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AC Gas Refilling and AC Repair Services in Kolkata | Best AC Technicians Near Me

Best AC gas refilling and AC Repair Service in Kolkata for Window AC and Split AC

Best AC gas refilling and AC Repair Service in Kolkata for Window AC and Split AC

AC Gas Filling And AC Repair Rates in Kolkata

Window AC-Rates


  • AC Gas Refilling-1 Ton
  • AC Gas Refilling-1.5 Ton
  • AC Gas Refilling-2 Ton
  • AC Repair Services


  • ₹ 1750/-
  • ₹ 1950/-
  • ₹ 2150/-
  • Upon Inspection

Split AC-Rates


  • AC Gas Refilling-1 Ton
  • AC Gas Refilling-1.5 Ton
  • AC Gas Refilling-2 Ton
  • AC Repair Services


  • ₹ 1949/-
  • ₹ 2150/-
  • ₹ 2449/-
  • Upon Inspection

Best AC Gas Refilling and AC Repair Services in Kolkata

Best AC Gas Refilling and Air Conditioning Repair Service in Kolkata from Quotemykaam. Our verified and qualified AC Technicians in Kolkata strive hard to resolve all your AC related problems. So, if your AC is not cooling, Water is leaking from AC, AC needs gas refill, book your request at the earliest to help us give you cool summers.

Key AC Repair & AC Gas Filling Services in Kolkata

Why Us

  • 100+ Skilled, Verified and Top Rated AC Mechanics in Kolkata
  • 2 Months Service Warranty* for any AC Gas leakage issues post AC Gas Filling Service


  • Checking air filters, AC refrigerant levels and AC compressor before AC gas Refilling.
  • Repairing the AC Gas leak, if there is any before AC Gas Filling.
  • Lubricating moving parts if required for AC Repair.
  • Thorough checking of AC inside and out for proper functioning.
  • Read our AC Gas filling, Top up & AC Repair FAQs to know more about our AC Gas Refill and AC Repair Services in Kolkata.
  • *NOTE : In case of any post AC Gas filling issues, which is a result of your AC part becoming faulty, separate cost would apply. Any internal AC parts replacement as a result of they becoming faulty over the period are Not covered under AC Gas filling warranty.
  • *NOTE : There is no guarantee on Top up of AC refrigerant.
  • *NOTE : Where AC Service/ AC Repair involves any Material or Product to be purchased by the technician, you must ask technician for the Product /Material invoice from the purchased company for any warranties or issues in future. Quotemykaam does not sell or provide product warranty for any AC repair parts

  • AC repair may take hours depending upon the problem.
  • It is always advised that air filters and evaporator or condenser must be cleaned properly before refilling the gas.
  • Freon- The AC gas refrigerant gets depleted with time and requires to refilled for optimum cooling.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
  • We provide Window and Split AC Repair Services at home, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, malls or any other place as required.



Rated – 4.5/5

Based on 50 reviews

About Professional

Himadri and his team of Qualified and Verified AC Technicians in Kolkata can help you with all your air conditioning needs with quality and timely service. They have the knowledge and expertise in repairing air conditioner. They are famous for their AC Repair and AC Gas Filling work. Their moto is to satisfy customers with their Quick Solutions.



Rated – 4.3/5

Based on 93 reviews

About Professional

Pintu is one of the major provider for AC service. They provide AC gas top up, AC gas refilling, split and window air conditioner repairing in Kolkata. They are rapidly becoming a leading name for providing AC Servicing, AC repair or AC gas filling with quick and effective results and solutions . They have the best specialized team of AC technicians in Kolkata serving the customers since last 5 years. His team of Best AC Technicians is qualified to fix your AC with utmost efficiency. They can repair all brands Window AC and Split AC with ease to give you hassle free summers.



Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on – reviews

About Professional

Deep and his team of experienced AC technicians in Kolkata are PRO in taking care of all you AC faults from water leakage from AC to AC compressor not starting to ice formation in AC or AC making noise. They always resolve the issue completely providing cool summers.

Bittu Singh


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on – reviews

About Professional

Bittu Singh is rapidly becoming a leading name for providing AC Servicing, AC repair or AC gas filling in Kolkata with quick and effective results and solutions . They have the best specialized team of AC technicians in Kolkata serving the customers since last 5 years.

