in less than 1 minute. You can also call 09899763411 (Mon-Sun, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or 0124-4279665 (Mon-Sat, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to book a request.

Which cities does provide this service?

We currently operate in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad.

What happens once I book a request through

Once your request is submitted, you get to view instant quotes from various service providers. You can compare quotes, view detailed profile, reviews, ratings and hire according to your budget and need. ensures service guarantee, hassle free service, help & resolution in case of any after service issues.