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Professional Air Conditioning Installation Service in Faridabad

Window AC Installation and Split AC Installation at best ratesWindow AC Installation and Split AC Installation at best rates

AC Installation Rates in Faridabad

Window AC-Rates


  • AC Installation
  • AC Un-Installation


  • ₹ 599/-
  • ₹ 599/-

Split AC-Rates


  • AC Installation
  • AC Un-Installation


  • ₹ 1599/-
  • ₹ 699/-

Best Air Conditioning Installation in Faridabad

Best Air Conditioning Installation Services in Faridabad by professionals from Quotemykaam.
We have crew of fully equipped and well trained experts for perfect AC Installation in Faridabad so that your AC performs to the best and provides optimum cooling without making any unwanted noises or vibrations.

Key AC Installation Services in Faridabad

Why Us

  • Highly Skilled, Verified and Top Rated Air Conditioning Installers in Faridabad
  • Accurate AC fitting at home or offices
  • We provide for AC installation, AC Un-installation, AC relocation or shifting services
  • On time and Quality service at best price
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Quick and efficient AC installation, un-installation and AC shifting services as required by the client.
  • Constructing a support for installation of AC conditioner.
  • Creating vents, making necessary connections for AC fittings in home and offices.
  • Please Note – If wooden frame is required for Window AC installation by the client, additional charges may apply.
  • Please Note – Any Copper wire + Pipe required for Split AC installation is not included in Installation charges. If Copper wire is required Invoice will be provided for the same separately. Customer can also arrange for it on it’s own.
  • Read our AC Installation FAQs to know more about our AC Installation Service in Faridabad.

  • It usually takes around 2 hours to install 1 AC.
  • It is recommended that Window AC must be installed at a height of 3-4 feet from the floor.
  • It is recommended that in case of Split AC, its indoor unit should be placed at a height of 7-8 feet above the floor for optimum cooling.
  • Make sure to vacate the area where AC has to be fixed for quick installation.
  • In case of any change of time you should inform us in advance.
  • We provide Window and Split AC installation at home , offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, malls or any other place as required.



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Based on 89 reviews

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Due to their wide knowledge and expertise they are occupied in offering reliable AC installation service. The service is timely rendered and ensures complete satisfaction.

Aashif Ansari


Rated – 4.6/5

Based on 111 reviews

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Aashif has a rich experience in providing high quality AC installation, AC uninstallation and AC shifing service of split and window air conditioner at your doorstep.

The service is performed within a stipulated time and without any hassle.

Gulshan Narang


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With a team of qualified and certified technicians. They offer excellent AC Installation service for both split and window air conditioner.



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Rajnish and his team of Expert AC Technicians in Delhi NCR will provide you with best quality AC Installation service at your doorstep.

Air Conditioner Installation Service in Faridabad

How much time does it take to install an air conditioner?

It takes around 2-3 hours to install one air conditioner.


Do you provide for both residential and commercial air conditioning installation service?

Yes, we provide AC installation service for flats, apartments, farmhouses. We also cover commercial properties like offices, restaurants, hotels or any other place as required.


Who will administer and manage the installation?

It will be fully managed by our experienced and senior AC technicians. For us the quality of supervision is very important.


Can I install Air Conditioner unit myself?

In order to install air conditioner, person must be qualified and professional. If it is not done by a qualified person then it will end up costing much more in the long run. For longevity and improved efficiency one should always consider calling a professional AC technician.


What are the AC Installation charges in Faridabad?

• View our Window AC Installation charges

• View our Split AC Installation charges


Why you should schedule air conditioning installation with Quotemykaam?

• Quotemykaam has been providing high quality Installation service of all types of ACs- Split AC, Window AC to both household and commercial sectors.

• We have a team of Top AC Professionals who perfectly install the air conditioner at home or office without any fault.

Highest quality service is provided to all our clients.


Window AC Installation in Faridabad.

How to install window air conditioner?

Removal of AC from the box– Along with the cabinet cover or the case remove the window AC from the box.

Making of hole in the wall– Here we are talking about the hole in the cabinet or the wall where the window AC will be installed. The measure of the hole should be of the size of the unit.

Leveling of the wall or window– The hole that was made should now be made to a plain surface by plastering it. Then the wooden frame needs to be constructed. The wooden frame should be heavy enough to support the whole weight of the window AC. If you are planning to install the unit in the window then you can fit the wooden frames directly on the main frames of the window.

