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Best Geyser Repair and Geyser Installation Services


Having problems with your water heater? Are Winters giving you some serious chills? We have got it all covered for you. Quotemykaam will help you with all your water heater troubleshooting whether you need a new geyser installation or geyser repair. When you have our team of experts you can have confidence that the job will be done right. Our team has knowledge of all kind of water heaters of all kind of brands, and they can guide you through the process of repair or installation so that the process is stress-free.

Call us today and schedule a consultation today and let one of our local, professional and skilled Geyser repair and installation service provider serve you the best at your doorstep.

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Best Gyser Repair and Geyser Installation Services

A geyser is an appliance which is needed in most of our homes and offices since it fulfills the purpose of providing us with warm water in kitchens and bathrooms. Hot water geyser or simply geyser is highly useful and often a necessity. However, there are some problems that may come up in geysers and may need resolution as fast as possible so that you can enjoy uninterrupted usage or function.

At, Quotemykaam, we service and install all major brands of water heaters like Bajaj Geyser, Racold Geyser, Venus Water Heater, V Guard geyser, Kenstar geyser and more at most economic rates. Our expert geyser repair service providers can quickly repair many common water heater problems like burned-out heating elements, a leaky drain, or pressure-relief valves, all of which can save you the expense of buying and installing a new hot water geyser.

You can trust our technicians to assist you with geyser repair services. Feel secure knowing that the workmanship of our repairs, maintenance, and installation services are the best. If your water heater is not working and continues to give you problems, call Quotemykaam today!

Geyser Installation Services

If you're installing a new hot water heater or replacing one that no longer works, Quotemykaam offers you the best geyser installation service. We install all kind of geysers may it be a gas geyser, gas water geyser, electric water geyser or any other. We’ve got the right water heater to match your family’s needs — from standard high-capacity to gas geyser that can deliver endless hot water.

If you’re having trouble with your existing water heater, schedule an in-home consultation with Quotemykaam and let one of our best service professionals inspect your geyser. When your old water heater needs to be replaced, you can depend on team Quotemykaam to get the Geyser installation done right.


Geyser Repair Professionals

Fixing a geyser is not an easy task. Many assume that it is just a matter of plugging it into a power socket and connecting the pipelines. At Quotemykaam we have professional team of technicians for water heater service and fixing. We have with us professionals who are competent with their work and will offer geyser installation and repairing. QuoteMyKaam provides services like Gas geyser repair, geyser installation, water heater repair and geyser service. Book our services online, so our team of professionals can offer you the best Geyser repair and services at most economic rates.
We offer doorstep geyser repair to the residents of area and commercials area. Our technicians are fast, efficient, and skilled, they will always provide you with the highest quality service.

We provide a wide range Water Heater Repair Services of all kinds, starting from installation and repair to servicing the products. Our technicians are experienced enough to handle all brands and models of water heaters such as Racold, Venus, etc. along with all model of geysers water heater. So, if you need any assistance in your water heater installation and repair, feel free to contact us. As a team, we are proud of our prompt service, and we strive to keep that tradition alive.

Common Geyser Problems

No hot water supply? Dripping geyser overflow? Water leaking from the ceiling? You might have a burst geyser or other geyser problem at hand. Geyser repair issues are one of the most common plumbing jobs in this season. Whether you’re a homeowner or renting your property, you probably have or will at some point deal with geyser related issues. Here are some most common issues in geyser you can face:

  1. There is nothing more shiver-inducing and unpleasant than a cold shower in the winters of December. If your water is not operating at a desirable temperature, your water heater could be at the root of the problem
  2. If your shower starts out hot and quickly turns cold and If your water heater is producing some hot water but not enough to meet your needs, there are several possible issues to address, including the temperature setting, the heating elements (electric heaters only), sediment in the tank, and a damaged or disconnected dip tube.
  3. If you ever find brown color water with rotten egg smell then the cause can be pipe corrosion or bacteria buildup.
  4. A low rumbling or popping noise is the sound of boiling water. Excessive buildup of sediment in the bottom of the tank is causing the tank to overheat and, in turn, causing the water to boil. Hissing sounds coming from a water heater could indicate a leak in the tank that’s allowing water to drop down onto the burner.
  5. Hot water or stem from the overflow pipe can occur because of overheating of your geyser, usually caused by a fault in the thermostat. A geyser that overheats can easily burst, which is why it is essential to call a professional plumbing company to diagnose the problem.


Geyser Brands We Repair

We repair and install all kind of geysers and all brands that are listed below

  • Racold Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Venus Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Haier Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Usha Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Hotstar Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Kenstar Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Remson Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Bajaj Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Havells Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Johnson Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Khaitan Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Crompton Geyser Repair & Installation
  • AO Smith Geyser Repair & Installation
  • C Greaves Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Inalsa Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Pioneer Geyser Repair & Installation
  • Eurolex Geyser Repair & Installation
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