AC Gas Refilling in Kolkata

Why do Air Conditioners need AC gas top-up?

AC refrigerant cools the air within your air conditioning system making the AC to blow out cool air in the room. But sometimes, over a period of time the AC gas level goes down or the AC refrigerant or coolant leaks from the AC unit which results in AC not providing optimum cooling or AC not blowing cool air. Thus, to get perfect continuous cooling, AC gas top-up is required.


What is included in AC gas refill?

AC gas refilling and thorough inspection for proper functioning is included in AC gas refill.


Which gas is used for AC gas refill?

• These days most commonly used AC refrigerants are HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) i.e. R-22 and R-402A for domestic and commercial air conditioning system.

• But, since HCFC refrigerants add to ozone depletion and has adverse effects on global warming, the HFC (Hydro Fluro Carbons) refrigerants are becoming more popular which have low Ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential.

• HFC refrigerants used for air conditioners nowadays – R-32 and R-410A.

R-290 and R-600A are the HC refrigerants that are already used commercially.


How to check AC gas level?

The checking of AC gas level is a job of professionals. Our skilled professional AC mechanics using a pressure gauge can accurately determine the refrigerant level in your AC unit and suggest for AC gas refill accordingly.


Do you provide warranty on AC gas filling services?

• Yes, we provide 2 months warranty for any AC Gas Leakage requests on both Split AC Gas filling and Window AC gas filling in Kolkata. However, post service request if there is a cooling issue as a result of any AC part (Electronic part) becoming faulty or gone wrong, the Part replacement cost and additional AC Gas filling cost would be separate and would have to be paid by the customer.

• Also, if we only do Ac Gas Top up as requested by the customer then No Warranty applies. This is because coils and leakage cannot be checked as part of AC Gas Top up and hence Leakage points cannot be determined.


How often one should get AC gas Refilling done?

Normally, you would have to get the AC Gas Refilled in 1 to 3 years depending on how your AC is cooling.


When is AC gas refilling not needed?

Unless there is a refrigerant leak in your AC, or the air conditioner is incorrectly installed or your AC is not blowing cold air; neither the home AC nor the commercial air conditioner needs AC gas refilling.


How much time is required for AC gas filling?

For both Split AC Gas filling and Window AC Gas filling, the time taken can be 1 hour to 2 hour.


What are the important guidelines while getting AC gas refill or top up?

Please read our points to consider for AC gas refill or AC Top up


Split AC Gas Filling in Kolkata

Can split AC Gas be half filled?

No. If an air conditioner is filled with half as much freon as specified, it will not be able to transfer as much heat (it will not cool as well). So, proper split AC gas filling is required.


What are the charges for Split AC Gas Filling in Kolkata?

View our Split AC Gas Filling Charges in Kolkata.


Window AC Gas Filling in Kolkata

How is AC gas filling done in Window AC?

• Firstly, the window AC unit is unplugged and the air conditioner is opened.

• Our professional ac technician will look for the signs of AC refrigerant leak and will repair the same immediately.

• In case, there are no leaks, our AC mechanic will straight away start on to gas filling in window AC.

• Before AC gas filling he will make sure that AC filters are cleaned so that when your AC is recharged, it can provide you optimum cooling.

• For window AC gas refilling, service valve and tap valve (provided in AC gas filling kit) are attached to the two lines coming off the AC compressor.

• After this, both the service and tap valves are connected to the container filled with AC gas making sure everything is connected tightly and properly with no scope for leaks.

• Now, the window AC is turned on at the highest power setting. The normal flow of air that will occur while the AC unit is operational will push or “charge” AC refrigerant into the unit.

• When the appropriate amount of refrigerant has been transferred, the power setting is reduced, AC unit is turned off and unplugged, valves are removed and AC unit is reinstalled back as it was earlier.


What are the charges for Window AC Gas Filling in Kolkata?

View our Window AC Gas Filling Charges in Kolkata.


What are the charges for Air Conditioning Repair Service in Kolkata?

The charges for Air Conditioning Repair Service depends upon the fault in the air conditioner. The price for air conditioner repair will be quoted on inspection.


