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Hire the best carpenter in Faridabad for woodwork, furniture repairs, almirah repair at best ratesHire the best carpenter in Faridabad for woodwork, furniture repairs, almirah repair at best rates

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Carpenter Rates in Faridabad


  • Highly skilled Carpenters for Wooden work, Furniture repair, General Repair work, Door repair, Window repair.
  • Based on scope of work described, you are suggested if this is minor work or major work.
  • Carpenter would arrive at the agreed time for work completion or Quotation (For major works)
  • Read our Carpentry FAQs to know more about Carpenter Service in Faridabad

  • If the work requires material purchase after the work has started, the time taken to purchase that would add on to the work time.
  • It is recommended that the scope of work shall be clearly discussed with the professional to avoid any confusion or disagreements at later date.
  • We recommend that for any material purchased by the Carpenter, you ask for the invoice for any future reference.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
  • We provide carpentry service in school, resorts, apartment, colleges, office, restaurant, hotels, industrial areas.

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Best Carpenters in Faridabad

Trained, Highly experienced Carpenter in Faridabad for Woodwork, Furniture repair, Lock repair, almirah repair from Quotemykaam

We listen to your ideas and discuss your options and create something special just for you and beyond your expectation!

Key Carpentry Services in Faridabad

Mr. Siddhant Kachroo - Carpenters in Faridabad

Mr. Siddhant Kachroo


Rated – 4.8/5

Based on 61 reviews

About Professional

The carpentry service is carried out by the professionals who are thoroughly trained.

Timely execution and offers quick repair work. They are serving the customers from 5+ years with 100% positive feedback.

Lifeasy - Carpenters in Faridabad



Rated – 4.4/5

Based on 116 reviews

About Professional

Get best carpenter and repair services professionals for all kinds of wood related works.

They have served more than 100+ clients in both commercial and residential spaces. They always stood front in providing 100% Quality & Best Results. Book them for hassle free service.

Gulshan Narang - Carpenters in Faridabad

Gulshan Narang


Rated – Not Rated/5

Based on 1 reviews

About Professional

With a team of qualified and certified technicians, Gulshan offers excellent carpentry service in school, resorts, apartment, colleges, office, restaurant, hotels, industrial areas. His team is expert in all kinds of repair works such as Wooden work, Furniture repair, General Repair work, Door repair, Window repair. They offer quality and reliable service that you can count on.

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Carpentry Service in Faridabad

What type of work does your carpenter perform?

We are equipped and qualified to take care of all your big and small handyman needs such as:

• Larger home improvements like bathroom and kitchen remodeling and basement completion.

• Wall repair and fixture installations

• Installing and repairing windows and doors

• Building, assembling and repairing furniture

• Door and window repair

• Installing cabinets

• Hanging pictures

• Building fences

• Installing framing for your house

• Building staircases and more as required.


What does the minor carpentry services include?

Our minor carpentry services includes:

• Minor repair and fittings

• New hinges fitting

• Stopper installation

• Stool/Chair repair

• Pull handle fittings


What does the major carpentry services include?

Our major carpentry services includes:

• Door Repair

• Window repair

• Door closure

• Complete furniture making and repair


Will I get the materials myself or do you provide the same?

Our professional will get the materials and the invoice will be provided to you for the same or the clients can also get the materials themselves.


What type of wood do you use?

There are not only different species and types of wood products but there are also varying grades of the same products. For example, there is a grade of Douglas Fir that might be used for studs and another for wood that will be on the building's exterior and exposed to the elements. It is very important to speak with our professionals to get to know the differences.


How do I know which wood is suitable for my requirement?

Our trained carpenters have a thorough knowledge of what woods are suitable from the design aspects, strength and uses and advise you according to your budget and requirement.


Does someone needs to be present at home while the work is getting done?

Yes, we would definitely recommend someone to be at home for the proper clarification for on site queries.


What if the service provider does not arrive on time?

In such cases, we immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you for the job to be done.


Why should I choose a professional carpentry service over my local carpenter?

• Professional carpentry services tend to be more reliable, experienced and in most cases more cost efficient than a local carpenter.

• We ensure that we send across the most skilled, trusted and guaranteed workers for your service.

• Also, during situations when your local carpenter is inaccessible or for an emergency, a reliable carpenter is just a click away.


Do I need to provide the carpenter with any tools or implements?

The carpenter will come well equipped with all the required tools and you shall not be required to provide any sort of assistance.


General Carpentry Service in Faridabad

What is included in general carpentry work?

General carpentry includes the following:

• Common Repair work

• Constructing a new furniture

• Furniture Restoration

• Door and window repair


Why it is periodically required to get door and windows repaired?

As doors and windows undergo regular wear and tear it is always recommended to get them repaired periodically

• To keep it in a perfect working condition.

• It is required to maintain the integrity of the house.

• It prevents the squeaky sound from the doors and windows.

• It prevents the door from making a mark on the floor.


What are some common door and window problem?

Common doors and window problems include:

• Door and windows not closing

• Broken door latch

• Loose hinges

• Broken door latch

• Wrong alignment


What are the various kinds of lock that can be installed?

Depending upon the type of lock that needs to be installed there are various kinds of locks such as:

Passage lock : Passage lock are kind of lock set which cannot be locked from either side, so they are used on closet door or pass through door.