Proper fitting of cabinet cover– The whole window AC should fit inside the cabinet cover properly. If its not done properly then it would fall off behind the wall and it would lead to sudden destruction of human life and property. The window air conditioner case lies entirely outside the room and behind the walls or window where it needs to be installed. The window AC case needs to be fitted to the window frame which is connected to the wall or the window.

Perfect angle– One important thing which you should remember while installing the window AC is the perfect angle at which it has to be fitted. All you need to do is tilt the casing by an angle of about 2-3 degree backwards so that all the water which is collected on the cooling coil is collected at the back. The drain pan is located at the back of the window AC where the water is drained out.

Gliding the window AC– Now next step is lifting the window AC with the help of few people and gliding it into the casing which is fitted in the wall. External grills needs to be fitted on the end of the window AC and then connecting the AC to the electrical point.


What are the necessary tips for installation of window AC?

Right Size– Make sure that your AC is of the right size. Window ACs come in varying sizes so it is very necessary to chose the one which fits your room. If you want a highest level of performance from your AC then always choose a correct size according to your room.

Strength– You need to be very sure that the wall on which window AC is installed is strong enough to bear the weight of AC and the wooden frame should be very stiff so that the AC don't vibrate.

Rear end should be lower than the front end-Always keep the rear end of the window AC marginally lower than the front end so that the condensed water leaks from the rear end of the air conditioner and not from the front end.

• Window AC should be installed at about 3-4 feet from the floor. This is required for proper cooling.

Proper ventilation-Always keep in mind to install window AC in an area where there is proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation impurity which gets generated indoor can lead to significant health problems.

Proper drainage-There should be an easy drainage for condensed water dripping out of AC. Window AC is designed in such a way that the water drains from the back. If even a small amount of water is left inside the air conditioner then it will become a breeding ground of bacteria.

Location-Window AC should not be installed in an area which is exposed to direct sunlight or rain. It should be installed away from a heat source.


Is there anything else which is required from customer's side for window AC installation?

For window AC installation sometimes client has to arrange for wooden frame depending upon the requirement. A strong wooden frame is needed so that the window AC doesn't vibrate and create unnecessary disturbance in your house.


What are the things that you should keep in mind while installing window AC?

Installing window AC is not difficult but there are some things which you should keep in mind.

Size– The most common problem is installing window AC of the wrong size. It is necessary to understand that the bigger is not always better. An over-sized window unit running in a small room will not cool better than the smaller unit. The size of the air conditioner should be installed according to the size of the room.

Weight distribution– While installing window AC unit, a strip of wood should be attached to the outside of the house just underneath the window so that the air conditioner's weight is supported and distributed. You can use L-brackets to install a shelf for it to sit on if the unit is very heavy.

Proper level– Window air conditioner are constructed with gutters and channels that operates the water where it needs to go when the unit is at proper level so window AC should not be installed at an angle.


Split AC Installation in Faridabad

How to install split AC?

Right installation space– Install split AC on a strong wall for accommodation of both indoor and outdoor unit. The distance should be 15cm above and sides of indoor unit. Strong wall is necessary so that there are no vibrations lured into the wall.

Securing the mounting plates– The mounting plate should be held against the wall where the indoor unit needs to be installed. The level of the plates should be equal. Make holes on the wall for fixing the plates to the wall. Plastic anchors is inserted into the holes. For securing the plates to the wall use taping screws. On the opening of the mounting brackets create a hole. Length of the pipe and the distance that it needs to travel to reach the outside unit needs to be considered. Drill the hole on the wall. A hole of about 7-8cm should be drilled.

Mount the indoor AC unit– Next lift the AC towards the mounting plate after removing the front cover of the AC. Transmit the two copper wires, drainage pipe and the wire through the hole drilled on the wall. After binding all the wires with the electrical tape AC unit can be mounted on the mounting plate. Put the front cover of the AC.

Installation spot– A right installation space should be selected preferably a distance of 30-35 cm for good performance.

Fix the bracket– After you select the installation spot make the holes for brackets. It should be horizontally aligned. Lift the outdoor unit and fix it on the brackets. It should be bolted up with the brackets firmly.

Connect the wires– The power cable to the outdoor unit then needs to be connected. Then the copper wires needs to be connected to the equivalent pipe.

•Read more about how toinstall split AC in detail.


What are some important split ac installation tips?

During installation of split air conditioner certain factors needs to be considered:

Strength of the wall-A strong wall is required to hold the unit’s weight. Do not fix the AC on to false wall and also don't it on the uneven surface.