How much time does AC Repair take?

AC Repair may take hours to full day depending upon the problem in AC unit.


Do I need to make any arrangements before AC repair?

Yes, we would suggest you to vacate the specific area for ease in repair.


Are your technicians going to carry the parts for the repair or do I have to arrange it myself?

Our AC technicians carry almost all the spare parts of the major brands. But if you want then you can also get the parts yourself.


Do you provide for both residential and commercial AC repair services?

Yes, we provide home ac repair and commercial ac repair services as well.


How genuine are the parts which is used by the professionals for AC repair?

Only 100% genuine and original parts are used for ac repair services.


Why you should schedule AC repair services with Quotemykaam?

• Quotemykaam has been providing high quality repair service of all types of ACs- Split AC, Window AC to both household and commercial sectors.

• We have a team of Top AC Professionals who perfectly repair the air conditioner at home or office without any fault.

Highest quality and hassle free AC repair service is provided to all our clients.


What are some AC repair signs that cannot be ignored?

Here are few AC repair signs that you should never ignore.

• Odd odours can be a sign that you have mold building up in the ducts, and in some cases it can be electrical wires creating a burning smell.

• If you see ice on your air conditioner. Icing occurs due to clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, and other functional problems.

• Strange and weird noises.

• Read more AC signs that you shouls never ignore.


Window AC Repair in Kolkata

What could be the reasons behind the problem of water leaking from the front of a window AC?

Our AC Technicians are well trained to take care of the water leakage problem in Window ACs. There can be several reasons behind water dripping from Window AC:

Improper AC installation can lead to water leakage problem in ACs. In case of window AC, the rear end should be 1 inch lower than the front end. If the unit is too low at front then the condensed water leaks from the front rather than dripping from the rear end.

• Another reason could be Air leakage. AC unit should be properly sealed otherwise the warm air get inside the AC unit which creates excess moisture leaking from the unit.

Blockage in drain pipe. Sometimes the drain holes at the rear end of air conditioner get blocked due to dirt and dust resulting in water leakage from the front AC unit.

• If the AC Condenser pump inside your AC is broken, it causes water to leak from the unit. A professional AC technician can repair the condenser or pump and stop this water pooling.


Split AC Repair in Kolkata

Why my 2 ton Hitachi Split AC is not providing enough cooling?

    This is one of the most common problems we face with our air conditioners. There can be several reasons for split AC not cooling enough:

    • Clogged Air filters and dirty coils.

    • The AC coolant level is less than the required level in AC unit.

    • There must be a fault in AC compressor which can stop the cooling process in AC unit.

    • Defect in thermostat. It hints the compressor to start or stop the cooling process but if there is default in thermostat then either AC will stop cooling at all or AC may cool continuously.

    • Sometimes, there can be a default in AC part like default in capacitor of the compressor, defective control board, bad thermistor, choked capillary, faulty motor, bad compressor valve etc.

Quotemykaam provides the best service for Split AC Repair Service in Kolkata and our AC PROs are trained in all brands AC Repair. You can place the request for AC repair online and our AC mechanic will correctly diagnose and repair the problem of AC not cooling.


Common AC Problems

What causes ice formation in AC?

Ice formation in Split AC indoor unit or Window AC is a problem which can affect the cooling process and consequently, AC will stop cooling completely. The main reasons for this can be:

• The most common reason for ice formation is clogged air filters. If the air filters are dirty, the airflow will get restricted which will cause moisture in the room to condense on the coil and freeze. So, the frost developed over the coil hampers the airflow. In order to prevent this, the air filters should be cleaned once every month.

• Another reason can be the insufficient AC refrigerant level. For this our AC mechanic will accurately determine the level of AC coolant and accordingly refill the required AC gas.

• If there is fault in evaporator fan, then also frost develops over the coil. Normally the evaporator fan keeps the temperature of cooling coils above freezing point but in case of fault in the evaporator fan the temperature of cooling coils to drop much below the freezing point eventually leading to ice formation on coil.

• Read more about Ice formation in Ac.


How to fix the ice formation in AC on our own?

• To fix this problem you first have to eliminate any existing ice or frost.

