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Electrician Charges

  • Electrician Services @ Rs. 199/hr.
  • Rs 100/- for subsequent 30 minutes.
  • For major work, the rate will be quoted upon inspection. If no work is required, inspection charges Rs. 199/-
  • We recommend to provide quote for 3-4 hours of work.
  • Electrician Services

    Electricity is extremely complicated and dangerous. An amateur electrical job may cause poor wire connections, overloaded circuits and faulty grounding, which could be hazardous to the safety of your home and your loved ones.

    QuoteMyKaam offers safest electrical services in all the major cities of India – Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad at very reasonable rates. Our company provides you with reliable and professional electricians for electrical wiring, MCB repair, switch repair/replacement or any other electrical work. You can also call on for our electrician services for special occasions like weddings, engagement parties, family functions, baby shower, diwali parties, Christmas parties, new year’s eve, etc., requiring lighting arrangements.

    You should always call aprofessional for help if you’re experiencing signs of a home electrical problem or want to upgrade your home’s electricity capacity. If you’re having a doubt as to why you should call an electrician, you should look for these signs in your house:

  • There is rust on the main electrical service panel.
  • Electrical switches or outlets feel warm or tingly.
  • Circuit breakers in your home trip often.
  • Lights dim when appliances are turned on.
  • The wiring in your outlet boxes is old and crumbling.
    Do you see why you would need an electrician to wire your home or fix electrical problems you have? This is a very small list out of all the possible problems you could have with electrical circuits in your home.

    Newer homes must undergo inspection, as do those that have had recent additions. If the wiring is not correctly placed, you can run into increased financial costs to fix errors. This is where relying on a professional to do the work for you come in handy. An electrician can work on homes or cars, on electrical wiring or the wiring of security systems. It all depends on what their focus is. An electrician can usually read a blueprint and is often found working on construction sites, the sites of new homes, the sites in which people are making additions to their home etc.

    Hiring an electrician to upgrade your circuit breaker panel, especially if you’re adding new living space or if your home is old and the electricity is acting up. The job is extremely complicated and should never be attempted by an amateur.

    QuoteMyKaam carries out all the electrical installation, maintenance, inspection and testing work. This can range from the installation of extra sockets and lights to rewires and new builds. We undertake small jobs as well as large contract work. We have electricians and a pricing structure to suit all electrical work.

    Why Choose Us

  • We carry out electrical work for domestic, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Our electricians will repair all electric machines and cables.
  • You can trust us with all your electrical needs.
  • Professional and experienced electricians arrive at your place ready to perform.
  • Same day electrical services for bookings made before 3 pm.
  • Quality service at best rates.
  • Major presence in all the localities and societies of Gurgaon NCR.
  • 1000+ happy customers.
  • 100% trusted services with guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Dedicated customer service team.
  • FAQs – Electrician

    Who do you carry out for?

    Our work can range from householders, landlords, shops, housing associations,commercial and industrial companies.

    When do I need to rewire?

    You should carry out regular checks around the house on the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories. If you notice anything unusual – for example, burn marks on plugs and sockets, sounds of ‘arcing’ , fuses blowing or circuit-breakers tripping – get a registered electrician to check your electrics as soon as possible.

    For what issues should I seek an electrician?

    Electrician services can be sought for light repair/replacement, rewiring, MCB repair, switch repair/replacement and other electrical aplliances etc.

    Why choose a professional electrician service over my local Electrician?

    Professional electrician services tend to be more reliable, experienced and in most cases more cost efficient than a local electrician. You have better visibility of cost, warranty and confidence on after service issues. We ensure that we send across the most skilled, trusted and guaranteed workers for your service.
    During situations when your local electrician is inaccessible or for an emergency, a reliable electrician is just a click away.

    Do I need to provide the electrician with any tools or implements?

    The electrician will come well equipped with all the required tools and you shall not be required to provide any sort of assistance.

    How do I book a request with

    Booking a request with is very simple. You can call us at 09899763411 (Mon-Sun, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or 0124-4279665 (Mon-Sat, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to book a request.

    In which cities does provide electrician service?

    We are available all over India.

    What happens once I book a request through

    Once your request is submitted, you get to view instant quotes from various service providers. You can compare quotes, view detailed profile, reviews, ratings and hire according to your budget and need. ensures service guarantee, hassle free service, help & resolution in case of any after service issues.

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