Night latch lock : Night latch lock can only be opened from inside by engaging the knob from inside. It can only be opened from outside with the help of a key.

Front door lock : In this the handles are required to open the door and the door can be locked with the help of a key. There are three types of front door lock: Sash-locks, deadlocks and Rimlocks.


New Furniture Making in Faridabad

What does new furniture making includes?

New furniture making includes the following:

• Polishing/Varnishing

• Furniture Assembly service

• Sofa and bed making

• Wardrobe and shelf making

• Stool, table and dining table making and chair making


How safe are the product that will be used to repair my furniture?

Our professional uses product that is completely safe for your family. If required our carpenters will ensure adequate ventilation or simply work on the piece outside the house.


How long do you take to construct a new furniture?

It takes around 1 week to construct a new furniture it mainly depend on the scope of work as well. In case, more time is required you will be informed in advance.


Furniture Repair in Faridabad

What type of furniture you repair?

Our qualified and experienced carpenters can restore and repair all kinds of wooden furniture from sofa set to dining chairs, center table, dining table, stool, sofa upholstery repair and more.


Can Quotemykaam do furniture repair on site?

In many cases, yes, Quotemykaam can conduct furniture repair service on site. However, there are times when the extent of the damage will require your furniture to be repaired at an off-site facility. In those instances, we will make you aware of the procedure for off-site repairs.


What are the main types of furniture damage that can be repaired in my home?

Quotemykaam repairs damage on all types and styles of wood furniture, surfaces and cabinets. In many cases, items can be repaired instead of being replaced, which is a cost savings.


I have a white spot on the finish of my furniture, can this be repaired?

White spots on furniture can come about when heat (a hot pizza box, for example) or water (from a glass) penetrate the surface. As a rule, Quotemykaam can repair this sort of harm nearly in a couple of hours or less. In situations where the harm is too deep, our professional carpenters will give you different alternatives for re-establishing the piece.


I recently purchased a piece of furniture for my bedroom but the color does not match the rest of the furniture in my room. Is this something that Quotemykaam can help me with?

Quotemykaam represents considerable authority in shading changes and specialty finishes. Our professionals can conduct a consultation and provide you with options for this process.


Sofa Repair in Faridabad

Where is sofa repair basically done?

In most cases, we provide on site carpentry repair services for all kinds of sofa damages. However, there are times when the extent of the damage will require your sofa to be repaired at an off-site facility. In those instances, we will make you aware of the procedure for off-site repairs.


Are the sofa repair products used for sofa set repair is safe for my family?

Quotemykaam utilizes predominately water-based items which have less scent. Some repair procedures may require the utilization of more customary items. In these cases, Quotemykaam will guarantee satisfactory ventilation or just work on the piece outside of the home.


My dog has chewed the leg of my sofa and left some sofa damage. Can this be repaired?

Quotemykaam can repair areas of pet damage including dog chews, cat scratches and various other types of pet damage. We will give you an examination of the harmed territories and furnish you with choices on how we can re-establish the look of the harmed piece.


How long will the sofa repair take? Will I be without my furniture for a long time?

We strive to do sofa repair at your place only to reduce turnaround time. Most damages are repaired at client's place only in couple of hours. But sometimes the harm is broad and must be taken off site for repair.


Do you provide sofa spring repair, sofa frame repair and sofa cushion repair too?

Yes, we specialize in all types of sofa modification / repair.


Furniture Maintenance Tips

What are some furniture care tips?

• Always make it a point to dust it with clean and dry cloth.

• Never let the moisture get trapped between glass and the wood surface. Always make sure that the surface are completely dry.

• Furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight.

• Don't keep coffee makers under upper cabinet as steam can seriously damage the finish.

• Use coasters to reduce water rings on the table.

• Read more about Furniture care tips.


How can I prevent moisture or dryness from damaging the furniture?

Too much of moisture or dryness can destroy the furniture. Here are some tips to prevent them:

• Avoid making your home environment too dry. Too much of dryness can cause the wood furniture to shrink.

• Use coasters and table cloth to protect wood surfaces from direct contact with water.

• Be careful while cleaning the furniture to make sure that moisture does not remain on wood after cleaning.


Types of Carpenters

What are the two major types of carpenters?

All the carpenters performs the same basic woodwork. There are several different types of carpenters who specializes in different areas of carpentry. The two main types of carpenters are:

Rough Carpenters: These carpenters are involved in work such as bracing, building form work and scaffolding. They mainly work on structure of buildings.

Finish Carpenters: Finish carpenters assists with tasks such as roofing, woodwork and decking. They put the final touch on home and offices.

Read more about Carpentry.


What are the other types of carpenters?

Trim carpenters and cabinet makers are other two groups of carpenters.

Trim Carpenters: They are involved in installing trims such as for ceilings and windows. They work on moldings as well.

Cabinet Makers: They are involved in the specific type of carpentry that includes that is making cabinets for home. They are also make furniture as well.


How does carpentry and woodworking differ?

• Carpenters work on residential, commercial and industrial sites and build and repair structure like install cabinets, window frames, door whereas woodworkers uses woods to make things like furniture and cabinets.

• For instance on a construction project, a woodworkers would make the cabinet but a carpenter would install them.



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