• To eliminate the ice or frost,turn the unit to Fan only (by clicking the Mode button) and set the speed to high. The unit should defrost fairly quickly (5-15 minutes).

• Then, run the unit in Fan mode until the coils or vents are dry or nearly dry.

• After the coils or vents are dry, turn the unit back to AC, but set the thermostat to a temperature a few degrees lower than the room temperature to start.

• The compressor will run until the temperature in the room reaches the set point, and then cycle off.

• When it is off, any ice that may have accumulated on the coils or around the vents melts. Over time, gradually reduce the temperature setting a few degrees at a time, so that the compressor continues to cycle on and off, until you reach the temperature you want.


What could be the reasons for my AC Compressor not turning on?

No air conditioner can work without AC compressor; it is the heart of your home's air conditioning system. An AC compressor moves the refrigerant through the machine, cooling your home in the process and if it stops working then your AC will not provide cooling at all. Quotemykaam team provides for all kinds of AC Compressor Repair in Kolkata at your doorstep. There can be several reasons behind your AC compressor not working:

• There can be a fault in the wiring interrupting the power supply and preventing the compressor from starting. Generally, this issue means that the wire needs to be professionally replaced.

• Another most common issue is due to broken or faulty capacitors.

• Mechanical issues like poorly oiled motor or damaged or broken bearings can cause AC compressor not working properly or even starting.

• If the refrigerant level is below the required level, AC compressor will not start at all.


Why is my AC fan not working? Can you fix it?

Yes, our team of professional AC mechanics can definitely fix it. There could be several reasons for AC fan not working and our professional will correctly diagnose the problem to resolve your issue to the core. Some common causes for air conditioner fan not working maybe:

Fan motor : If the blade does not turn freely even after turning it by hand then this is because the motor bearings are worn out and the only option is to replace it. Test the incoming power to the fan motor to see if the blade turns freely; another factor which indicates that the motor is defective and should be replaced is when the power is getting to the fan motor, but the motor is still not running.

Main control board : The voltage to all the air conditioner's component is provided by the main control board. So, if there is any defect with the control board then it might just stop providing power to the fan motor and you may have to replace the main control board. But sometimes it is possible that the main control board has been incorrectly diagnosed, thus before replacing the control board always check and analyze the AC parts that have most chances to be defective. Main control board should only be replaced if you are assured that all the other components are working properly.

Selector switch : The voltage to the fan is directed by the selector switch. In order to conclude, if the selector switch is at fault try to make selections on the air conditioner's control board. After pressing a button if the fan runs occasionally then replacement of selector switch will be helpful. Furthermore if there is any smoke coming from the selector switch then you need to replace it.

Thermistor : The thermistor is a sensor which is connected to the control board and is responsible for detecting the temperature of the air. A damaged thermistor prevents the fan from running. In order to conclude if thermistor is damaged then use a multi-meter to test it for progression. If the thermistor does not have progression then replace it.


What does it indicate when air conditioner is making noise?

The Air conditioning unit is a complex system and has many parts inside it which helps in providing the cooling throughout the summer and all these parts are to be taken care of from time to time. If your air conditioner is making noise it may indicate:

• The AC compressor may not be working properly, there may be some defect in it.

• The most common reason is incorrect AC installation due to which AC makes noise. Always hire verified AC professionals for the installation of AC as it is a job to be done accurately and perfectly.

Formation of ice in AC unit can also cause a buzzing sound.

• There may be a loose AC part or it may have worn out which can affect the functioning of other parts leading to premature wear and tear; this may result in ac making buzzing noise.



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AC Gas Filling, AC Gas Top Up, AC Gas Refilling, Air Conditioning Repair Services in Kolkata
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AC Gas Filling, AC Gas Top Up, AC Gas Refilling, Air Conditioning Repair Services in Kolkata
Best AC Gas Filling and AC Repair Services in Kolkata with 100% satisfactory service. Window AC Gas Filling Starting at Rs. 1949/- and Split AC Gas Filling Starting at Rs. 1949/-. Top Rated Professional AC Mechanics in Kolkata to fix all your AC common problems - AC not cooling, water leakage from AC, AC compressor repair and more.