Spacing between AC unit and wall-An appropriate spacing between wall and AC unit is required which should be at least 15cm. To ensure proper airflow the indoor unit needs to be installed at minimum 15 cm away from the wall.

Proper height-Split AC indoor unit should be placed at the height of 7 to 8 feet above the floor for optimum cooling.

Perfect angle-Bracket should be given a slight tilt angle when you fix aluminium bracket on the wall. To facilitate unlimited flow of condensed water from the drain pipe the indoor unit of split AC is also fitted at the straight angle.

• For optimum cooling the indoor and outdoor unit of the split AC should be mounted at a place which is away from direct sunlight and water. For proper heat dissipation from the condenser the outdoor unit of split AC should be installed in an open space.

• To avoid unnecessary noise which comes from the vibrating unit the outdoor unit of the split AC must be placed on a flat surface. The major parts of the AC such as fan motor, condenser are inside the outside unit of the AC, so it should be fixed properly to avoid the breakage and leakage of the coolant.


Is there anything else which is required from customer’s side for split AC installation?

Split AC installation requires Copper pipe and an electrical wire. This can be arranged by the client himself or Quotemykaam AC Professionals can also provide for the same, additional charges may apply. Approximately 2 meters is required for one split AC.


What should be the maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit of split ac?

There should be a maximum distance of about 15 meters between indoor and outdoor unit of split AC as through the copper tubes the coolant flows between the indoor and outdoor unit of the split AC at a very low temperature. To avoid the loss of cooling effect to the atmosphere when the refrigerant flows between the units the area or distance of the indoor and outdoor unit of the split AC should be as minimum as possible.


Where to install split AC in room?

While selecting the position of split ac in bedroom, keep the following points in mind:

• The split AC indoor unit should be away from any heat source or steam.

• Try to install the unit in the center position of the room for even air flow.

• Always check there is continuous circulation and flow of cooling air without any obstacles.

• Avoid installing the split AC indoor unit near the door in order to enjoy full cooling capacity.


Which is the best place for split AC outdoor unit installation?

It is always recommended to install the outdoor unit in a safe, dry and well-ventilated area. It is always advisable to locate the outdoor unit in an open space so that there is a proper airflow between the condenser and the compressor.


Can we install outdoor unit of split AC in an enclosed surface?

The outdoor unit is responsible for dismissing heat to the outside air. If the outdoor unit is kept in a closed space then it will eventually end up heating the closed space and the outdoor unit will stop working. Adequate airflow is required for it to function properly.


AC Un-installation Service in Faridabad

What are some important instruction for AC un-installation?

• It is always advisable to remove the coolant.

• Put a big container or bucket in order to gather the water spill or coolant.


How to uninstall window AC?

• Turn off the AC unit and unplug it from the power channel.

• Insulation and foam padding are then removed.

• Front cover of the air conditioner is removed.

• Window AC's inner unit is removed from the outer case. Inner unit can be easily pulled out.

• The screw in the outer case is then taken out from the window unit with the help of screwdriver.


How to uninstall split AC?

• Turn off the main power supply before uninstalling the split AC. It is recommended to put bucket below the unit

• Unscrew the copper wires and all the wires that attach the inner unit of split AC.

• Remove the coolant.

• Place all the parts- uninstalled split AC, wires and the cables properly.

• Use white cement to fill the holes in the wall after completing the split AC un-installation.


AC Shifting in Faridabad

What are the mistakes to avoid when shifting you air conditioner?

Not changing the air-filters– Air filters should be cleaned regularly to get the best result. You should change the air filters when you shift the unit in order to get the optimum result.

Ignoring proper maintenance– Proper maintenance is very important. If you shift your AC unit after having a proper maintenance then you will not get any problem and will be able to use it in a comfortable manner.

Not taking help of the experts– Many people assume that they can shift the air conditioner themselves without taking any help from the professionals. It is strongly advisable that when you shift your AC unit you should always take help of the experts as they carry proper tools for that and shift in a smart and highly effective manner.

Not cleaning the outside unit– When you shift your AC unit it is recommended that along with the internal unit clean the outside unit as well to avoid any kind of problem.

Not considering the room size– When you shift your AC unit to a new place it is recommended that you consider the room size to get proper cooling.



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AC installation and Air Conditioning Installation Services in Faridabad
Best AC installation services in Faridabad by well-trained AC Professionals. Accurate AC Fitting. Window AC installation at Rs. 599/-, Split AC installation at Rs. 1599/-. Window AC Un-installation at Rs. 599/-, Split AC Un-installation at Rs. 699/-.